Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Twig Hunt

I've been enjoying some peaceful reading: The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Gouge, The Tale of Holly How by Susan Wittig Albert, and Eight Cousins by Louisa May Alcott. Do you read multiple books at the same time?
I took a twig hunting walk today. The twigs below have not fallen yet. Smile.

Blue berries!

Twigs in a vase

Twigs in my cold hand!

I'd like to make a little fairy bed with my twigs, but somehow it doesn't seem right to use a glue gun on twigs. Maybe I'll figure out how to wrap the joints in twine. I'll put the little bed outside under a tree. I told Birdie a story about a little bed under a tree and a crabby squirrel. We drew a picture of it all and she wanted the story again in the morning. She'd like finding a tiny bed in Granny's garden.

Sammers! My grands have the cutest ponytails.

Today I got to smooch Prince Finnegan! He's so fun to squeeze!

I found this lovely Lisbeth Zwerger illustration. I like this granny wearing a peachy skirt, don't you?

Patricia Polacco draws incredible pictures. Do you like the old woman who lived in a shoe? How could you possibly have so many children that you didn't know what to do? This looks FUN!

Tomorrow's a monkey Monday. We're getting ready for state testing. I hope everyone is in a good mood at school. I'm going to TRY to be bouncy and pleased. I really am.
Right now, I'm relishing the Sunday night quiet and I'm dreaming of summer and tiny little fairy beds under leafy trees. What does your week hold?

Friday, February 25, 2011

From a Stout Little Light

Hello dear visitor. I'm so happy that you stopped by today. I have been awake for a few hours now. Yes, an early bird morning because of age-related wakefulness. I fell asleep praying, asking God to take my concerns and worries (mostly related to the crazy-busyness of school and Kelli having a touch of the flu) and as I tried to get comfortable (I'm having a bout of the aches and pains) names and faces kept floating through my mind, so I prayed for those names and faces and then I heard my Caretaker say, "You're excused." I take that message to heart and this morning I feel less "fuzzy" and "sidetracked" and TGIF and all that! Isn't "you're excused" a funny little phrase laced with all kinds of different meanings? I'm excused from worrying and fear. Yahoo!
When I got on the scale this morning, the number confirmed my suspicions . . . hmmmmm. Well, I can find some romance in the word STOUT. Just look at the cutie below!

"There was a nice hot singey smell; and at the table, with an iron in her hand stood a very stout short person staring anxiously at Lucie. Her print gown was tucked up, and she was wearing a large apron over her striped petticoat. Her little black nose went sniffle, snuffle, and her eyes went twinkle, twinkle; and underneath her cap -- where Lucie had yellow curls -- that little person had PRICKLES!" ~ Beatrix Potter

Sometimes (even after 400 posts!) I suspect I might have come to the end of my blogging frenzy. Reading blogs, writing my own, finding new blogs, and spending so many happy hours ENJOYING it all, well, sometimes I DO reach the end of it and think to myself, "Self, so now what?" But do you know what happens next? Gumbo Lily enters into lamb season and I get teary about baby lambs and remember that I am a dumb sheep desperately in need of my Shepherd. Or Helen sends me a comment, making another "across the pond" connection of understanding. Lynn posts a Mary Oliver poem I love. Elizabeth shares about helping her friend clean the house before moving to England. Gretchen Joanna shares about teaching a youngster to sew. Kerri tells me about the earthquake in her country and how she's coping. Kari sends me an affirming word. Tina talks about children, daughters specifically, and I connect in a whole-hearted fashion. Leslie is selling her house and I think, "But I like that house. Don't move! (silly me)"
Sue takes bird pictures. Frances sends me a postcard. Flavia gives kindness, Aslaug spreads deep cheer. Deborah feathers her nest for the homecoming of three new daughters from the Philippines. Angela teaches me something new. April posts photos of my precious grands. Veronica calls in from NZ. Jean says hello. Jayne connects. Melissa reaches out. Mags gives a huge helping of sweetness. Floss pops by. Betty mentions a book she loves that I love, too. Brad shares with his mama. Libby Q, Aisling, Angela and her journals, Lisa, back at school and VERY busy, Charlotte, dearest Carolyn, the other Sharon who quilts and loves, Melanie, Mary, SusanB, Millie, Debbie, Laura R and Laura L, Vicki, Sara P. and my other new Sara, Jannelle, Michela, Millie, Connie, Sherry, Sharon, Barbara, Gigi (always so faithful to so many) all ARE THERE for me. I could go on and on and on speaking about newer friends, too and even if nobody wanted to read my little spot on the "interwebs" I still love images and words that keep me thinking and feeling and learning. Please don't YOU stop with your rich offerings of creativity, originality, bright perspectives. I am reading. I am.

