Monday, June 17, 2013

Scattered Thinking

 I like to mess around with PicMonkey, do you?  It's fun to "glow up" my photos like this knitting shot.  The sweater above is almost finished.  I simply must sew it together (after I block it a bit) and add the i-cord edge.  I have the Elizabeth Zimmerman video to guide me, but I must watch it one hundred more times before I really get it.  I rarely complete wearable sweaters.  When I look at sweaters on Flickr I see that most hand-knitted sweaters do look wonky, so I should stop being such a perfectionist.  Speaking of Flickr, I have been spending a lot of time (small confession) looking up some of my favorite things on Flickr.  I was even looking at cinnamon rolls yesterday.  Yes, people DO take photos of absolutely EVERYTHING and people like me look at them!  Funny!
 My sunflower seeds are popping up!  Some volunteer sunflowers are already tall!  Do you remember the sunflower symbol in the beautiful movie Calendar Girls? Aw!

 Someone I follow on Pinterest is The Secret Cupboard.  She chooses the most magical images and pins them.  You might want to follow her if you like to mess around on Pinterest like I do.  An Angel in the Garden (my friend GK!) is also an excellent pinner.  Anyway, I saw today that The Secret Cupboard pinner likes Ann, too!  I wish my face looked like Raggedy Ann's face.
 Kim and I have so much to say to each other about Anne of Green Gables!  We're currently stuck on chapter 2!  She is such a good reader, so insightful.  I love her emails to me.  Do you remember how Anne wants to rename "The Avenue" the "White Way of Delight"?  I love that!  I suggested to Kim that we start planning a "White Way of Delight" in our own gardens, even it's on a small scale.
It's time for me to stand in front of the telly and do Wii Zumba.  My back hurts from sitting in this chair.  Oh, I've decided to start eating gluten again because my sinuses still bug me, mostly because of all the air-born allergens.  I had pizza last night and I don't feel any different.  I love stuff made of wheat flour.  I do.  I shall just steer clear of too much dairy and dabble only occasionally in cheese.  Ha ha.  I'm so sorry to be so boring.
Jeff's cute dog bounded through my gnome land and knocked over the fairy houses and upset the leaf table.  It's okay, all fixed.  
Don't you love the Lisbeth Zwerger drawing above?  She's so good.  Everything she draws is beautiful. This is my favorite rendering of a fairy.
Take care, summer people!  Take care friends that are down under, too.  No summer for them just now.  
I must text Bill and ask him to buy some frozen lemonade.  Doesn't that sound like the perfect summer drink?


TexWisGirl said...

i like the buttercream color of your yarn. :)

Deborah said...

I love Picmonkey too for photos, you can do some great things :) have a happy week sweetie

Bee happy x

sandy said...

Love the little fairy picture. I'll have to check out the Pinterest boards you mentioned...I'm a P. fanatic! Have a wonderful week!

Betty the Wood Fairy said...

I do like Pinterest but it steals time so I have to stay away or I get lost in it! Today I had a beauty day, workout at the gym, swim and sauna, hubby came too - then we had lovely cheese salad sandwich and smoothies for lunch, I dozed in the conservatory and then dabbled with my watercolours. I would like a fairy garden but I never see anything fairified in the shops here - maybe I should make something...

Anonymous said...

Never heard of Picmonkey, oh dear I will be stuck on there for ages now, lol!

I hope you feel better's good you don't have to stay off wheat...I miss proper bread!

Love your happy blog, take care. xxxx

M.K. said...

You are NOT boring, Pom :) I also like picmonkey for editing photos. So easy! I just jumped over to Pinterest and found your Secret Cupboard lady and followed most of her boards. That should add some loveliness to my pinning! Have a gentle, restful day. I'm planning to :)

Left-Handed Housewife said...

My sweaters for myself are almost never wearable. I've knit sweaters for other people, however, that have fit them just fine. Go figure!


Farm Girl said...

