Monday, October 30, 2017

A Few Fall Scenes and Nature Journal Posts

 Hello to you!  I've been away a while because I haven't been nature journaling which is the very reason I don't usually do theme-y posts.  It sort of freezes my brain when I feel that kind of responsibility.  So silly.  I will definitely link to my sweet and talented friends who have produced amazing posts.  
Our Jenny went to Disneyland (with her sweet hubby) for her golden birthday (she turned 29 on the 29th).  I stayed with the girls.  It was fun the first day but the second day brought barfing.  Oh no!  Yes, poor babies.  Isn't Lizzy funny as she body slams Amelia?  Amelia is very tough. 
This one's life is much easier.  He always has access to a lap or a soft spot to snooze.  He never gets squished. 
 Kelli's Halloween costume is so amazing!  Have you seen Hocus Pocus?  Pretty good lookalike, I say!  
 I've been dabbling in this book again.  So delicious.  
 I walked down to the post box and the bank today.  Cold.  Today it is 30 degrees but by Wednesday it will be 70 again.  Weird.  
 So, this is the closest I will get to being nature-y today.  

Here are a few nature journal posts:
MK and another MK
Marcie (I'm not sure if I already featured this post but it's LOVELY)
Heather (she's always doing cool things with her kids!)
Granny Marigold (her autumn photos are golden)
I can't believe it's almost November.  October went fast for me. 
I've been knitting and getting my sewing corner ready so I can start making my own clothes.  
I have been looking through my cross stitch stash and arranging wool for a mixed color cardigan.  
I hope you feel ready for November and I hope you have some creative plans.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Warm Golden Days and Nature Journals

Hello October people!  We had that snow day and our power was out for 24 hours.  We were cold and really I didn't know what to do with myself but sit by the window with Tim and knit.  We did go to Jeff and Christie's for two meals and phone charges. So thankful. 

James and Noah are enjoying fall!  The temps have been perfect!  Warm and bright!

 Christie took the cute pictures of the little darlings.  

When it was so cold (for one day) I wore my Norwegian sweater and it really kept me very warm.  
 I wore my mitts that Danette from Front Porch Knits made!  I love them again this year. 
 Little cuddle bug thinks the nighttime temperatures are conducive to under-the-covers snuggles.  
 Last week little Plum Cake and I had a coffee break (fika) at Kneader's. 

 Noah is officially a member of the ice cream cone club. 

As you can see our weather is funny.  James like to go shirtless (Incredible Hulk) and it has been warm enough to do so. 

 I wish this book wasn't so heavy because I really want to read it in bed.  
 I'm trying for a finish by Friday, but I don't think I'll make it.  I was bored with the color of this shawl so I spiced it up a bit, maybe too much.  

I decided I should use the bunny dishes.  Aren't they cute?

As you can see, the flowers are gone.  Sadness. 

 On Monday I met a friend at the Jesuit retreat center.  Gorgeous. 

 I rearranged the living room.  You know how that is?  You shove things around and find lots of dust bunnies and then the baseboards need a clean . . . 
 This one is a little perturbed that furniture isn't where it was before but it does give him a better view of the birds at the bird feeder.  Well, at least he has a softer seat. 
 I finally got in to the hairdresser and got my stringy hair cut.  Sorry, I cannot help myself and always make goofy faces. 

 Another cute photo from Christie. LOOK!  Shoes! 

So finally . . . my nature journal.  I do not know what I have been busy doing (besides knitting) but I haven't had a lot of "I wonder what I should do now" time lately.  

 Maybe I've just been looking out the window like Tim. 

 Here are a few little excerpts from this helpful book.  It's extensive and I think I should attend to it a little bit more.  

Here are some links to the nature journal bloggers:
Annie at Nana Go Go (she's not nature journaling but she is thinking about autumn and features an adorable Jane Austen knitting book!)
I have not started sewing because I was waiting for my tissue to make my own pattern.  It came!  Soon, the sewing adventures!
Take care, glowing person, and thank you very much for popping in and viewing SO many photos!  

Saturday, October 7, 2017

A Little Nature-y

The beetles feasted on our outdoor roses, but the grocery store roses are beetle free.  Yay!  Aren't they hearty?
 Below we have dust, pollen, bugs, AND that lovely Target garland!  I think it's so gorgeous!
 I have no finish for the weekend.  I have MANY yarn messes on the go. 

 Brad's been wood burning on spoons.  Aw! 
 Tiger face
 Cutie bug face

 Plum and I drove downtown to Fancy Tiger Crafts.  I had read a lot about this place on Instagram but it is a TREAT of a store.  They stock the loveliest dressmaker fabrics!  

Have you heard of 100 Acts of Sewing?  Sonya Phillip is an artist who believes in dressing in your own "uniform" and she makes easy patterns.  I had to buy a few.  You can take one of her classes (I think it's called Handmade Wardrobe Chronicles) on Creative bug.  It is a very good class (the top #1 which is  pullover blouse).  As soon as I can get my sewing moved to the basement I shall begin my uniform sewing. 

You know how you read all about a person or an idea and then you forget where you first discovered this "new something"?  I THINK I first saw Sonya's stuff on masondixonknitting.  I think the idea is to make all your own clothes!  A very tall order, I know, but very fun to dream about.  Use the # handmadewardrobechronicles #100actsofsewing and #sonyaphillip on Instagram if you'd like to explore further.  

 Silver Paws spends all morning trapping Bill and I with his boneless relaxing on our laps.

Fall is looking incredibly gorgeous all at once.  I drove into Denver (not that far, really) three times this week and the trees on almost every street are stunning.  The leaves are falling.  
 Clara and Millie Rose were chasing the butterflies on Wednesday.  My sister saw the butterfly migration in Colorado on her phone's weather app and asked if it was really true.  YES!  On Wednesday of this week there were millions!  So here's my childish nature journal post. 
 I had another birthday lunch with one of my best buddies and she gave me a huge balloon.  I gave it to James.  
 Christie got her hair cut.  Isn't she gorgeous?  
 This morning Noah napped while I watched the news.
 "Go ahead.  Pet me.  You know you want to."
 It's Halloween candy time at the grocery.  Yum.

 The nasturtiums are so light-filled.  I am sorry I keep taking so many photos of them.  By the way, I am about ready to take down my garden flags.  The squirrels are sharpening their teeth on them and they keep falling.   

 Can you spot a few butterflies?

 Our weather is turning colder for a day (so funny, this Colorado weather) coming up on Monday.  The temps will dip to 34 degrees and we'll have snow so all the lovely flowers will probably give up the ghost.  

Here are some lovely nature journal posts:
Marcie and more Marcie
Heather of Blackberry Rambles (she actually teaches nature journal classes for children!)
Jody and another Jody post
I'm sorry that I've been loosey goosey with the nature journal posting.  I'm not one to stick with just one bloggy topic, as you well know.
As I read them, I will post them but I can't say they'll be on a certain day. They may taper off come November.  We'll see.
Thank you for coming by, friend.