Sunday, October 28, 2012

Harvest Fun and Creative Plans

 We had such a nice family time last night.  We went to Brad and April's church harvest festival.  Don't you love April's wig/hat?  She's so beautiful!  I took lots of pictures of her bright and colorful self!  Do you want to make a wig/hat?  You can find the pattern on Knitty.
 A hay ride!  Do you see Millie in the front (I mean Cinderella)? She isn't even two years old and she managed to hitch a ride on the wagon after this ride, too.  I guess another kid lifted her up and she was happy to go alone!  Kelli had to stop the tractor!
 It's a princess Halloween for Kelli's girls.  The pink poodle skirt girl with her back to the camera is my niece Amy's #2.  They recently moved to Boulder!  Amy's sweet husband Erik is the new pastor at First Pres. Boulder!  Yay for more family in Colorado! Do you see Pastor Brad up on the stage?  He's a cowboy!
 BEAUTIFUL squash and pumpkins!
 Here is my sweet niece and her pastor hubby!  There's our beloved son-in-law, Bry!  It was FUN!
 Here's our Kelli with Amy!  Cousins!  Look at those smiling eyes!

 Sweet Lizzy wants to say hello to you and show you her new trick!  Do you like her tea party outfit?  Snuggly!
 Because you are my friend, you can see my ironing pile.  One time a friend at school said, "You wear such bright colors.  I would love to see your closet."  I had to confess that I keep most of my clothes in the ironing basket.  Okay, okay.  I DO like to iron and I shall "stand here ironing" today (remember that story?  Tillie Olsen?  Here's the link).  That's a little literary information for us.  
Here's the little workhorse.  I love the pom poms that Mags sent me.  Ribbons.  LOVE.  Do you see the pink polka dot flags? Soon to be bunting for my classroom.  
 More smashing to be done.  It's so fun!  Such play!
 I had this fabric on my classroom walls last year and now I am trying to decide.  Should I make a polka dot tunic or curtains for the laundry room?  Please vote.
 Bill bought me two gifts.  The Comfort Cross.  It fits snuggly in my hand and can fit in my pocket.  

We aren't Catholic, but the beads above are nice for breath prayers.  I love them.  
It's so nice to have a week off from school.  We'll celebrate Jenny's birthday and then we'll leave for Victoria, BC.  I have never been there, so I am looking forward to seeing the water and the other pretty features of a lovely Canadian city.  Yay!
I'm thinking about baking ginger cookies today.  Wouldn't a few cookies taste sweet with a cup of tea poured from the Brown Betty?  
Oh, I love the buzz of home.  Don't you?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Brown Betty

 Our oldest son, Brad, and his sweet wife April, gave me a lovely Brown Betty tea pot.  I have only used it once this week, but NEXT week when I have a break from school, I shall use it every day.  I can have tea at school, too.  It's snowy outside and I will make it a priority to swivel my chair around and gaze out the window as I sip my tea.  I MUST have quiet moments or I tend to lose my way.  How do you get your quiet?

 I've been enjoying the school day very much lately.  I feel sure it is because of this particular group of children.  They are one hundred percent lovable.  We're writing personal narratives.  I'm writing mine about the time my family was piling into the station wagon to go to church and we noticed that twenty cows were loose on the golf course.  If I can polish it up enough, I'll share it with you.  I hope you get to encounter children today.  On Tuesday, I drove over to Jenny's after work.  Samantha led me all over their house.  She wanted to play "sleepover" so she carried all her blankets down to the family room.  When I left, she played "sleepover" with her mommy.  So cute!  Little Lizzy is thriving!  She kicks and kicks.  She's a healthy little wiggle worm! On Saturday, I'll see seven of our grands at Brad's church harvest festival!  Woo hoo!
 Do you have happy feelings about fall?  Candle glow and hot tea pots?  Christmas music?  October has been busy for us and when we get back from Canada next week (we are going to be gone just few days and we aren't leaving for a few days yet) I think I will revel in the season.  The season is not that busy for us.  We stay home. We don't go to many parties or spend a lot of time shopping.  I like that.
Even though it is snowing, there are still mums at the grocery.  Here is a BIG bunch just for you! 
I have added the reply to comments feature on my blog and I have replied to each of you on my last post.  I love this new Blogger feature.  It's easier to be specific.
Take care today, good pilgrim.  Thank you for popping in here and reading my words and looking at my images.  I appreciate the kind attention.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Pretty Paper Doll

 Hi!  I made a baby!  I found free paper dolls on Pinterest.  I have LOVED this artist for 30 years, but I forgot the name.  I was so pleased to find Michel's work on this paper doll site. I cut the blue-eyed baby out and glued her to a big hunk of cardboard.  She has a back, too!
 She is going to live in a pocket of my SMASH book.  Since my theme is "surrender" I found her fitting.  Babies are dependent like I want to be.
 You can have A LOT of paper doll fun for free!  Aren't her clothes lovely?
 Here is another happy find: Laura Stoddart's art!  This book is a small treasure!