Jody taught me about "cuffs" that can be embroidered and sewn. This and a pink baby sweater are my blog inspired makes right now. SO many benefits. I don't think I'll EVER come to the end of this sweet journey.

I'm astounded by the unseen power of fellowship and partnership in life. I love the AUTHOR of all the stories. Words are cool water to a stranger, a stranger that doesn't stay a stranger for long.

I'm very rich with blog relationships and I know you are, too. It's small in the scheme of things (the INTERNET!) but oh so big in the squishy heart areas where miracles happen.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Three Views

Just a little hello and three views of a garden stick here. My sweet pea seeds are soaking in a jar, almost ready to plant in the pot outside.
Can you describe the "garden plan" feeling? I am ready for visits to the garden store, mapped out flowerbeds, thinking about summer blooming bulbs, and . . . a sunflower house!
I'm off to school now, but could you take a moment to share some of your garden plans with me?
Guess what? I just realized that this is my 400th post. Wow!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Birds, Badger, Bears, Beds

Oh! Hello, Saturday! YOU are looking perfectly lovely to this house mouse. Around here, there is tidying and dusting, sweeping and mopping, and a lot of "putting away" to be done. We have a house guest coming, a weary young man from the military academy down the highway. He's coming to nestle in with us for a few days.

If I can motivate myself to walk out the door today, I'm going to hunt for twigs and make something with them. Thank you for your twig suggestions. Does everyone yearn for spring? I'm not sure if I want summer to come so much that I'm chomping at the bit for April, or if I really do crave spring bulbs, soft rains, and EASTER.

I walked right past the bird seed at the grocery store. Selfish. I am not home to watch the birds eat at the feeders, so I didn't buy any seed. Oh, I've recognized my silly ways and I WILL buy some today. Come on, little birdies! Come perch, come snack, and have a dip in the bird bath. Please.

I think I'll focus on corners today. I still have a few Christmas items around my house. Today, they all go down stairs into beat up cardboard boxes. For sure.

Also, today . . . a few little dips into The Wind in the Willows again. Look at Badger's coat! Isn't it lovely? I love him.

Jane Dyer again. She draws and clothes the perfect bears. Gretchen Joanna over at Gladsome Lights made an apron for her friend, Bird. The way she made that apron sound made me want a "security blanket" apron. I've been meaning to make a rose print flannel apron for quite some time, but I used the bias tape I bought for it, for bunting. Do you have a "security blanket" apron? I know Tina at The Quiet Home does.

Today is a good day to take my Edward bear upstairs. I hug him more when he's in our bedroom. I bought him a year or so ago. I was having a little Winnie the Pooh read aloud for myself and experienced a "bear of my own" sort of craving. He is so soft and willing to let me pat his back and smooch his face. Now I know why elderly residents in nursing homes like stuffed toys. They have a lot of love to give and they don't always have someone "present" to give their love to. Does that make sense?

Well, our bed sports snowmen flannel sheets this time of year, but I think if there were a Cath Kidston store around the corner, our bed would dress itself in roses. Yes, flannel roses.

More adorable Jane Dyer paintings. Isn't this red haired mother lovely? Do you like her nightgown? Look at those happy siblings in the downy bed! Delightful!

So, look up and see the blue, blue sky or the smoky sky. Yes, I am talking myself into a winter walk today, a twig picking, road combing sort of stroll . . .

I'm walking to springtime and summertime, when I can wear my security apron all day, dig around in the garden, host grand (children) picnics in the green, green grass, drink lemonade and hang laundry on the line, and sit quiet instead of saying, "stop talking" like I do at school.
Thank you for listening to my long litany of birds, badgers, bears, beds and all the other stuff. Smile. It's now time to tame this wild house of Pom Pom messes, prepare a place for a welcome visitor, and live another sweet, sweet Saturday.
Which picture above do YOU like the best? Why?
(BIG FAT SQUEEZE! I like you!)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pretty and Witty

Hi Everybody! Oh my! I have been dragging my weary bones through the week! Because I had all the fussy school event stuff to do, I fell behind on grading papers and stayed up way too late last night trying to catch up. Still not caught up.
I'm not finished with hearts yet, for heaven's sake! It's STILL the LOVE month, right? This little hearty gift was in my milk box Monday morning. Isn't it adorable? I've worn it every day this week.

It's hearts all around at our house, all the time.