Oh I love your pretty almost sweater. It looks just like a bunch of sunshine. I need to look up Zumba, I really don't know what it is. Yes, I have been trying to get my thoughts together on chapter 2 :)
I love your pretty sunflower. Mine are currently just coming up. They just have two leaves.
Have a fun day. I tried giving up gluten too, and I didn't notice anything either.
Except I had to cook lots more. :)
I will be right back at you pretty quick. It is laundry day.

Attic Clutter said...

Hi Pom
love the yellow yarn(:)
oh yes hollyhocks are lovely
and biennial..darn(:)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

it's pretty yarn, Karen, but I don't know about PicMonkey.

Melanie said...

Keep on knitting Miss Pom Pom and wear your sweater with smiles and pride. You are almost there so FINISH IT GIRL ! lol The sunny yellow colour is really lovely.
Yes it is cold over here at the moment. Not overcoat cold yet where I am on the coast but it's almost there....brrrrrrr It will be 16 degrees here tomorrow (not sure of the conversion) which is probably nothing compared to you and your snowy conditions but still chilly nonetheless. I need more pics of your Peonies too, I have been telling my friends about your amazing Peony bush !

Big hugs my sweet friend xo

Aisling said...

I would love to sit across from you while you wore your wonky sweater and I was gilded in my favorite thrift store "tree hugger" tshirt and sip lemonade; just chit-chatting. Your posts are the next best thing. Enjoy the day!

no spring chicken said...

Never, EVER boring here.. just whimsical and happy... Kind of like Raggedy Anne's face! :)

Blessings, Debbie

Attic Clutter said...

oh Hi there PomPom(:)
a thunder storms a brewing here
hope not..cherries on the trees don't need that (:)

Lisa Richards said...

I think your revelation about the wonkiness of hand-knitted sweaters will come as a great comfort to many knitters.
I'm glad to know that others spend as much time online as I do! I haven't succumbed to Pinterest yet. Right now I'm spending too much time on my ATC site! I guess we all have to prioritize.
Working full-time doesn't leave much time for the really important things, does it? lol! :)
Thanks for sharing your knack for enjoying life to the full!
Enjoy reading more about Anne!

Lisa Richards said...

I think we'll have banana splits this evening! (But frozen lemonade sounds delicious!)

Tassell, Tea pot, and life down under said...

Hi PomPom, have fun with Zumba. It's perfect exercise, full of fun without leaving your living room. How was the peonies going? The sunflowers are in their peaks. And oh.. I love Raggedy Anne, it's my first rag doll. Pinterest?? I'm hooked with it. You should check mine( way out of control).

Wishing you a good week.


Kit said...

You sound like you are having such fun! Happy Summer! Kit

Carolyn Phillips said...

You do seem to be having a good time. What are you going to put in your White Way of Delight?

ann said...

I do like the fairy drawing. Looks as though you are enjoying your summer.

Nancy McCarroll said...

Am going right to The Secret Cupboard. Now!

libbyquilter said...

hello sweet Pom Pom~!
I've been away for a while but i'm happy to visit and see your sunny/happy posts again.

some icy cold lemonade sounds so good right now~!!~

hope all is well.


Lisa Richards said...

I hope all is well at your house. It's been a while since you've posted. You're probably busy living life! :)
We're having visitors today. Our son from Maryland and his family and many others.
Have a great day!

Gumbo Lily said...

I do not knit so I am charmed by all of your knitters out there and totally impressed, no matter how wonky things may turn out. Happy gardening!

Catherine said...

Hello Pom, I think that you could just pop your frozen lemonade just outside our back door tonight & it would still be frozen in the morning. Going to be a frost!
I must check out...what is it? pic monkey? I have been using pixlr it is a great app.
You are so sweet to mention my Pinterest-ness. I do love pictures!! so do you! Speaking of the P place I saw a galvanised babies bath filled with smaller sunflowers the other day. It looked fantastic. I think that, that might be a good plan for the summer...right beside Lucy. What do you think?
Much love GK x0x0x