Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Day in the Country

 I had so much fun today with my friend Jennifer, her chickens, her swimming pool, her horse, and then she cooked me a delicious dinner.  We do NOT live close to each other.  She lives in the country.  

 Look at this fine speckled hen!  Beautiful!

 Jen's daughter loves her horse, Kiva.  I love her, too!  Isn't she elegant?  When they got her, she hadn't been ridden for ten years.  Look at how expertly Jen's daughter rides her now!

 Here's the delicious dinner.  I loved floating in the pool.  I think we stayed in the water for two hours or so.  It's so quiet in the country.  My face is perfectly sun kissed and I'm "fresh air" tired.  Bliss.

Monday, July 29, 2013

My First Picking

 If you are a rabbit and you live in our neighborhood, you are not stressed.  Life is good.  There is a lot of tender grass for you to dine upon and evidently, humans are harmless.

 Drumroll, please!  I grew BEANS!  They are beautiful and we shall eat them for supper!

 Look at this gorgeous type of lavender from Reve's garden!  Isn't it delicate and romantic?

It seems unbelievable that just a short time ago, we were here.  I don't think I had ever set foot in such a cathedral!  It was very cool.  Very quiet.  (Munich, by the way)
I'm a little crabby today.  I think the jet lag is catching up with me.  I'm going to sit on the sofa with a soft pillow nearby.  Nap.
What are YOU up to?

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Garden Fruits and Kids in Motion

 I experience so much joy when the birds come to eat at my rickety feeders.  Look at that nice brown face!
 Such a lovely profile!
 I think this is the first year that my potted flowers are doing WELL!  Yay!
 I used my boots to mush about in the back garden, weeding.  They work so well!  I tucked the legs of my pajama pants in the boots, too.  I do my best weeding in the morning.  When do you weed?

 LOOK!  I'm growing funky peppers!
 And green peppers (yummy!)
 My neighbor Reve is away, but when she comes home I must ask her how to tame my beans.
 Basil!  What should I do with it? Suggestions?
 The rosemary smells like perfume.
 I have so much parsley!  The bunnies are not eating it.  They like juicy grass.  Didn't Peter Rabbit like parsley?
 My little Plum Cake eating a popsicle.  She is GOOD at it!  Her mother liked to sit in her high chair and eat popsicles, too.  Aw, my baby.
 Sam the Rose likes purple.
 Maybe you should eat a popsicle today.
 We had lots of girls and one boy in our yard last night.  Reve's daughter Holly was over watering the garden and the kids (Emma and William) hopped the fence.  With our five and these two, it was an adorable crowd.  Plum Cake was in her walker, closer to Mommy.

 There you see Plum Cake watching all the action!
 Reve's oldest grand, Emma!  I love her toadstool polka dots, don't you?
 Crazy Miss Bug!  She was not harmed!
 Poor William, being the only boy.  Finn gets tired of being the monster, too.
 Yesterday, while Kelli shopped at our grocery store, I talked to her twice, she happened to see Holly (Reve's daughter) and Bill bumped into her in the parking lot!  I like the smallness of all that!  Anyway, Millie picked Dora bandaids for a treat (instead of a book!) and that's why she is sporting so many of them!

Birdie the boss.  I think she might have been hiding her eyes while everyone tried to find a hiding spot (there aren't many in the backyard!)  

"Pleasant words are a honeycomb,
  sweet to the soul and healing to the bones."
        ~ Proverbs 16:24
Don't you LOVE that?  Can you think of some very pleasant words?  How about hummingbird and butterfly?  How about sparkle?  How about love?  Care?  What are some pleasant words that you use often?  
Something I'm thinking about:  getting a black kitten.  I'm working on Bill.  He's softening.  I have the BEST name in mind for her.  I'll keep you posted.
Thank you for coming by and looking at all my photos and reading my words.  I appreciate your kind attentiveness.
Happy weekend!  xo