Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Sunday

 Happy Easter to you, dear.
A lost world saved by a beautiful Savior.
 He came and walked among humans.  He knows how it feels to have a body.
 He wasn't what some expected.  Too real for some to accept.
 A look at heaven.  Words from the Father.  Comfort for the poor.
 A good Shepherd for always.  For us, all of us, lost sheep.
 As  much as I love candy, chicks, bunnies and ham suppers, Easter isn't about THAT stuff.  Easter is VICTORY.
Amazing LOVE.  My God died for me.
Blessed Easter.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Toadstool Baby and Fat Cats

 Look at this darling toadstool baby!  Lizzy has the most kissable cheeks!  Tina at The Quiet Home made this darling bonnet.  SMOOCH!
 Lizzy is our darling #9.  She is so wonderful!  Six months old is a beautiful age, don't you think?
 Yesterday after school, I drove out toward the mountains to visit a Ragdoll Cat Cattery.  These beauties live in a lovely home where cat trees abound.  Yes, there are beautiful cat perches (made by the husband of the cat breeder) and there were even kittens (upstairs in the nursery).  They are very careful with the kittens, so I did not take any photos of them.

Bill rolled his eyes at me when I told him that I am cat shopping.  There will be no feline resident here any time soon.  That's okay.  I did like my little cat adventure.  I forgot that cats are very hairy, I admit.
I have two more days until my spring break.  Yahoo!  Today we are having a poetry slam.  I must stop at the store for coffee cups (for hot chocolate and tea).  The students have been very relaxed and nice.  I feel sure they are anticipating many days of sleeping in late and eating junk food.  
Our snow is subsiding and the weather promises to hover around 60 degrees.  That's good!
Kelli is preparing the Easter meal!  Good again!
Truthfully, I've been kind of forgetting that this is Easter week.  I'll correct that.
Thank you for stopping by!  I pray your day is full of meaningful interchanges and calm covering.  

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Empty Feeders

 The poor birdies!  The feeders were empty, covered in snow.  Yesterday the flakes kept falling, piling up and coating everything with sugary beauty.  I put on my boots and trudged through the deep white snow.

Feeders full!  Today I will perch on the sofa and rest.  I'm very ready for my spring break, one week from now.
My brain is tired.  My face is tired.  
Soon . . . EASTER!  JOY!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tea for a Windy Day

 Yay for St. Patrick's Day!  It looks a bit Irish outside.  Windy.  Cloudy.  
 The iris are playing along!  Don't you love their green shoots?  All of my iris are white.  
 I am still writing on cards.  I found an idea on Pinterest where you use your cards as an art journal.  Make art each day.  Store cards in a recipe box.  Great idea!

When I was outside filling the bird feeders, I watched a hawk soar through the sky.  The wind was whipping through my pajamas.  I need some tea and Betty is willing to pour out.  She loves her spring dress I bought in Victoria, BC.  Can you see the steam the tea kettle is producing?  Cozy!

This is a day to draw.  I'm going to browse through this nice book before I sit at the art table.  
Bill's coming home today!  Yahoo!  Kim over at My Field of Dreams posted photos of her husband's trees.  I reminded her that a tree is a poem.  Joyce Kilmer says so . . . I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree.
We can all draw and color trees.  Let's do it!  Two more weeks until EASTER! 

Friday, March 15, 2013


 Have you read the book The Little House?  It's about a tiny house that gets enveloped in city building and then gets towed out to the country again.  It's cute!  It's happy!  It's about a house and don't we love houses?  A lot of my blog friends are decluttering, getting rid of excess "stuff" in their homes.  I have not opened up a Freecycle account yet, but I'm warming to the idea.  I like the concept of leaving things out on the porch and then coming home at the end of the day and seeing that the item/items are gone because they are useful to someone else.  Do you like that idea?
 I must buy birdseed today.  Isn't this a cute little guy?  I took the photo last spring.  I do not know how the spotty background got there.
 I'm eating tangelos.  They are SO orange!  Do you like orange?  I DO!  When I was a kid, against my mother's advice, I picked out an orange jacket (the coat I would wear all season) and I LOVED it.  My mom is smart and really good with colors.  I really don't look shiny in orange because I am fair.  I didn't care.  I LOVE ORANGE!
 Take a look at THIS Easter dress!  Isn't Daffy one of the miracles of spring?  Blow the trumpet!  HE is the KING!  He saves!  I love daffodils! 
I love everything today.  It's the last day of testing and my grade level is done just after lunch, so we teachers get to go home early!  Woot!  Woot!
Time for a shower, a wet pony tail, pedal  pushers and NO SOCKS (it's going to be warm, remember?) I had to come back and edit because the English teacher in me realized that I spelled pedal wrong at first.  Yikes!
Would you pray for my friend Dawn?  Her buddy (her sweet dog Toby) died unexpectedly yesterday morning.  She is so sad.  Thank you.

