Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Still Waiting

 I have a terrible case of impatience!  Deborah assures me that it takes a loooooooooong time for things to travel over the USA/Canada border and I'm comforted by that, but I wish THE THREE would arrive!  Meanwhile, I'll let Tasha Tudor's beautiful artwork take me into all the cozy feelings of fall.  I was lighting fall scented candles at my school desk.  Yikes.  I got in trouble.  So, now no fall sniffs at school.  Well, the lavender is there and the flowers that Bill sent smell strong and lily-like and I'm thankful for that.
 Don't you love Tasha's art?  There are often corgis in her work.  This does not help my dog yearnings.  I wish my sister lived close by so we could share a dog.  I think that'd work well, don't you?  The sixth graders love to talk about their dogs and of course, I love to hear their dog stories.  I love it when MK features her dog, Sandy.  Sandy is adorable!
 I just want to press fast forward and make The Jolly Postman high tail it to Ontario!  Hurry!  Hurry!  Hurry!  The Three are going to be exhausted when they finally arrive at Deborah's!  Debbie in Oregon is getting ready for them, too!  Sorry it's taking so long, Wind in the Willows friends!
 Two tutus danced at my birthday lunch!
 Samantha wore a green dress.
 Bill bought me a princess balloon that sings happy birthday and the girls liked slugging it.
Bill sent the afore mentioned lilies to school.  You can't tell in the photo but now they've all bloomed and my room smells delicious.  I'm starting to feel tired and ready for a break.  I'm a wimp.  I would very much love a house day.  If you are home during the day, would you fill the bird feeders for me?  How about a feather duster dance?  Would you mind cleaning out the refrigerator? Maybe bake an apple pie or whip up some ginger snaps?  Thank you.  I'll do the same for you around Thanksgiving.  
Do you ever wake up in the night and think, "Oh my, it feels so good to have a pillow under my head and a snuggle with flannel sheets and fluffy blankets."? I do.  Every morning when my alarm goes off at (gasp!) 4:30 am, I shuffle downstairs where Bill is waiting for me in our green chairs (they used to be green) and we sit for an hour and a half drinking coffee, talking things over and praying before I have my little time of reading and journaling on my own.  I like my mornings.  No wonder I'm ready for bed about 7:30 every evening!
Oh, by the way . . . I got Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Workshop dvds for my birthday.  Debbie at No Spring Chicken reminded me of them, so I gave them to myself.  I sat and ate popcorn and watched them for hours this last weekend.  I didn't pick up my needles, I was simply entertained by her accent and her earthy advice.  It was a nice little escape from grading papers.  
So enough Pom Pom rambles for today.  Time to put on my favorite outfit, my pajamas, and tootle to bed.  I'm going to read Gladys Taber before drifting  off to sleep.  Now that I'm 53 years old, I am going to use some high power face creams and see if they make me look shiny and sparkly.  I'm not good with make up.  Today I looked in the mirror at school and I noticed my hair was pink at the temple because the smearing of lipstick all over my face was a bit hasty.  Silly!  It's a good thing the students don't look too close.  Okay, bye bye, nice person who pops in to check on me!  (That's YOU, Sweetums!)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Little Ladies and My Birthday!

 Hi Everyone!  I thought you might like to see the envelope THE THREE are traveling in!  They should arrive at Deborah's any time now, if they haven't already!
 Last Sunday a friend from school dropped by to borrow a book and she brought her cute daughter.  Millie was at our house, too!  They are very close in age.  Look at their toes!  Aren't they two sweet little pictures of perfection?

 Peppers!  When I saw this gorgeous display of peppers at my grocery store, I HAD to capture it so you could see it, too.  I know very well that you go to grocery stores and look at vegetables on a regular basis.  I'd like you to take pictures and show them to me, so . . . . 
 Smiley face!  Sorry April and Elizabethd!  More hearty breakfast fare!
 Last weekend, we went out for frozen yogurt with Miss Samantha Rose.  

 My birthday is on Sunday!  I bought myself some lavender for the classroom.  I am continuing to LOVE sixth grade.  Oh, they are so cute, so funny, so FULL of life and love.  I shall bring them each a cupcake on Monday.

