Sunday, May 27, 2012

Miss Bug's Tutu

 Miss Bug enjoyed her first dance recital yesterday! Isn't she a silver princess?
 Kelli labored over both girls' hair. She's good!
 Taking photos at the show was strictly forbidden (ridiculous!) but after her dance, Miss Bug came back and sat on Granny's lap.  She loved watching the sixteen numbers after her own!  She clapped and clapped!  What a gem.  And then today, she wore her costume again . . .
Love our grandkids up so!  Oh, I love our grandkids up!  (That's from the book Show Way!) Oh by the way, I am ordering a tutu of my own.  I found one on Amazon.  I think it'll look just fine pulled over my granny swimsuit instead of a cover-up. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Bird in the Wind

 Hello, flower people!  Look at the sky!  The wind is blowing hard this morning and there is a nip in the air, but the flowers around me are glorious! 
 One rose!  We have ONE rose.
 The iris and the peonies are partnering.
 And my neighbor has a poppy for you.

 This cutie was trying to keep his bearings (or is this a her?) in the wind. 

 I knocked on the fairy door.  She must be sleeping in her nutshell bed. She didn't answer.

 I have to rush off to school, but this lazy guy seems to have ALL DAY to lounge upon toadstools.
 I wish I could sit on a toadstool and read a book.
At least Joe Scarecrow is still on the job.  He's eye balling the spotty ball, though.  He'd like to give it a kick.  Yes, his brain is always mulling things over.
I am happy to hear that you all are hearing the "woo" of poetry and you will join me in my summer of verse.  The days are ticking away and very soon, I shall be staying home where the French toast smells good in the morning and the scent of cleaning solvents perfumes the air.  Three day weekend for Americans.  Woo hoo!  Have a happy Friday, warm humans.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Color Stripes

 I must share the blue sky with you.  Isn't it gorgeous?
 The trees in my neighborhood grace the street.
 The mountains say, "When are you coming up?"  Three more weeks.

 I guess we are bad rose growers, but the neighbors are extremely FINE rose growers.
 Sometimes one of something is very poetic.  Don't you think so?  Sometimes a lot of something is poetic, too.  Have you ever seen twenty horses running together?  A whole field of sheep?  A long line-up of fire trucks? 
 One robin = awe
 I wish you could smell this pink beauty.  Delicious.
This summer I will knit.  Do you like my stripey sweater?  I hope it fits.  Other than continuing to spot toadstools and gnomes, I am going to knit and read/write poetry.  I've been reading a good book about teaching poetry.  Do you think YOU might indulge in a bit of poetry over the summer?  It's a mighty good season to spot poems.
Art and poems go together, so let's make art, too.
Okay, now that's sorted.  Sending LOVE to you, caring reader.  (BIG HUG!)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


 Hello? How did you find me here?  I thought I was hiding behind the day lilies. 
 I took this photo last year.  Poppies are in my neighbor's garden, not mine.  I have planted some, but they don't come up.  My mother had a corner plot of poppies in our childhood garden and I love them.  Which reminds me of the poppy field in The Wizard of Oz. Kelli surprised me and swooped me off to see Wicked at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts! I was on the edge of my seat for the entire performance!  Those voices!  The glitz!  The glamor!  
 Do you see Kelli at the door of the Wendy House?  She's talking to Millie Rose who likes to throw things around in there.  Smile! 
 Feel free to jump into the saddle of this garden worm!
 A gnome solar light!  Lighting up a weed or two!
Joe the Scarecrow has a new job.  He guards Jeff's tomatoes.  (more Wizard of Oz connections!)
There are so many things I'd like to do right now:  play around with poetry, sew a fine seam, work in my art journal, knit another sleeve, scrub the floors, clear off my desk, iron the contents of the overflowing basket, make some sun tea.   
Well, it is not to be.  I shall instead wade through all the papers on my desk at school and get as many more glimpses of this year's sweet eleven and twelve year old faces as possible.  Maybe I'll eat lunch with them today.  They like that.
I hope May is treating you well.  The smell of May air is sweet perfume, isn't it?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wendy House

 The Wendy house is complete.  It took the grandpa, the uncle, and a daddy to put the one million pieces together.  The box said, "Easy assembly!  Put together in one hour!"  Very funny.  It took three days to complete, but it was worth it! 

 Sometimes a girl needs to sit on a toadstool when she washes her dishes.
 Ding!  Dong!  It even has a doorbell!

 Yikes!  There is a very green lizard on the bar!  Birdie is ordering a cup of coffee.
 Glee!  The peonies are coming!

Happy Mother's Day!  I think I'll plant flowers, place gnomes and toadstools, and knit.  We'll gather the mothers and the kiddies, too.  We'll miss April and the four Ft. Collins cherubs.  Brad will treat her like a queen, I know.
I wish I could see my mama, but she's with one of my brothers and one of my sisters.  I'm thankful for that!
Thank you for peeking into my the grandkids' playhouse!  Flower beds and gnomes coming soon!  (LOVE!)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Summer Anticipation

 Hi Everyone!  Do you have summer on your mind?  I do!  Exactly four weeks from today is THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!   Oh, the dinner plate above?  I thought my dinner on Sunday was very pretty. Bill said, "So, that's blog worthy, huh?"  Isn't everything blog worthy?  If it's true that 3000-4000 blogs are created every day, can't we blog about whatever we want?  Yes!
 Shortly after school is over, Bill and I are going to drive to the mountains and spend a few days in Vail for our anniversary.  Woo hoo!  I can't wait for cool mountain air and a soft bed to be lazy upon!
 I am looking forward to taking care of three little girls that I love for five days in June.  I'll be camping out at their house when their parents take a trip to NYC.
 Shortly after that, the Ft. Collins grands will come for Granny Camp.  We are expecting a wonderful thing to be delivered today.  A Wendy house for the grands (and for Pom Pom!)  I'll take pictures of the sweet little house as soon as Bill puts it together.  We had to take down our wobbly old play house, so this tiny hide-away will take it's place. 
 Soon:  the dance recitals! 
 And the swimming adventures!
 Lots of cool drinks and popsicles! Samantha will be spending some days with Bill and I, too! 
 Warm little ones to smooch!
 Atticus's first summer!
 Millie Rose is on her feet now!  She'll be walking in the green grass.
And Granny can read her little heart out!  I have promised myself that I will clean out the book shelves though.  
How is the approach of summer treating you?
Are you planting flowers and thinking about Mother's Day?  I know my UK friends have had rainy weather, but are still out and about, enjoying the great outdoors!  Tina is getting hens soon and Lynn gardens constantly!  How about you, Betty?  Angela?  Mags?  ElizabethD? Melanie? Floss?
All my favorites are on my blog list below.  Check them ALL out and make some new friends.  I've got sweet buddies from Texas and North Carolina, Montana, and Washington, and more, more, more, more!  Oregon!  California!  Minnesota!  CANADA, too! I can't forget Australia and New Zealand!
Thank you so much for reading my scattered words and looking at my lovely grands and my random photos of colored delights.
Running late . . . off to school!  Let the sun shine!