Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hygge and Mr. Badger

 My friend MK at Through a Glass Darkly told me about the Danish concept called hygge.  Click on the word for a link to an explanation, but it basically means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. Doesn't that sound WONDERFUL?  I find it extremely motivating.  I like to cruise around the house with a hygge vision, arranging and setting the stage for cozy times.  Tonight is our family book club and to me, this is VERY hygge.  We'll sit on the soft chairs, comfortably discuss Jayber Crow by Wendell Berry. We'll eat brownies and drink coffee.  You like?  Me, too!

 It is time for Mr. Badger to wing his way to Belfast.  I think I shall send him tomorrow.  I will show you his passport, some photos of him taken in Taiwan (in my friend Yiping's kitchen in Taipei).  I will explain his purpose, his ambassador motivations, his journey overall.  He'll fly around Europe first.  He'll go see Betty from Betty the Wood Fairy and Kezzie, and he will go a few other places as well (once Mags and I get that part organized).  When he returns to the USA, he'll visit MK, Lisa, and some more nice people (I must organize this as well!) 
 Briefly, I can tell you that he is an ambassador of all things loving about taking care of people in your home and in your sphere.  You may experience hygge in your local coffee shop, at your church as you visit after the worship service.  Maybe you fluff up your guest bed for overnight guests and you prepare a place for them that is clean and comfortable.  The reason we keep our homes friendly and welcoming is because we want people to know they are loved when they come through our door.  Do you agree?  You can follow Mr. Badger on his travels. I'll update here and the hostesses will post their Badger adventures on their blogs, too.  It's not too late to volunteer to welcome him.  He'll arrive in a big envelope with his passport and the book.  You'll embellish the book, highlighting and illustrating, stamp the passport, blog about his stay and then mail him to the next person.  Mags and I will always respond to your inquiries.  When we sent Ratty, Mole, and Mr. Toad around the world, we had to adjust the itinerary a few times, but they came back safe and sound with all kinds of stories to tell!
Someone asked me if I thought it was okay that he travels alone.  Yes, he's coming to encourage you, to inspire you, and to know you.  This is silly fun for grown women.  You KNOW how we are, right?
I wish you plenty of hygge.  What a lovely word!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

With Us

From My Daily Meditation for the Circling Year by John Henry Jowett:
And we are to have joyful assurance of the companionship of our God "This shall they know; that I, the Lord their God, am with them."  And in that precious assurance every other treasure is found! Only be sure of that and we shall walk about as kings and queens!
This is sometimes lost on me.  I walk about in my human body, focusing on immediate concerns, forgetting that HE is with me.  I miss the treasure.  The world certainly doesn't have much to offer, but HE does and HIS created beauty does.   

He offers the very finest companionship.

I agree with John Henry Jowett, that knowing of God's presence among us, we can walk about as queens and kings, feeling His honor and His love.  

So, Queenie, know that HE is walking with you.  If you don't believe in God (I'm not exactly sure what that looks like) He'll still show himself to you.  He believes in YOU.
He doesn't just POOF! appear when I think of Him or remember Him.  I don't make Him real by reminding myself of His realness.  He IS.  He said, "I AM".  
Because He is SO present, I'd like to be more present, too.  Now I don't have to rush about so much, but my mind tends to rush around and I'm not the world's best listener.  
I'm going to start trying harder to still my buzzing self and listen.  I'm going to try to look closer, too.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Bright Surroundings

 I made a HUGE pot of chili the other night and it tasted SO fine!  Kelli's girls didn't like it because I make it with chopped green peppers and I used a can of chopped tomatoes.  The chunks were unappealing to the picky eaters!  
 I love sour cream and peppers!
 Please try to ignore the power lines (I do, so I won't worry about them poisoning us) and look at the morning light.  It was magic this morning!

 The light made the fence next door shine.