But, here is a cupcake for YOU, my sweet friend!  My birthday wish as I blow out the candle is:  Open my eyes so that I can see the secret delights that are pouring down on me and my open-eyed kindred spirits.  May we see the falling sparkles swirling around the special souls we are privileged to know!  
Happy Birthday to me!  Happy September to YOU!  Let's dance! I have a tutu you can wear and a big bow for your hair.  Stay tuned for blog connections to The Grand Tour.  I am so eager!  I can hardly stand the waiting.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Grand Tour: And They're OFF!

 Today is the big day!  Ratty, Mole, and Toad are ready to jump into a big envelope and fly to Canada to see Deborah and her family.  I tell you, they proved a bit "needy" as I prepared them for their journey.  I made extra sure they won't experience any hitches with immigration.
 The passport came from the embassy.  I must say that their passport photos are much better than my own.

 Their first STAMP.  I can't wait to see all the stamps they have when they return to Denver. 
 I put a small goodie in this "goodie envelope" at the back of the book.  Deborah will put a goodie in for Debbie at No Spring Chicken before she mails the parcel to Oregon. 
 Each blogger who receives the parcel will go right to work annotating and embellishing the book.  It's easy!  Use your colored pencils and your everyday handwriting to put your brushstrokes into the book that went around the world!  Each blogger will also place a leaf or an herb or even a flower in the leaves of this special ambassador copy of The Wind in the Willows.  When the book arrives at each destination, we'll link to the blog so everyone can see what The Three are up to!

 Ratty will provide leadership.
 Mole will provide sweet companionship.
 And Toad will provide entertainment on this wonderful wild ride!  Poop!  Poop!
 Here's what I mean about "needy".  They INSISTED upon "messing about in boats" before leaving. 
 They BEGGED to dance among the zinnias by moonlight!
 I filled them with tea.  They are Englishmen.  They do need their tea.
 It was hard to let them go, but I insisted they take the train to the post office.  They will then jump into the envelope with the book and their passport.  Off to Ontario, Canada they go.  They'll have a wonderful time with Deborah and her seven children! 
Safe travels!    
Keep watch over at Mags, too.  After seven or so stops around America, they'll fly to Ireland and from there Mags will launch them about Europe.  They'll voyage to New Zealand and Australia, too.  Lucky THREE!  Thank you for cheering them on!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Firemen, Flannel, and Bacon

 It was cloudy outside today when our class lined up by the flag pole.  We enjoyed a powerful ceremony in honor of our soldiers.
 Shiny shoes and fancy stepping brought the flag to the pole while bag pipes played.
 We had a chance to say thank you to our firemen and our local policemen.  The students behaved beautifully.  Some of them wore their scout uniforms.  They each had a small flag and when they were instructed to fly their flags they immediately held them up.  When the directions guided them saying, "flags at rest" they immediately lowered their flags.  One of my students offered to take my camera (smile) and shoot some photos.  He did a wonderful job!  He managed to capture some sweet smiles.

And now some simple "day-to-day doings"!
Tonight the September clouds were spooky!

 The leaves are still green and fresh.
 Marigolds continue to bloom.
The nighttime lights are popping on sooner now.  
 It's time to harvest Jeff's tomatoes.
 Bill's home from New Zealand and Australia.  Now we'll sleep soundly all night long in these silly Christmas stocking sheets.  I wake up a lot when he's gone and sometimes I even turn on the lamp and read for a while in the middle of the night.  He's home until we go to Maine in October!  Woo hoo! 
My friend Gigi from My Firefly Cottage likes bacon and she talks about it sometimes.  It DOES smell delicious in the morning, doesn't it?  Do you think breakfast is the most important meal?  What's that old saying about eating breakfast like a king, lunch like a . . . what?  Do you remember?  Well, I find I function much better when I have a sturdy breakfast and I don't mind smelling like bacon either.  

