Thursday, June 23, 2022

Stuff Around the House

Hello friends!  This is my alternative to buying new furniture.  Because Timothy loves to scratch up soft furnishings, I made patches and applied big cat protecting plastic stickers to his chosen corners.  I like it.  Can you see my scrappy sock?
The peonies came and went and even though a snow shocked them earlier, they recovered and performed. 

The snapdragons came back!  Isn't that amazing?  They held on all winter, survived, and are glorious!
Yes, the squirrels can shimmy up this shepherd's hook.  They are so determined to eat the black sunflower seeds.  The birds have been enjoying them, too.
I bought two flats of petunias, white and yellow, and then I realized that that is A LOT of planting.  With all of these little pots housing one or two petunia plants, I shall have to do a lot of hand watering.  We'll see how long this lasts.

I hung new bunting.  Look at all the perennials!  

And look at the beginnings of my Beekeeper Blanket.  It's slow going but fun.  Do you like the colors?

I planted loads of Shirley poppies in back, but then these showed up in front!  Thank you, God.
The bees like the cornflowers, pincushion flowers and Jupiter's Beard!
For Timothy, these are the lazy hazy days of summer.  He is such a cuddle bug and for that I am so thankful.

 Jolly has arrived at Angela's!  She will blog about it next week so I will pop in and share the link.

Thank you for your kind comments on my last post.  I have time to cut out a top and pants today, so maybe I will.  Red.  The pants are linen like and the top is a very unique print.  You know you have to be in the mood to sew, so I hope I am.  

We had friends from Austria visit us and they said that they have a hot meal for lunch and then a cold meal for dinner.  I think I know what a cold meal would be (bread, cheese, fruit, egg?) but do you have any cold meal ideas?

Maybe the reason I have only sewn bunting is because my sewing, ironing, book, computer room is too full.  I'll try to fix it.

Time to take a bath and make the bed.  Then, we'll see.

Thank you so much for stopping by! xo

Monday, June 13, 2022

Jolly and Elizabeth and June

Hi everyone in blog land!  I'm wearing Crocs again.  I've been wearing them for about 20 years (so funny!) and they aren't as cushy is they were when I first starting wearing them at the beginning of my teaching career, but they are still very clown-y and I like that.  Do you go through phases of wearing weird clothes and shoes or is it just me?  

I sent Jolly off to Angela this morning.  I know.  Elizabeth missed the Queen's Jubilee.  She caught Covid!  She was around a lot of people at Silver Sneakers and came down with a mild case, so she couldn't travel.  We watched Jubilee doings on YouTube.  We don't have cable TV anymore.  I don't miss it, but I do not have access to network news OR any international news.  Elizabeth has been feeling better and as I told you, she didn't have much to pack.  She gave all her belongings away (to the women's shelter) and she was absolutely radiant this morning when I put her in the travel pocket of the fat journal.  Angela and Rosie, here she comes!

Summer has arrived.  It's HOT.  I don't like being outside in the heat.  I guess I'm an indoor granny.  I have a bit more planting to do (seeds and a few petunias) and the flowerbeds are pretty random, but that's okay.  I did plant lots of zinnias!  They are my favorite.

I've been trying to be less of a procrastinator😂 and this consists of doing small things like picking up little crumbs and other things that end up being on the floor until I do a big clean.  I don't want to do big cleans anymore.  I do not have a housekeeper.  I used to be able to whiz around and get a lot done (always with a deadline) but now I just can't get out of the starting blocks, let alone get everything done.  So, I figured I would be wise to do things in little amounts of time.  I realize this isn't revolutionary (LOL!) but I guess I'm a slow learner.  I'm going to try to be tidy and I'm going to try to accomplish little tasks with a bit more effectiveness.  

When I was teaching I loved summer, and I still love summer, but I don't love summer clothes.  I am going to sew a few pairs of pants (loose and lightweight) and two new tops.  I'll show you when I make them.  

Thank you for stopping in and saying hello!