 I thought it was very cute that Bill chose bat cups for his board meeting this week!
 And around the house I found my birthday ribbons hanging on a knob.  Happy!
 Speaking of birthday happiness, my neighbor gave me these Vera Bradley gloves.  The bow is attached to the tag.  Aren't they bright and cheery?

 Something that I've been meaning to show you is this prayer plaque that my granny gave me when I was confirmed.  See my granny?  Isn't she CUTE?  I love her turtleneck and cardigan.   I wear that same outfit now!  Her hair is so "granny bun-like" and well, I love her face!  Anyway, she gave me this prayer and I prayed it every night for the longest time.

A Girl's Prayer

I pray whatever wrong I do,
I'll never say what is not true;
Be willing at my task each day
And always honest in my play.

Make me unselfish with my joys,
And generous to the other girls;
And kind and helpful to the old,
And prompt to do what I am told.

Bless every one I love, and teach
Me how to help and comfort each;
Give me the strength right living brings,
And make me good in little things.

I do believe God worked in me as I said that prayer.  Yay!
I am not going to school today because I am helping Kelli.  She had surgery a week ago and is recovering nicely, but she can't lift heavy stuff (Millie Rose!) and Bryan is going on a retreat.  Yahoo!  I shall wear my jeans and play with princesses.
Would you like even more light-hearted joy?  Listen to this sweet song by my new favorite artists, The Minnutes.  Thank you for visiting me, friends!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Golden Leaves

 Fall is gorgeous here!  I thought you might like to climb a tree or two and bask in golden leaves.

 We'll be in Canada on Halloween so we'll miss the trick-or-treaters.  Here's a warm fairy.

One year, these cute girls rang the doorbell.  Don't you love it when friends act like FRIENDS?  I do!
 I'm up in the middle of the night.  It's time for a little smackeral of something.
You come, too.  
October means that leaves are falling, cool wind is blowing(that's what woke me up!) and apples and pumpkins are here for the eating. 
It's busy and it's good.
Thank you for popping by.  (HUG!)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Toadstool Bonnet and SWEET Sister

 Tina, the sweetie pie from Tea and Wooly Socks, sent a sweet toadstool bonnet to our Lizzy!  Don't YOU LOVE it?  Tina has an Etsy shop and she sells knitting patterns, too.  She's an amazing knitter and crocheter.  I bought one of her knitted bonnets for Samantha Rose when she was expected three years ago and now  the two sisters each have a Scottish bonnet.  Isn't that fun?  Jenny said she will place the bonnets in the girls' "saving tubs" and they shall have them when they leave home and get married.  Awesome!
 What do you suppose Lizzy is thinking about?
 Here is my amazing sister.  She is  here to help our Kelli (she had surgery last week and is recovering well!) with her girls while she gets back on her feet.  Auntie Karol LOVES babies, too!  
 I must get busy making another baby shawl for  Elizabeth Kelli.  She looks cozy, doesn't she?
 Big sister Sam is doing SO well adjusting to her tiny sibling.  She's sweet and helpful.
 I am having A LOT of fun making my SMASH book.  

 I forgot to tell you about my "tutu" slash petticoat.  I don't have any dresses or skirts to wear it with YET, but I'm planning.
 If you haven't checked up on The Willows lately, you may want to pop over to Liz's blog.  They have been having a high time in Australia and they have one more stop there.  Sarah at The Provincial Homemaker hosts them next.  After that, they'll go to New Zealand to stay with Angel Katie!  I expect them home around the new year.  I shall add "the book that has been around the world" to my collection soon!  I will show you every annotated and decorated page when it arrives.  Wouldn't you love a GRAND TOUR that lasted over a year?  The boys have been on quite a ride!  It's been such fun!  
My October has been very full.  Has yours?  I am making a juicy pot roast for dinner.  There is nothing like the smell of pot roast for making   the occupants of a house feel loved, is there?
I hope your Sunday (and the rest of your week) is full of "real stuff" like family, food, and LOVE.