Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Summer Anticipation

 Hi Everyone!  Do you have summer on your mind?  I do!  Exactly four weeks from today is THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!   Oh, the dinner plate above?  I thought my dinner on Sunday was very pretty. Bill said, "So, that's blog worthy, huh?"  Isn't everything blog worthy?  If it's true that 3000-4000 blogs are created every day, can't we blog about whatever we want?  Yes!
 Shortly after school is over, Bill and I are going to drive to the mountains and spend a few days in Vail for our anniversary.  Woo hoo!  I can't wait for cool mountain air and a soft bed to be lazy upon!
 I am looking forward to taking care of three little girls that I love for five days in June.  I'll be camping out at their house when their parents take a trip to NYC.
 Shortly after that, the Ft. Collins grands will come for Granny Camp.  We are expecting a wonderful thing to be delivered today.  A Wendy house for the grands (and for Pom Pom!)  I'll take pictures of the sweet little house as soon as Bill puts it together.  We had to take down our wobbly old play house, so this tiny hide-away will take it's place. 
 Soon:  the dance recitals! 
 And the swimming adventures!
 Lots of cool drinks and popsicles! Samantha will be spending some days with Bill and I, too! 
 Warm little ones to smooch!
 Atticus's first summer!
 Millie Rose is on her feet now!  She'll be walking in the green grass.
And Granny can read her little heart out!  I have promised myself that I will clean out the book shelves though.  
How is the approach of summer treating you?
Are you planting flowers and thinking about Mother's Day?  I know my UK friends have had rainy weather, but are still out and about, enjoying the great outdoors!  Tina is getting hens soon and Lynn gardens constantly!  How about you, Betty?  Angela?  Mags?  ElizabethD? Melanie? Floss?
All my favorites are on my blog list below.  Check them ALL out and make some new friends.  I've got sweet buddies from Texas and North Carolina, Montana, and Washington, and more, more, more, more!  Oregon!  California!  Minnesota!  CANADA, too! I can't forget Australia and New Zealand!
Thank you so much for reading my scattered words and looking at my lovely grands and my random photos of colored delights.
Running late . . . off to school!  Let the sun shine!


M.K. said...

Good morning, Pom! Loved those pics :) Your grands look like loads of fun. I know you're eager for summer and Granny Camp. I hope to be a "Granny Camp" kind of grandma someday. Summer for me? Well, I'm planning a day trip to the beach for tomorrow. I need to finish moving into our new digs, put up ALL my books and choose a few out for first reading. No gardening or plants just yet, but I'm hoping to get some tomatoes into large pots. Enjoy your days!

Lisa Richards said...

I'm running off to work also, but wanted to say I'm so excited for summer and for all the grands fun you will be having! Have a great day! :D

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Hope you have a lovely day at school! I'm planting flowers and writing revisions and looking forward to some slow summer days. That dear Samantha looks just like you! I can't wait to read all about Granny Camp and what you read this summer. I was reading Gladys Taber this morning and thinking of you, my dear!


wayside wanderer said...

Oh, I want to go to the cool mountains. Lucky you! I will be headed the opposite direction toward Mexico. :P

Farm Girl said...

Oh yes, I am looking forward to summer. I have so many plans. I went through books yesterday and boxed Kindergarten curriculum for the school year for my 3 oldest grandsons this next year. I have so many things.
So bittersweet. I am going to do my favorite thing though, I am going to go buy sketch books and art supplies and all of that stuff I love.
Life never has enough crayons.
I love all of the pictures of your babies. I also can't wait to see your house in your yard for the kids. Such fun plans.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

I am looking forward to summer..we won't be going anywhere, but there won't be a schedule...yea!!

Your summer looks wonderful and full...enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

Elizabethd said...

What fun you will be having with those delightful little ones! I bet I know who will be first in the Wendy house!!

Attic Clutter said...

Oh the get away will be so fun the beautiful children (:) hugs,P

Carolyn Phillips said...