I'm painting Ratty, Mole, and Mr. Toad.  It's taking a while.  Soon they will be ready for their passport photos and their trip to a USA locale.  They'll jump all over America before they journey across the ocean.  I do have a friend in Tanzania and another friend in Uganda.  Do you think they should go to Africa?  Mags and I are charting their course and it's not too late to join us.  Leave me a "yes" in the comment form and we shall add you to the list of stops.  
Are you having a smooth September?  Are you ready for fall?  I am happy tonight and that's enough.  I wish you pancakes and bacon. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Moon and Angels

 In Stillmeadow Calendar, Gladys Taber shares this about September (the LOVELY month!):
"The harvest moon is heavy with gold;  the stars are polished diamonds.  The dogs and I walk out onto the lawn; a fox barks in the woods, otherwise the night is wondrously still.  Beautiful pale smoke floats up from the ancient chimney, and I think of Thoreau's words:  "There is no remedy for love but to love."  That's how I feel about September, and I wish I could share the tranquility of this night with my unknown neighbors all over the world."
Isn't the moon photo above fantastic?  I found it on the "Interwebs" and I LOVE looking at it.
I ordered a book that I remembered loving quite some years ago.  It came with an insert left by its former owner.  A page of Reader's Digest's Quotable Quotes had the following quote listed:
"Be not forgetful to entertain strangers:  for thereby some have entertained angels unawares."  Hebrews 13:2
I've always loved that verse.  Miss Cadence is a sweet little angel, isn't she?  
Look for the angels today.  They're around.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Dear Eternal Sparkle

 Well hello, summer fairies!  Don't zinnias look like fairy pom pom's?  I think so!  The colors are so vibrant and they mix up so nicely. 

 Here is a leftover balloon from Finn's Picnic.  Does it remind you of a pumpkin? 
 Alas, the morning glories are winding themselves around the sunflowers.  Love.

Colorado peaches are here for a short while.  Peaches are so photogenic, aren't they?
 Have you ever read The All-of-a-Kind Family?  They are lovely stories about family life.  I recently found this one at a used book site.  They are written simply and carry a lovely tune throughout.  Sadly, all but the first one are out of print.  

Let's hear a little from Gladys Taber today.  Do you want to?
"I have found that when I cannot possibly accomplish everything I am supposed to, and I feel an unbearable pressure, as all homemakers must, if I just STOP, life goes better.  I get a good book, like Hal Borland's Countryman, and make some Constant Comment tea, and sit down on my own corner of the sofa or in my favorite lawn chair.  I let life settle in around me - and that's the only way I can express it.  After twenty minutes or a half an hour, I go back to the mechanics of living.  And at the day's end, I am just as far along as if I hadn't stopped to think!"

Smart, huh?  Gladys wrote the passage above in September.  I have noticed that many of you are preserving the earth's bounty, making pretty things, cleaning up your gardens, sorting the necessary routines that school children need, looking ahead at your work year, or maybe snuggling in each morning for a dose of spiritual food you know is absolutely essential for your soul.  It's so tempting to assess our progress or plan out impossibly lengthy accomplishments.  I tend to over think my list of "to dos" and I am trying to celebrate what I DO get done while I grab quiet moments throughout the day.  Gladys was wise and we do thank her for penning such "salt of the earth" advice.
 Mags and I have been shooting email missives across the sea, planning our GRAND TOUR for The Wind in the Willows blog event.  Oh, we have some fun adventures planned for you if you would like to join us.  The book below is going to travel around the world.  Mole shall accompany it, and maybe Ratty and Mr. Toad will sneak in, too.  The passport is still being processed (yes, if you are a literary figure who figures into many readers' lives, well, you can get a passport built for three).  The route and map will materialize soon.  Watch this space and watch Fraise Lachrymose, too.  We're planning the launch.
I bought a purple bouquet for you yesterday while at the grocery store.  I thought you'd like the juicy white roses paired with plum colored blooms.  If you like to give your own soul little kisses, you need occasional flowers.  Sometimes I say to myself, "Self, you really should tidy things up a bit before you bring home flowers."  Well, that's just silly self talk.  Look how wildflowers grow in the woods!  They don't wait.  We shouldn't either.  Don't want to spend your pocket money on gifts for yourself?  Buy them for one of the flower fairies in your little sphere then.  Even men like flowers and appreciate a real live gift straight from a Creator who adores them.  
I hope you hear the hum of love in every moment today.  Listen very carefully.  There IS a song singing around you, you dear eternal sparkle.  (Yes, I am calling you a dear eternal sparkle.  Smile.) Today is a good day.