Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ratty BUT Cozy Seats

 Like you, I love taking photos of baking success (or any success for that matter!) and I must tell you that the cinnamon rolls were worth the indigestion!  I used the bread machine to mix up the the sweet dough and rise once and then I took it out, rolled up the gooey goodness, sliced them, let them rise again and baked them.  YUMMY!
 I've been making sun tea and mixing it with lemonade (Arnold Palmers, you know) and it is such a refreshing break from water (ha ha!) and also helped soothe my "too much white flour and white sugar" stomach ache.
 The pine tree is producing the loveliest fruit.  The pine tree is in my neighbor's yard and generously shares her perfect cones.
 I'm kind of a penny pincher when I shop, but when I saw this tin garden stake it was a no brainer.  I like to say, "Hi, Robby!" to all robins and now I shall say it to this boy, too.
 The reason I changed my background to logs is because I adore cabins.  I like OLD cabins that smell like the great outdoors and musty furniture!  We have cheap old plastic chairs on our patio and they are much more comfortable when I add tattered quilts and old pillowcase-clad bed pillows AND they smell like cabins.  Come sit.  I'll make you an iced drink and we can watch the birds eat at the feeders.
 Last summer my sister-in-law came to Denver for an international school reunion.  She went to school in Thailand and has the happiest memories of riding public transportation around Bangkok.  It was safer back then.  Anyway, she gave me a nice piece of cloth from there.  I made it into a swimming pool skirt.  I felt like I looked a bit like a big cloud of floating fabric, but the grand girls were impressed.  "You made it just this morning?"  Easy make:  a quick casing and the insertion of waistband elastic.  It already had a side seam and a hem border.  
 I like to play around with stones.  We have a lot in our flowerbeds because the people that lived here first "gardened" with plastic, rocks, and weed killer.  
 Okay, here is a seat for you.
 Here is a seat for me.
 This is my good friend Jennifer.  She sent me this photo of herself with one of her hens.  She is a teacher at my school (right next door - YAY!) and she has shared eggs with me before.  Anyway, she clucks and sings to her hens in the summertime and they produce more eggs.  She's pretty lovable!  I can see why they like her!
Some of the eggs are blue and some are green.  Aren't they glorious?

Okay enough about me (even though blogging is sort of an all about me affair in a good sharing sort of way, right?)  I LOVE reading my favorite blogs because I am extremely fascinated with people and how they like to do things, what they think, what they make, and the variety of topics they choose.  Do you feel the same way?
Our son has been dating someone wonderful and we are going to meet her tonight!  YAY!  I can't wait!  
Two more days until Granny moves down the road to take care of three happy girls.  Grampy will help, but he likes our bed best and I don't blame him.  If I wasn't so tired at the end of the day I might not want to sleep in someone else's bed either.  I try to get up early when I am there and Bill usually comes over and joins me for coffee and prayers.
I hope a bird sings a song to you today.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Joys and Chickens!

 Our beans are growing!  Our beans are growing!  I've never planted beans before, so I am anticipating their appearance.  
 It's raspberry season in Washington, but there are also plump raspberries to buy here at my local grocery store in Denver.  They make great smoothie add-ins.
 And we all should be eating (or drinking) the glorious grape!  Look at the little beams of light on each purple grape.
 Yesterday Kelli invited me along on a trip to a friend's house.  She's a chicken tender (he he he) like so many of my lovely blog friends!  

 The girls enjoyed holding the chickie babes.  Afterwards, it was off to the pool.  I like bobbing around in the blue water with the these three fish sisters.
I was up early this morning putting chili in the crockpot and bread in the bread machine.  Actually, I made cinnamon rolls to go with dinner.  Lizzy Gizzy is coming over to stay with us while her parents take her big sister on a fun little "date".  Lizzy is starting to crawl.  Better vacuum!  
Next week, we have granny/grampy duty for four days while Kelli and Bry go to Victoria, BC.  They'll have so much fun and so will we!