Remember I went to the dermatologist on Monday? He's such a smart doctor and can look around for bad spots in a jiffy. No bad spots! Hooray! I've been forgiven for all those sunburns, at least for now. I do have a spotty face though. He said, "There are creams for this." I said, "Nah." When you get a little older than thirty (ha ha) you do get some interesting looking "beauty marks" on your face.
This morning I was looking into the rather dirty mirror and I thought to myself, "Hmmm. My eyebrows are very dark and menacing. I don't want to scare the children. I better think up some beauty treatments."

My new owl-ish glasses are so comfortable and scratch resistant. I rather like looking so studious. But, I've noticed something about my fifty-two year old self. I'm a bit past my prime. Not that I ever really had a "prime" at all, but now I am very satisfied with my granny look. As long as I can breathe, I don't much care how my clothes fit. I wonder why I cared so very much for so long. Hmmmmm. We watched a PBS documentary called, "The Mystery of Love" in class. A rabbi was interviewed and he said something about loving the same person forever and made reference to "that one in the bed with their dear head on the pillow" or something like that. He meant that loving that person is how you love everyone else. There's truth to that. If I can love my husband very, very well . . . then I can love others, too. And I want to, don't you?
We've been reading West Side Story at school. It's so old and the books are falling apart, but the kids think the film is interesting. Tomorrow we'll watch Maria dance and listen to her sing, "I Feel Pretty" and I'll get a lot of mileage out of that song for a few days!
Oh, I am ready for my hubby to come home. He's in Australia now.
Yahoo for the American presidents. I get Monday off!
I hope you are having a zippy week. My car is in the shop so I've been driving Bill's car and it has better music. I arrive at school humming and happy. Are you going to sing today? By the way, the reason you FEEL pretty is because you ARE pretty. Truth.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pink Party

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! We've been partying it up BIG TIME, because Birdie turned four years old. All Pom Pom grands were in attendance at Birdie's pink party.

The BIG EVENT at school was a huge success. Whew! I've been napping at every opportunity and I'm still so sleepy and in need of recovery.
Thank you, Valentine's Day, for all the hearts and RED and PINK and chocolate! Yum!
I wish you a wonderful day of loving feelings, opportunities to extend love, and a flower or two.
. . . and beyond all these things put on love which is the perfect bond of unity.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Moose and a Ballerina

Hello! I've been at my sewing machine, making paper bunting for an event at school. I am not sure why I volunteered to help. This week is so packed with responsibility. YIKES! I'm not that responsible.

It's VERY cold outside. The roads are icy, the temperatures are dipping down. I really don't like the heat blowing in the house. It's like the fans going constantly in the summer. Do you like the Grandma Moses print above? It looks like the perfect temperature. Sigh.

The other day I was showering quickly, getting ready to zip off to school, but I noticed that every water drop on the shower door was reflecting the black and white checks on the bathroom floor. Each little drop, checked and miraculous. It made me feel centered, stilled, and focused.

Birdie is the second ballerina from the right. Yes, she had her own routine in mind. The recital was last June and I had such a nice chuckle while we watched. She embraced the stage, was NOT the least bit frightened, and entertained us in the purest sense. Oh, how I love pink ballerinas. I am going to dig in the ironing basket for something pink to wear to school since old Jack Frost seems to be dictating the weather.

Are you getting ready for Valentine's Day? My Valentine is in New Zealand. I have a dermatologist appointment that day. Oh well, I do think I'll eat chocolate for dinner or maybe buy myself a cherry pie. I've been looking at the gourmet pies but refraining from putting one in my shopping buggy. What treat will you enjoy on Love Day?

I'm a tiny bit droopy and I have a morning meeting (for THE EVENT at school) but I'm going to try to keep my "Ann Face" on all day. I'll keep putting along with the kids at school, go to ANOTHER meeting after school, stop at the fabric store for more bias tape (for the buntings) and the office store for papery things. Oh my goodness. I'm behind. Drat.

There are blue skies ahead and right now I'm tucked safely in our white house with green trim, ready for another hot cup of coffee before venturing out in the winter wonderland that is Denver in February.
I'll take pictures of "the event" on Friday evening. Birdie is having lots of little children over for her 4th birthday this Saturday, too. Pom Pom the Clown might attend. I'll take pictures of THAT, I promise.
Thank you for reading. It's Wednesday you know. Wednesday is such a nice little bump in the week because tomorrow is Thursday and over the course of the week, the students at school mellow. I'm going to start calling Monday "Monkey Monday" because they DO act like monkeys after spending a weekend acting like teenagers (go figure!).
And yes, Frances, lip gloss abounds and the smell of cheap and flowery spray-on fragrances fills the hallways.
I hope you all have a toasty day.