Thursday, February 23, 2023

Potted Cheese and Black Jelly Beans

Hi friends!  I am at our Jenny's house taking care of their dogs and cats while they enjoy Disneyland with our Kelli and her family.  The weather in California has been cold!  Kelli said their feet are wet!  Isn't this a funny photo of Plum Cake when she was younger?  
I love the dogs and the cats and they have been very nice to me.  Right now I am upstairs and they are downstairs, lying around on the sofas.  It's been so cold here (2 degrees this morning) so the pups prefer to be inside, of course.  Bill is home at our house with Tim.  I miss them.
I've been eating funny things like black jelly beans, potted cheese, oranges, toast . . . I've been knitting and reading, watching YouTube and such.  Two more days and I'll go home and get ready to go to Thailand!  Woo hoo! 
Do you like this knitted doll?  I bought the book JUST for this dolly pattern.  Northern Knits Gifts is the book.
My neighbor gifted me with this lovely Valentine fabric bundle.  I am going to piece together the squares and make a curtain.
I am going to miss Tim so much when we are away, but he has caregivers coming every day and most nights.  We'll only be gone a week.  All the friends at my Bible study are so nice to pray for us while we are away.  They really are the warmest and sweetest followers of Jesus.

 What is on YOUR heart?  Are you sorting through priorities?  Are you watching for God's movements in your life?  Are you meeting any new people?  Are you feeling grateful?  What's your favorite food these days?  I think mine is potted cheese.  😂

Thank you for coming by to say hello.  xo

Thursday, February 2, 2023

What We Did

My mom sent  me a bunny!  Isn't he cute with that little carrot?  Uh oh - I can sense  a bunny binge  coming on. (sorry my space bar is doing weird things and sometimes refusing to cooperate)

After I was at Jenny's house for several days, I went to Kelli's house, so this is Millie's cat. Doesn't she look like Tim?  

I decided to knit socks for Jeff for his birthday in April.  I ought to be able to finish them.  HOPE!
Staying with Sam, Liz, and the doggies was very fun.  Aren't the dogs cute?  They live such a lovely life and are allowed to lounge on the furniture.
Making soap was fun!  I'll choose a bigger glass container next time because mixing up the goat milk chunks was tough this time.  It smells very good!
When Liz saw me knitting, she felt like knitting, too.  She really gets it!  Yay!  Knitting is Little Women-y.

We decorated bucket hats with iron-on patches. We ate at Subway twice.  Sam orders just ham and cheese and Liz orders JUST lettuce, cucumbers, and pickles on bread.  I choose tuna almost every time I go to Subway.

We discussed Little Women over dinner (frozen pizza) one night.  We talked about characters, favorites, most important, ect.  It was fun!  Lizzy and I took turns reading paragraphs and that was delightful.  It was just right.

February is full, with birthdays and another dog sitting stint.  At the end of February we are going to Thailand for a meeting.  That will be a fun thing to do together and it will be wonderful to meet with youth workers from all over Asia.  

Thank you for your input regarding my cozy spot.  I love your thoughts, your suggestions.  So far, so good.  I put a brighter curtain in my study so I can work on spending more time in that environment.  I need a night stand but I'm not exactly sure where to find one that fits in the small space, on my side of the bed. I also need a reading lamp there.  I like reading while perched on our bed.


Today I am going up to Morrison to meet a friend for brunch.  She is very cheerful and very funny, so I am really looking forward to spending time with her.  This is Miss Bug's 14th birthday!  She's a little groundhog.

I have continued to make a list of what I spend my time doing (work) during the day and I anticipate learning more about what is my natural tendency to do as time goes on.  Meeting with people and talking to people occurs on almost every day's list.  Knitting is consistent.  Ironing.  Cooking.  I'll report back.🙂


You know, I always love hearts, but even though it is the love month, I think I'm going to focus on stars.  This morning I read in Matthew 2 (Today's English Version) about the visitors from the east. It says, "How happy they were, what gladness they felt, when they saw the star."

I love that!  I shall think on stars, especially THAT star.  

What is something that you do every day?  Something besides brushing your teeth or going for a walk?  Would it surprise you if you saw something appearing every day on your list that you hadn't given a whole lot of thought to as far as the frequency of it?  Do tell.

God be with you.  Stay warm or if you live down under, enjoy your flowers.  I am enjoying the pictures of the Australian and New Zealand summer.