Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pools, Books, and Garden Glimpses

Samantha and Plum Cake were easy pool players yesterday.  We enjoyed the water in the deep pool and then moved to the kiddie pool.  They made friends with float owners and enjoyed climbing all over the inflatable plastic.  We all soaked up some sun.

 I have a crate of books to read.  My sister sent me Mary Poppins.  Yay!  I had a wonderful time with my sister by the way.  I was too busy with activities to take any photos.

 It's just past 6:30 AM and I am already sleepy because I got up too early.  I hope I refuel soon.  It's going to be 92 degrees today.

 Maybe I'll have a cup of tea.  
 I found a cute plate to hang on the kitchen wall.
 In those wee hours I had a good read of this:

 And coffee and toast.

 I think the fairy below is sad because a petunia died.
 Maybe she'll cheer up when the basil gets taller.
 Or the pumpkins . . . 

I planted a lot of seeds and they ARE growing.  
Summer continues to feels warm and welcoming.  In less than two weeks we will leave for New Zealand. 
It's cold there!
For now, we'll relax in the sunshine, water the flowers, watch movies with the grands, and count our blessings.  Nice.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sweet, Sweet Summer

 Hello!  Thank you for popping by!  I love photo sharing on iPhones and iPads because Brad and April can share cute shots with us!  Look at PUGSLEY!  He's having a ride!
 Summer days are pool days!  CUTIES!
 AND bike days, skateboard days, scooter days!
 Good daddy days!
 Kelli and April met up at the Denver Zoo.  I forgot how great the merry-go-round can be!
 Guss-guss (Atticus) is getting so big!
 Brad's bagpipe band played in the Strawberry Festival Parade up in Glenwood Springs!  Bill said this picture brought back good memories of all of us (four kids and two parents) packing into a hotel room!  So cute!
 April's sweet gift to Brad for Father's Day was a bit of fly fishing and a seafood boil!  He LOVED this as you can see!
 Sam stayed over one night and she created this craft!  Button slippers!  So fun and easy!
 She painted.  She gardened.
 I got very hot and sweaty while planting petunias and I have more to plant.  The kitchen workers/helpers/friends did some nice things for me.  Installing curtain rods is NOT easy in my book.  Thank you, Jose!  He was speedy and this allowed me to put the quilt curtains downstairs.  I put green gingham curtains (a gift from Kelli) in the kitchen.  It's very GREEN in there!
 I have been trying to break my habit of buying shoes, but I REALLY want these Mickey Vans.  Do you like them?
 We went to the movies!  Oh, the popcorn was extra delish!  The movie was very cute, too!
 Jenny takes the girls and her dog down to the school/park.  A FOX!
 Here are two VERY cute cutie pies peeking through the kitchen "window".  SMOOCH!
 And the cutie pies' hubby and daddy giving Birdie some encouragement.
 My neighbor's flowers are glorious!
 We had fun on Saturday night.  We celebrated Father's Day at Jenny and Scott's.  Bry had a swing ride with James and his adoring fans.  Bottoms up!
 Yesterday we went to the pool.  HEAVEN!  I love blue water.  I could stay in the pool all day.  The kids were fun and it wasn't crowded.  
 Score!  Otter Pops are only 25 cents!  James shivered quite a bit (lots of clouds) but he LOVED his treat!
 I love the cool feeling after the pool.  My skin feels comfortable and I am deliciously tired.  Summer is sweet.
I found this coloring page online.  Cute, huh?  It's fun to color, don't you agree?
My sister is coming!  She's on her way (driving with my niece).  She'll be here for three days and I can't wait!
The librarian from my school called yesterday and she asked me what I've been up to.  FUN, that's what!
I hope you're having fun, too!
My brother continues to heal.  THANKFUL!
Dip your toes into a bit of summer today!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


 When we walk to the mailbox and the bank, we pass this wild little corner garden.  I DO love California poppies.  I LOVE California!  We might go to San Diego next fall.  Mmmmmm.
Our Taiwan friends spent a few days with us. They are two wonderful women.  They were very easy guests and they insisted on cooking us a delightful 3 Cup Chicken dish.  Mmmmm the ginger made it taste SO GOOD!
 We had a little hotel getaway for our anniversary.  It was very fun, very affirming, and a BIG treat.  Bill is a sweetie pie.
 That same night these little campers were sleeping in their wet tent.  So cute!

 I had a small knitting victory.  I figured out how to apply i-cord trim to my current knitting project!  Yay for Elizabeth Zimmermann!  
 Across the street, our neighbor's rose bushes are thriving!

 My garden fairy neighbor placed another surprise gnome in the cucumber bed.  I found him this morning!  So sweet! Do you like my scary owl?  He was marked down to five dollars at the W store and he is meant to discourage nibbling bunnies.
 I had a big fat coupon to use at JoAnn Fabrics.  I bought this writing exercise book and it is VERY fun!  I like most of the writing prompts.

 Bill sprays a natural rabbit deterrent around our borders, so I saw this little fella in someone else's garden.   
I love iPhone cameras because I receive beautiful photos like this one as the fun occurs!  Kelli and April met at the zoo today!  
Samantha is coming over this afternoon for a sleepover.  We are going to plant LOTS of petunias and I also bought a little button craft for her.  We'll sleep in the guest bed.  I'm so thankful that sleepovers sound fun to our grands.
Take care, good friends.  I wish you cheer and happy moments.  Thank you very much for peeking in today!