Saturday, February 28, 2015

Soup for Lent

My niece is a pastor's wife in Boulder, Colorado.  She has determined that her family of six will eat soup for Lent.  My mom mentioned this to me while we were chatting on the telephone.  I think it's a good idea!  Today, Bill's favorite soup is simmering on the stove.  That's my pause.  Soup for Lent.  You can join the other pausers at Angela's blog.  Wait until Sunday to visit this year's A Pause in Lent.

On to other things.  I thought you make like to shop at the mall with me.  Window shop. The Teavana store changes the displays often.  Yay!  I like these elegant pots, don't you?  I BUY earthy chunky pots because I like to pretend I live at the End Cottage, but the two pots pictured below are lovely!

 The Easter candy is packing the seasonal aisle at the grocery store!  Yahoo!  Oh, we love Easter candy around here. 

 And Bill brought me roses and the NICEST card because he is the NICEST person.  Blessed.
 James came over this morning so his parents could have a little more sleep.  He napped, too.  I had him so bundled that he got rather sweaty so I combed his hair.  Kewpie!  

 I continue to enjoy my 5 dollar green polka dot table cloth.  It matches my water bottle.
 Ooops.  More candy!  
 Making soup is a sweet human pleasure, isn't it?  Can you believe how beautiful the beans are?  The potatoes?  WOW!
 A newcomer!  House Plant #2 has found a new home here.  I'm SO itchy for gardening.  

 Jasmine tea.  Beautiful.
Here's a close up of HP#2
 House Plant #1 is still receiving TLC and songs, words of encouragement and protection.  She's nice.
 Another shot of the roses.  Red roses = LOVE
 Apples.  I'm so thankful that we have apples all year round.  It's the teacher in me, I guess.
 See?  There is PLENTY of Easter candy for you, so come on over.
 I made this bunny about 25 (wow) years ago.  I went through a short doll making phase.  Don't you like her Easter smile?
 How about her long feet?  
 And from my birthday clown days, a bee puppet.  You place your hand in the bottom and then your fingers are bee legs. It's fun.
We're going to eat the soup on Sunday (it's better after a night in the refrigerator).  I DO love Sundays.  I like going to church and sitting by Bill and our Jenny.  I like Sunday afternoon because it's the very best napping time.  I like Sunday evenings because I don't have to go to work the next day (I used to and that was okay, too).  Even if it snows (weatherman says it will) I am VERY eager for Easter.  Spring.
If our March comes in like a lion it will go out like a lamb.  I'll take that!
Thank you for coming by to visit.  I love it when you do.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Snow and Polka Dots

 Would you like a cookie?  I haven't been baking because it would be impossible for the two of us to consume this many cookies, but I DO like looking at them.
 It's FREEZING here (big snow storm . . . blah, blah, blah) so I bought a 5 dollar polka dot tablecloth at the grocery store.  

I know.  I know.  I KNOW.  It's winter.  I am thankful for blue sky, even on snowy days. 

 My friend Heather from Blackberry Rambles told me about these two books.  They are SO COZY.  
Example:  "Mrs. Apple went back to the house to change into her bee clothes.  She came out wearing Wellington boots, into which she had tucked the legs of a pair of old trousers, but her skirt came down over the top so you couldn't really see this.  She wore a jacket which had once belonged to a postman, buttoned up to her neck, and on her head a felt hat with a wide brim, and a veil which fell down round her face."  
You want to read it, don't you?  Do you think children like to read cozy stories?  Have they been spoiled by Youtube videos, Disney Jr. and toys that come with books?  I hope not.  I read some of this story to Birdie and she liked it especially when I told her that I like it because of the cozy pictures that form in my head.  She is eight, but she still loves to be lifted up by her Uncle Jeff.  She loved having her family there to celebrate her birthday.  Aw!
 Here is our baby who is a wife and mama of Samantha and Plum Cake.  Little lamb.
 Yes, the cold wind doth blow, but the sunsets are nice.  
Here's a little garden sprite to remind us of spring. As if robins and polka dots aren't enough.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pause and Gardens

 As I pause in this season of Lent, I am mindful of gardens.  We have an epic snow storm upon us, dumping heaps of white stuff all around the Denver metro area (and beyond).  Yesterday I was restlessly trying to find a sliver of entertainment in the afternoon (Bill was exercising) so I listened to The Shell Seekers for a few moments and in that brief amount of time, I heard the narrator tell of Sophie, Penelope's mother and her love for the book Elizabeth and Her German Garden by Elizabeth von Arnim.  I have come upon the mention of this story several times so I decided it was time to read it (even though I am reading and LOVING Pride and Prejudice for our family book club).  Reading about Elizabeth and her love for the outdoors is very moving.  I think I am more of an indoor woman, but the approaching spring makes me aware of my outdoor nature, too.  THEN this morning I opened My Daily Meditation for the Circling Year by John Henry Jowett and I came upon this.  Gardens again.  A mere happenstance?  I know different.  
 I honor Lent personally even though the church we go to doesn't make a point to speak of Lent.  They speak A LOT of Jesus.  Lent is a high church focus and I love high church doings very much.  For me, Lent is a time to grow in my love for Jesus, in my knowledge of Him, in my surrender to Him.  I love Jesus, God with passion for His creations, fleshed out in the form of a sinless man.  This Jesus, my way to heaven.  I shall remain mindful of His time in the garden of Eden, His time in the garden of Gethsemane, and my hope in the garden of eternity.  

I am more excited than EVER to start my gardening year early now that I am not teaching school anymore.  When the garden is beginning and when it is in full summer swing, I aim to stay out in it more, even if it's HOT.
 Easter is full of flower and as I journey inward and find my Savior, I anticipate the joy of that precious April day.
Join my friend Angela (amazing and true) and the other pausers.  Thank you for stopping in.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Happy and Bright

 I see that some of you had pancakes!  And now Lent has begun.  The Easter candy is not out at the grocery store.  I am going to start enjoying eggs though.  
 It's going to snow again this weekend, but the sky is very blue today.  Happy.  Here are some older happy photos for you.  Tell me your favorite.

 The last three photos were taken at my brother and sister-in-law's lovely home.  She is such a wonderful homemaker.  I love their home.

Now, I decided that while Mr. Badger is in transit from Ireland to England, I could fit in the few photos I have of his October in Taiwan. Our friend Yiping allowed me to photograph him in her laundry area, 
 In the kitchen where they do the washing up.
 And by the tea kettle where Mr. Badger could contribute to the lovely hygge we experienced in Taiwan.  
Do you like the color of the stove?  Me, too!

I had book club this afternoon at a LOVELY home.  There was lots of sunlight, coffee and tea, good conversation (even though the book was borderline boring) and I must conclude it was all very hygge.  
This morning Millie came over while her mama went downtown to the dentist.  She sat quietly, watching a movie, while I finished up my work that I do for Bill's organization.  She rode along with me to the bank and the post box.  We stopped at the grocery store for dinner fixings.  We went to get a cheeseburger lunch.  Being with sweet Millie Rose was very hygge, too.

I've been watching (and reading) Pride and Prejudice.  Delicious, I say.  I like the clothes, the empire waist frocks, the boots, and the coats.  
We're having chef salads for dinner.  Yummy.
Tomorrow I might do a little housework.  
All is well.
Bless you.