My dad is stable and trying to get his circulation going so he can get around easier.  He's still in the hospital.  Thank you for praying.
I'm going to go upstairs and iron now.  I like choosing things from the BIG pile, pressing them until they are smooth and crisp and then hanging them in the closet.  Simple, but satisfying.
I hope your moments/days/weeks are full of promise and hope.  I hope you know that you are loved and cherished.  You are.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Oh, I have a little more to say and to show.  Smile.  Reve and I went to another nursery before I left for Washington.  Don't you feel rich when you are surrounded by flowers?  It smelled so yummy in the greenhouse.

My brother and sister-in-law had a lovely bowl of marbles in their dining room.  Aren't they miraculous-looking?
My blog friend Sara (who I actually got to meet face-to-face at Disneyland!) sent me a surprise.  Aren't they gorgeous?  I like wearing beads, do you?
This is the year of sunshine (and 4 by 6 notecards ha ha ha) and when we were in Washington I realized that I DID need my raincoat.  I couldn't find it when I was packing so I had to buy another.  Isn't sunshine yellow the ideal raincoat color?  Yes, I think so, too.
Sara put my beads in this darling box.
My sweet sister gave me a sweet prize.  I NEEDED a toadstool kaleidoscope and a pair of gnome socks!  How did she know?  She's so precious, full of love and care.  I'm so glad she and I grew up side-by-side.
Another little thrill:  I have an Avon Lady!  She's nice and now I can get my favorite scent (Rare Pearls) and inexpensive "smell good" creme for my thirsty skin.  Do you have favorite Avon products?
Some of the friends in Washington shared their smoothie recipes with me.  Andie said her boys feel fantastic until lunchtime after drinking these healthy mixes.  
Recipe for Peppy Smoothie:
Place in blender:  a few kale leaves, a handful of fresh spinach, one peeled lemon, flaxseed (I just squeezed some flaxseed oil into mine, from a gel cap) a peeled cucumber, and a half cup orange juice.  Whir that up and then add: a banana, a handful of strawberries and what ever fruit you want.  It's GOOD and green.  
While flying from Bellingham to Seattle, I took this photo with my iPad.  Don't you love all the water and all the islands?
On the way to Denver I had to shoot the clouds.  I've looked at clouds from both sides now (thank you, Joni Mitchell!) I like soaring through the sky.  I think I told you that we're going to Munich and Amsterdam in a few weeks.  Why there?  I've wanted to visit Anne Frank and Corrie ten Boom's houses.  I have a keen interest in World War II.  We'll only be gone nine days.  I'm excited.
Please pray for my dad.  He's in the hospital.  It's hard to age.  
Thank you for coming by again, friends!  (BIG HUG!)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Green Green Forest

 Bill and I enjoyed every moment of our Pacific Northwest visit.  Do you like to dwell in the forest?  I am awed by the woods.

 Foxglove in their natural environment 

 Every cabin in the woods must be warmed with chopped wood.  Isn't it beautiful?
 My sister-in-law and my brother take care of this big girl.  Her name is Betsy!
 They have such a lovely fireside.
 Flowers thrive in the NW.  The growing season is long and wet.

 The foothills are much prettier than this photo, but look at the clouds!  Very common in Western Washington.
 More of these lovely hydrangeas.  We can't grow them in the high country.
 My other brother and his wife live out by the sea.  They look out to green, green, green, too!
 My amazing mama.  Oh I LOVE that face, those hands!
 My dear smiling papa!
 My homeland is so green!  When I was a kid, I loved the green, the golf course, the hanging cedar branches, and the sound of the rustling tall timbers.  I still do!
Bird occupants!  Hello!
It's nice to be home.  Flowers grew and seeds sprouted here in the five short days we were gone.  
Traveling all day yesterday made for achey muscles and sleepy eyes.  We'll revive soon.
Thank you for checking in on me.