Monday, February 25, 2019

All Good

 Hello!  I've been reading Bleak House by Charles Dickens.  Our Brad recommended it to me because when he finished he was so full of exuberance and called to talk about it.  I have only read A Tale of Two Cities, so I branched out a bit.  I'm loving it.  Kim at My Field of Dreams is a big Dickens promoter, too. Between the two of these book enthusiasts, I have a nice little panel in which to present my own observances.  Yay!  Isn't book talk fun?

Tim is such a cuddle bug these days.  He can't get enough lap time.  He even sleeps on the bed with us ALL night long.  He is a lap cat to be sure.  I'm grateful.  I love cats.
 On Friday night it snowed and snowed.  The up side of big snows is the way the white brightens everything!  It's a good time to clean the house because the light shows all the dirt.  Hmmmmm.  I'll consider that.
 See?  He's such a floppy little gentleman.
 As I try to figure out knitting color work, I have a bigger appreciation for things like this LL Bean sweater my mom gave me.  I think I am overthinking my color work.  It just doesn't seem to come naturally to me.  I look at the chart all the time.  I am sure I need much more practice.
 It's definitely boot weather.  I love my Blundstones.  I ordered the "work" version because they were cheaper, but they are heavy.  I think my heavy shoe days may be almost over.  I need light shoes so I can hop about (yeah, right).
 I'm practicing my mitten making.  I still have a whole mitten to finish but I started this version.  I'm like a blind old mole staring at the chart.  It's hard work, I tell you.

 I looked back and back and back at my old blog posts to see what I was thinking about in late February for the last ten years (wow - I am a long time blogger, I guess) and every year there has been lots of cold snow and ice and every year I have whined about it. 
 Spring will come.  At least the Easter candy is out at the grocery store.  It's so cheery looking.  I do love to squeeze all the soft bunnies, lambs, and other springlike soft toys I find in the seasonal aisle.  
Look who got his first professional haircut! Cutie! Christie sent me this photo.

Lent begins on March 6.  Are you observing Lent?  I like to do a few quiet and personal activities, so I'm thinking about it.
It's almost time to go kite shopping.  FUN!
Thank you for stopping in.  You are very kind to do so.  

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Love is a Hot Water Bottle

 Happy Valentine's Day to you!  Love!  Love!  Love!  
I hope you have a wonderful day of red, chocolates, tender love, and maybe flowers!

 Oh, and maybe WOOL, too! 

Do you remember a special Valentine's Day?  I remember one year when I was a teenager my mom gave me a hot water bottle.  Is there anything as cozy as a hot water bottle?  I don't think so.
God bless you, sweet lover of others.  YOU are greatly loved.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Very Cozy Stuff

Isn't butternut squash difficult to cut?  I like to buy it already prepared for roasting.  We've been eating a lot of oven roasted veggies.  Delish!
I finished a pair of thick socks (you've seen them before - in progress). 

 I finished this pair of wrist warmers before I left for Washington.  I love them.
 I watch a YouTube vlog called Tales From Cuckoo Land.  She's so fun to listen to.  She's an English mama and a maker of lovely things.  She decided because December was so busy at her house that she would designate January as a very cozy time.  January sped by for me, but I am trying to keep February peaceful and home-y.  I've moved things around, tidied surfaces, lit candles, made coffee and tea, read good books, knitted and ironed.  I've even done a little organizing. 
 Our Kelli has a lot of pets at her house (if you remember).  Well, here are two new members of the pet squad.  

I'm still enjoying using my planners.  I do my own thing.
 It's cold.  Timothy must find warm places to snuggle. 
 I try to stay up a little later each evening, but our bed beckons and soon I am snuggled under the covers.
 We've had the humidifier going nonstop and I have been wearing my slippers a lot.  Winter is like that, you know.
I'm re-reading A Circle of Quiet.  It's a very inspiring book.  I am rearranging my office so I can use the computer in there AND get cozy with most of my books.  It's a little bit like a rat's nest, so I have small plans for clearing some of the "junk" away. We'll see.

I have been huddling close to the space heater and sitting on a heated blanket.  It's that cold. Soon the sun will move and the sunshine will make our house warm again.
I'm so thankful for a cozy house, a sweet and attentive husband, kids who love us, grandchildren that grow my heart, and friends and neighbors.  Oh!  And my family in Washington.  They are all so very dear to me.
I bought a new gratitude journal.  It's pink.  I'll take a photo of it next time.
What are you thankful for right now?
My dear friend Lori just became a grandmother.  When I met her she was in high school (forty years ago).  Now she is married and has a family.  She is a teacher and A GRANNY.  I'm so happy for her.  She's one of those kindred spirits that stuck in my heart.  You know the type, right?
Thank you for reading, kind person.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Fun with Family

 Hello!  I've been up in Washington with my mom and sibs.  Look at my mom getting dinner ready for her kids!  We all sat around the table and it was very special.  Two great meals were shared.
 We all sat in a row (in order) at church the next morning and we all knelt at the communion rail together.  I'm so thankful for a very sweet time with family.

 And there were pussy willows in the neighborhood!
 Can you believe that these were blooming?  It seems way too early, even for Washington.
 Miss Bug is ten years old today!  Gasp!  We went to lunch and then to the mall for a wee shopping trip.  She's such a wonderful ten year old, so full of grace and love. 

Prince Snuggle Bug missed me.  
 I bought four packages of seeds at the grocery store the other day.  Zinnias and sunflowers!
Today it is 60 degrees.  That seems warm, but there are still piles of snow on the ground.  It's a little too early for spring anticipation, I think.
What are you up to?
I hope you are well. Thank you for visiting.