Your summer plans sound wonderful and granny camp so much fun. Love the pics of the grands, they are so sweet.

magsmcc said...

Oh this beautiful burgeoning family! Will there be a new swimsuit this year? I did so enjoy the swim suit adventures last year!! Oh yes please to photos of Wendy House- I found myself standing stock still and staring in front of a box of dolls house furniture in a toy shop with Mattman at the weekend- had to give myself quite a shake to focus on Lego instead!! It's toooo coooold here to think about summer yet!

Hazelnut said...

Cool mountain that sounds nice, you must be a bit warm where you are now?
The grands are delightful! They'll love you coming to look after them.

I'm a bit quiet at the mo' ...gathering forces for...I don't know what, yet!
xxx H'nut

Happy@Home said...

So many fun things for you to look forward to this summer. Granny Camp sounds like a fun time for all of you. Loved all your pictures today, but the one of the girls dangling their feet off the end of the bed is especially sweet.

ann said...

What adorable grans you have, PomPom. Our summer is so much alike. I like the idea of granny camp. I am done with school now, officially. The grades went out on Monday. Whew. So now I am playing catch-up--laundry, closet cleaning, pantry sorting, fridge purging. And lots of outside chores in this lovely weather. I hope your last days of school are fun and pass quickly.

Shey said...

Oh my goodness those are some cute cheeks to pink! And delicious food! =D

libbyquilter said...

i think you have the cutest group of grands~!!~no wonder you are looking forward to summer~!

i've been tinkering a little bit out in the yard . . . would love to go buy some flowers but if i plant them too soon they might freeze so i'm trying to be patient. meanwhile i dream of what i might find and where i might plant.
the tomatoes are in their coldframe and doing very well. this year promises to be a bumper crop as i'm already getting lots of small green orbs . . .


Betty said...

I am working every day until Monday so no gardening yet, I have a lovely bench my neighbours gave me but its way too rainy to get sat on yet! I got a big bird feeder to sit and watch and hubby got me too big wooden tubs, but they lie empty full of rain! The lawn is soggy and waterlogged but it all looks lush and green - hard to believe it's a drought situation here! Your plans for Summer are great - especially the wendy house - can't wait to see. Betty x

♥ the quiet homemaker said...

Woo, lots of fun times ahead with little cutie pies! :) Can't wait to see your new wendy house! Oh and have the best of times away with sweet hubby! Yippee for summer days! :) xxx

Gigi said...

Oh Happy Almost Summer to you Pom! I know you're so looking forward to it, and you've got so many sweet littles to share it with. And I can't wait to see the new playhouse.
After much searching around the web (thank you for your good tips!), I've decided to go back to NC for a couple of months (yes months, not weeks!) this summer. I've rented a little 2 bedroom cabin, and it's close enough for my kiddos and their littles to drive up and spend some time there too. I'm so excited! Hopefully, by the time I get back to Hot as H___ Texas in Sept., the weather will have started to cool off. Have I ever mentioned that I DON'T LIKE hot weather ;)?!
Hope the next 4 weeks sail by for you, and that your lovely summer months creep by like molasses in January.


Gumbo Lily said...

I'll bet those granbabies are excited for their granny time this summer. Enjoy your time away with Bill!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Those children are AAAdorable; you, and they, will have such a great time! Have a wonderful time with your husband; make tremendous memories.

Attic Clutter said...

Oh yes POM me too I would swim around on my back plus float and tread the relaxing waters(:) and some exercise..made easy in it(:) hugs..p

Kerri said...

Sorry for being such a terrible blogging friend lately Pom Pom! Your grandchildren are so beautiful! Isn't it crazy how fast they grow? I am amazed by them. I'm sure Sam wasn't born that long ago and here she is looking quite grown up. Such beautiful eyes she has too! So happy for you that summer is almost here x x

Attic Clutter said...

oh POM (:) Bake a cake and eat it ..but save some for a mama(:)