Sunday, September 28, 2014


 Hello out there.  September is slipping away (I love #9, being my birthday month and all).  Thank you for all of the kind birthday wishes.  I enjoyed a full day of happy family encounters and good food.

 Bill's cooking ham and eggs.  Isn't that combination a perfect fragrance for a Sunday morning?  
I've had some fun outings with friends and happy occasions with family.  I'm finished with all my doctor's appointments for a while. It seemed like it took forever to get all those behind me.  
I am going to try to make myself walk more than I have been. I am.
I thought I might be a bit more motivated to clean house now that I am not teaching school, but so far . . . not so much.  I sure wish the mood hit me on a regular basis.  Hmmm.  I know this about myself, I don't like doing the same thing every day.  Just saying.
I am thankful to be walking around on planet Earth and I am happy that my God, the Creator, invites me to know Him.  Simple.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September Stroll, Yarn, and Roses

 The days of September are true blessings.  The sun shines, it's warm, and the nights are cool.  Even though I've been a reluctant walker (it takes up so much TIME) I still get out and hoof around the neighborhood and I'm always glad I did!
Even the wormy apples look pretty hanging on the neighbor's trees.

 I think the crab apples (not mine - our tree croaked) are enough to make a walker get teary!  They are SO red, so fall-ish, so GORGEOUS!

 I really should go out and ride my bike around.  Fall is all about getting outside, don't you think? 

 What are THESE?  Fall crocuses?  Anybody know?
 I'm sorry to be quite redundant! I can't help it!  Crab apple red is my favorite!

 My sisters gave me a gift certificate to a favorite yarn store.  Would you like to come along?

This is what I bought.  White wool.  I am going to make a shawl for a grieving friend.  I must finish my mama's shawl first (just about done!) and then I'll pray for Shari while I knit her a warm shiver-protector.  

Bill brought me flowers for  my birthday!  They smell SO GOOD!  He's a darling lamb.

He gave me a balloon, too.  Aw!  Tomorrow I am going to eat cupcakes for breakfast and party all day with Sam and Plum Cake.  Kelli and Millie might come for lunch and maybe Christie and James, too! 
I might even put my clown nose on for Sam.
I hope my birthday is a good day for YOU, too!  LOL!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Plum Cake's Birthday

 Happy birthday to Plum Cake!  Aw!  It's fun to turn two years old, I think!
 Granny did not bake a cake.  We never eat cake at dinner parties.  Jenny took it home.
 Aw, she likes her little powder-scented baby doll! 

 Happy!  Happy!

 I know you are wondering what James is thinking.  Any guesses?
 Jeff made a good point.  Why do they make toy baby bottles that serve up orange juice? Babies don't drink orange juice.  

 Samantha is SUCH a nice big sister.
 James received texture balls as his party favor.  Yum!  Yum!
 Yay for bath time tea parties!
 "Birthdays are exhausting!"

 The sunflowers look different under grey skies, don't they?

 Here are some cozy views.  Do you like HH?
 It'd be alright if you want to plop down on the sofa.
 This is my new "morning pages" journal.  Have you heard of morning pages?  Julia Cameron thought of it.  You write three pages a day.  Just write.  Sometimes I have to push myself to keep going and most of my stream-of-consciousness writing turns into a prayer.

I'm not much of a sports fan, but Plum Cake wore the hat I made her on Bronco day.  It looks a bit itchy, doesn't it?  Oh well.
Bill's at a meeting tonight so I'm going to have apples and carmel dip for dinner.  Mmmmmm.

I picked up a few leaves when I walked to the bank.  It's really fall.  Time to buy cider and candy corn.  Time to invite some people over.  Time to place our heads upon our pillows a bit earlier in the evening and say, "Thank you, God.  Thank you for taking care of me today."