 Then it was back inside to look at colors surrounding me and my everyday doings!  Do you like the print above? It's my pajamas!
 Kelli gave me a yarn bowl!  Isn't it cute?  A very nice friend of hers makes them.  
 Even though I get emails from the Polish Pottery Outlet showing me all of the deep discounts (teapots this month) I do not need anymore (not to say I won't buy some small pieces in the future!) but I DO love this little "huddle up" of the pottery I have.
 Do you like Vera Bradley prints?  I like the old ones.  The photo above is two eyeglass cases.  Pretty! Below, the glove basket.  Bright! Do you see the Hot Potato in the basket?
 I've been digging in the tea basket!
 More discontinued Vera Bradley prints

 Above you see my coffee set that I gave my mama and she gave back when they sold their second home.  Thank you, Mama.  I have used this coffee set recently to serve hot chocolate to pretty little girls.
 I used to have a bowl and a plate to match the cup above (a casualty of jumping children) but I'm thankful that I still have this cup from my mother-in-law's china closet.  I try to follow its advice.
 Still a few little Christmas reminders hanging around.  Behind is my toadstool poster-size sticker.  I love wall stickers!

My only house plant is alive.  That's progress.
 Even though the light is gorgeous today and it's supposed to be 60 degrees (yahoo!) it is still winter and hibernating is OKAY.  So go ahead and snuggle, rest, read, and be well.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Bulb, Birds, and Book Business

 When our son-in-law was over for a pizza dinner, he commented that the hyacinth bulb I am forcing was probably an onion.  Funny!  I sent him a text, "NOT an onion!" It bloomed!  I wish you could sniff it.  It smells like spring.  Perfect!
 The squirrel who frequents my seed supply made a huge mess on the porch, but these cutie pies are providing a sweet show from the front window.
 And the FLICKER came!  Isn't he cute?
 Do you hate the apple and orange stickers?  I do. There were no stickers on fruit when I was a kid.  I have to watch for them when I am photographing fruit (which I do way too much!  Sorry!) 
 My bear is wearing one of the first sweaters I knit over 30 (gasp!) years ago. Wow!  It was LITTLE!  Could it be that sweaters fit smaller back then?  Ha!  No!  This granny has grown in girth, A LOT!

 I made some raspberry tea with the cool device that Jenny gave us.  See?  I want SUNSHINE and spring to come.  Whine.
 So my "lady" book club meets today and we read A Tale of Two Cities.  It took me a while and halfway through it, it got more interesting.  I had to talk to Kim (My Field of Dreams) and our sons in order to gain appreciation for all the details. I am ready to read something soft like the Rosamunde Pilcher books above (I have read them many, many, many times already.  So?)

 The book club ladies are good at discussion. I learn from them and enjoy their company.  

I had so much fun reading with two eleven year olds yesterday (at my old school).  They are lovely little lambs and they did such a nice job reading aloud.  They'll be pros in no time!

 I like to stay in the house, hiding under my toadstool.  I have to get going and do my work for Bill before book club, so it's off to the post office for me.  
How IS January going for you?  Do you like it?  Are you cold?  Are the birds visiting your patch?
Love love love that YOU come to visit ME!  Thank you!  

Monday, January 12, 2015

Girl Stuff

I had a lot of fun with the three angel pies!  We did not get into the car.  We stayed home every day.  They did not complain!  They love to be home, playing and imagining, snacking and watching movies.  It is right up Granny's alley!

Our daughter-in-law April is a knitter.  She learned when she studied in Prague.  She knit each granddaughter a doll and when I am at Kelli's I like to round them up and play with them!  I had to repair Miss Bug's doll's hair.  I simply used my crochet hook to gather the chewed stitches.  The puppy enjoyed chewing on it quite some time ago.

Today I was over at Sam and Plum Cake's and I gathered their dolls.  Aren't they cute?  The girls really like them.
 Miss Bug loves the mouse she's had for a few years.

Granny made cookies.  Easy.

 Short interruption here - I couldn't believe how gorgeous green this butter lettuce is!  And I've been eating hobbit food!  Mushrooms! 
 Okay, back to the girls . . . 
 They've been reading!  Yay!
 They all have an eye for beauty (as does their dear mama) so I snapped a few photos of their "nursery" aka bedroom.  They all sleep in one room.  

It was easy to stay with them for three days.  Every night they begged for stories.  I must admit that once I get started it seems like I can remember every event, feeling, and fear from my own childhood. They find these stories highly entertaining.  Ha!
I've been busy catching up around here.  Tomorrow I am going to my old school and I shall read with some struggling students.  I like working with kids one-on-one.  It'll be fun!
I'm warm and snug, sleepy and happy.
I'm glad you came by!  I know there are a million places for you to click to, so I really appreciate it that you clicked over here!