Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Wool and Stitches

 Hello December friends!  I feature a little knitting today. The sweater above is perking right along.  Do you like the stripes?
The socks below are nice and scrappy and almost finished.
 I really do like having lots of projects on the go and this vest is cute!  Do you like the pattern?

 Vests are WARM and that's why I think I keep making them.  I wore this one today (and my new flannel lined jeans) and I was warm as toast.  I'm always a bit cold in December.
 One of our daughter in laws and I are having a little knit along together.  We're making a pullover sweater (a jumper). Hers will be this khaki color and mine will be cream.

 I can't wait to make a big shawl out of this lovely wool from Halifax, Nova Scotia.  I found it in Victoria, BC.  It smells so sheep-y.  Perfect. 
 Kim told me that one Christmas a Raggedy Ann was on her short Christmas list.  I bought these two Anns for myself a few years ago and I still like to cradle them.  Do you need a dolly for Christmas?
 I DO love our Who tree and I am sad that soon we will be putting the ornaments away again.  I'm so glad Christmas is still a week away.

My friend and I went to the chapel for the last time today.  It was nice.  We sang again and read the Christmas story in Luke 2.  
We knelt and prayed.
She's moving to Dallas in January, but she'll be back often (I hope!)
Tomorrow the three girlie girls come.  Please pray that they don't get sick (big sister was hit with the barfs a few days ago and we're believing that the other two won't get it).
I hope you are continuing to prepare your heart for Christmas.
Thank you for visiting so often.  It's very nice of you. 
Every Day in December Bloggers:


Boyett-Brinkley said...

I wish I could knit. Christmas is zipping along at a fast clip isn't it? I am doing something new this year -- I am not taking down the decorations until after epiphany. That will be the longest I have ever left them up -- except for that one year but never mind.

Julia said...

So many wonderful knitting projects on the go. You are a virtual knitting machine. It's nice you have someone to knit along with... I still haven't finished the thumbs on my knitted mittens I started last year. Since I'm retired I've stayed out of the cold like an old lady and my mittens are still waiting.
Your little tree is wild and wonderful. Elf on the shelf seems very happy there. So colorful.

Christmas is just a breath away. How did it come so fast?
Stay well, I hope nobody will get sick over the Holidays. I'm invited to spend Christmas dad at my daughter this year. Last year we were stormed out and decided to play it safe for everyone and we called the family dinner off at our place but no ones went hungry.
hugs, Julia

Granny Marigold said...

You are quite the knitter!!
I hope none of the other little girls gets sick. M. was throwing up at night and stayed home from school. He came up to tell me he feels better now.
I don't need a dolly for Christmas but maybe a Teddy bear!!

GretchenJoanna said...

I especially love the striped sweater!

A certain doll is on my wish list this year, since you asked ;-) But I certainly don't need a doll. I have a lot of them that I neglect, and would like to take better care of, find a dedicated glass-faced cupboard for, etc... One more project that I won't be starting this month, that's for sure!

Maybe this Christmas I could take out all my dollies and all of the clothes and dress them up for a 12-day party... Hmmm... you've got me thinking!

Lynn said...

You have inspired me to start knitting again.

Kim said...

LOVE your who tree.....so much fun and whimsy hanging there; it makes me smile. Oh, I do love the pretty stripes in your sweater and the cream vest is so pretty. How delightful to knit along with your daughter-in-law. I haven't really thought about needing a dolly for Christmas; wouldn't that be fun....perhaps I will fashion one. =)

Farm Girl said...

I love all of that wool! I really like seeing all of your projects. Yes, after awhile I am glad to put my Christmas things away too. I am so glad you had a nice day. Its always so nice to come here for a visit. I love your dolls. I have a few of mine in my hope chest.

Kit said...

You do love your knitting! I really should learn. It looks like fun. I am thinking of restarting my embroidery in the new year. I like to keep my hands busy. Enjoy the rest of your week! :) Kit

happyone said...

Love those socks. They look so toasty warm.
I too have many projects going at the same time. : )
I have Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy sitting on a book case in the bedroom. They were my daughter's and son's.

Jeanie said...

Fabulous colors in that sweater. All my favorites. Its been so long since I've knit -- maybe this winter I'll pick it up again if my hands let me!

ellen b. said...

I hope the barfs are kept at bay! I've got to find me some flannel lined jeans now that I moved to cold country! Nice patterns on the vests! Have fun with the girls!