Tuesday, November 9, 2021

November Pretty and Jolly's Departure from Ireland

Hello everyone!  I successfully made banana bread in the Bundt pan.  No chunks left behind. 

Timothy is on the hunt for cozy spots.  Here he is in the crook of my arm.

Kelli's kittens are getting big and their favorite pastime is warming their striped bods by the fire.  Aren't they cute?  Their names are Enola and Mabel Watson.  I hope you have a fire to cuddle up to.  I have a space heater.  Sigh.

I went to a one night retreat last weekend and we painted rocks.
We're just about to the end of our leafy fall.  I forgot to show you how glorious the trees are.

Jolly is on his way back to me.  Here's the last post from Ireland
Notice the little dog in Jolly's picture above?  He doesn't have that dog anymore.  He hasn't been able to face adopting another nice little dog since he lost his best friend a few years ago.  The dogs he's afraid of are BIG dogs with sharp teeth.

 When he returns I will make a video of his book so you can see each page.  I'll draw a name to determine the hostess who will be choosing his new wife.  We won't force them to get married right away, but when they do, you will see that, too.  Thank you so much for following his journey and thank you to the hostesses who so willingly participated in Jolly's adventure with gusto.  

I hope November is treating you well.  Just a little suggestion:  God is the giver of all good gifts, so try to take the "world" glasses off and look at things around you with eyes that recognize who is the Boss.  

Thank you for popping by! 

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Jolly in Ireland

I had to post again because Jolly went sightseeing in Belfast and you just have to tag along!  Remember when he first began?  The picture above is of his first date! He has three more in store in the coming days. Here's the link: Jolly tours Belfast and here's the date post. Oh, Mags!  She is a fantastic storyteller with a wise wit!  You'll love it!

I have a few little jobs to do today, but I hope you have time to read a good book, make a pie, or  buy a balloon. 

 Thank you so much for stopping in!

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

End of October Thrills and a Jolly Update!

One of my sweetest friends took me to the Denver Botanic Gardens for a birthday treat!  There were skeletons everywhere!  

And my mama sent me tulips! Oh, they lasted a long time!  I love pink!

I finished the scrappy socks.  I bought these Simple clogs a while ago because years ago Kelli had some and I wore them, too.  I like how they look but they need to be broken in because they pop when I walk.  I don't like being a popper.

Noah Joe and James were excited for Halloween!

Aren't the Greek goddesses lovely?  Can you believe how they have grown?
Plum Cake got too cold trick or treating so she changed her clothes and then we found my childhood toe shoes.  She tried them on!  I was in fifth grade when I wore these and PC is small, but a third grader.  I was really a shrimp child and then in eighth grade I grew to my current size.  Funny!
We had chili and other stuff on Halloween night.  It was fun! Four of the grands had just performed in three nights of Newsies, so they were tired!
Here's Grampy watching Bigfoot videos with the boys!  Look at Noah's face!
And NOW . . . a Jolly update!  Go to Mags blog and read what he's been up to.  He now wears a kilt thanks to Annie!  He IS growing weary and Mags is giving him the freedom to go at his own pace.  His package of wife candidates is growing and we really think he's quite overwhelmed. We'll see what happens when he arrives stateside before Christmas!

Thank you ever so much for following Jolly's journey.  I am in awe of the hostesses because they all went above and beyond what little old me could ever have dreamed of!  Thank you to each and every one of them.  Such friends. 

And YOU are such a friend for reading my blog. Thank you!  Happy thankful month!  I am itchy for Christmas and I will decorate for it before Thanksgiving - I just know I will!

HEAPS of love to you!  YOU are just one of those people - easy to love.  (BIG HUG!)