Should we make iced tea?  I think so!
Thank you for stopping by, checking up on me, and reading.  You are such a nice person.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Squishy New Boots

 My garden boots came in the mail!  I bought new gardening gloves, too.  My big garden map isn't finished.  It isn't started.  I have the big styrofoam board, though!

 Whenever Barnes and Noble sends me a 20% off coupon, I MUST use it.  Isn't this a cute book?  Between this book and Susan Branch's new England book, I'm ready to go to England.  Not this year, but another year!

The state test at school is half over.  The kids are doing a great job so far!  When the first three or four finish, they go back to the cozy chairs.  They are sleepy.  In the afternoon, it's a bit different.  CRAZY.  They will be happy to finish all this testing and I will breathe a HUGE sigh of relief.

So, with rubber boots and new gloves (with no spiders hiding inside) I am ready to pull a dead stalk or five.  I'm ready for it to be (brace yourself!) 70 degrees on Friday!

SPRING!  She IS coming!

Friday, March 8, 2013

What Color is March?

pretty beads from Africa
 Happy March day, friends!  Is your March a lion or a lamb?  Ours is a mix.  Yesterday was warm and tomorrow we are expecting snow.  In my kindergarten, fifty years ago, we made lambs and lions with torn paper and paste.  I THINK I made a lamb.
Something I am going to make is a BIG (the size of a dining room table) garden plan.  I will draw pathways and the house.  I'd like to collage all sorts of flowers and garden props around my pretend garden.  We can't garden for a while here in Colorado.  I guess I could put my gloves on and pull a dry stalk or two.  Maybe I'll make a checklist of possible early garden work to go along with my garden art project.  

I'm off to my work room to iron some colorful pieces of clothing to wear out into this March morning.  What do you like about March?

Monday, March 4, 2013

A Taste of Spring

 I need a wee break from all the Willows hoopla.  I hope you don't mind.  
We had some warm breezes and temps this weekend.  Even though the temps will drop a bit this week, I still smell (and dream of) spring.  I like it when we spring ahead with our clocks, because then there is more time in the day for walking with my camera.  After the state test at school has commenced (oh, happy day!) we'll play with poetry for two more weeks.  After that, I shall have spring break!  Yahoo!  We are staying home and planning the garden.  Bliss!

 I've been doodling and drawing in my little journal and I have that "create bright pages" urge going on now.  Do you have some art supplies beckoning you to the art table?
 Our dry air does not lend itself to plentiful and juicy nasturtiums, but we plant them anyway.  You can eat them, you know.  I am planning pots and beds of this generous bloom. 
When spring arrives for keeps, we'll have lilacs all over the neighborhood.  Wouldn't you love a big sniff of a lilac clipping about now?

On Saturday,  I made some chicken salad for breakfast.  I cut up a grilled chicken breast, an apple, threw in a few cashews and some crisp leftover bacon in a bowl with that good olive oil mayo.  That was a very tasty meal.  Today I shall put a pot roast in the crock pot with onion soup mix and a can of cream of mushroom, too.  It's so old-school and SO tasty. 

I went to get a haircut, finally.  My sometimes hairdresser did not want to cut off my ponytail.  He's funny.  When I wear my hair down, I look like I have a cape on my head, so a ponytail it is, for the time being.  What do you think about your hair at the moment?  I am pretty sure it's better not to think of hair too much. 

Nancy posted about Alan Dart and his sweet patterns.  Do you know about him?  If you want to knit a little whimsy, you should check out Nancy's post and then go along to Alan's site.  I subscribe to the UK Simply Knitting JUST so I can get Alan Dart patterns.  

I am watching Lark Rise to Candleford again.  I could watch all day.  I love Queenie and I love  Dorcas.  They are my favorites.  

It's off to school now.  I pray that I will remember to stay steady and true.  We bump up against groups of people we know, as well as strangers, for a reason.  Do you agree?

More of the annotated pink edition of The Wind in the Willows will come soon.  Mr. Badger is just about ready to wing his way to Mags.

Thank you for clicking by!  xo