Friday, September 12, 2014

The Cold Comes In

 The weather has turned cold (temporarily).  We even used the furnace this morning. It's only 36 degrees now but by Tuesday the predicted high is 81 degrees.  Crazy, right? It even snowed a bit! I'm okay with a sunny and warm September because soon enough we'll have higher heating bills.  Do fluctuations in the weather upset your seasonal balance?  I think they do bother me a little bit.  I will go outside and walk around. That might help.

 Yesterday was my babysitting day and Christie and her mom came over so we could stroll to the park.  We were a train of three strollers (Christie's mom takes care of her other daughter's two-year-old).  Our sack lunches were hard to enjoy because it was TOO cold!  The children were sort of tired and grumpy.  Outings are not always textbook, are they?  I loved seeing Christie and I always like seeing her smart mama, too.  They are easy people to be around.  Granny took a rest later.  
 The nice aspect of a taste of cooler weather is indulging in cozy Brambly Hedge thinking.  I like dreaming about making the house snug.  Bill and I don't have exactly the same cozy dreams, but he's usually compliant as long as I don't disrupt traffic patterns and pile up too many blankets on the sofas.  I don't mind disrupting traffic patterns.  I believe people can go around current furniture arrangements.  Hmmmm.

 We do agree when it comes to digging old stuff out of the garden.  I am sick of HUGE day lilies and volunteer sunflowers.  We're starting fresh next year.
 I recently finished a book titled We Took to the Woods by Louise Rich. It's an old book and it came all the way from a library at a college in West Virginia.  I found her writing style unique, but I have concluded that living isolated in the woods is not for me.  I wouldn't survive.  Would you like to take to the woods?
 Do you think that doo dads and knick knacks on the surfaces of your home should be moved around?  I do.  I've let some areas become quite stale.  Maybe this means that a little more dusting is called for.  
I don't think the cold weather zapped my zinnias.  I hope not.  I'll have to check.
I wanted to say hello to you.  I hope you are happy that it's Friday.  I hope you are happy.


TexWisGirl said...

love your sky shot. send your cool temps down! :)

Elizabeth said...

I tend to move things around, usually starting with flowers and building around them.

Happy@Home said...

Aww, thanks and I hope that you are happy too.
I like the happy colors of your zinnias and dishes.
I'm having a hard time imagining turning the furnace on now. I'll just be happy when we can turn the A/C off.
I do agree that things need to be moved around from time to time. It prevents staleness and besides it's fun :).

♥ Tina said...

We're having warm, sunny weather just now but it turns cold in the evenings. Brambly there anything more cozy to read than that? xxx

Nana Go-Go said...

Hello right back atcha', my Friend. We have a saying here 'Aye, the nights are fair drawing in' which technically means that autumn's on its way and after that winter but hey, this week it has been glorious - even Birkenstock-wearing weather again so we're all holding on to the last of Summer with our fingernails (to take our minds of more pressing political matters here which you may have heard about?). I'm happy that it's Friday - you bet your life I am!!!Good weekend to you, my friend. xxx
ps I love swapping things around at home - puts a new lease of life into it with just the simplest of changes.

Kezzie said...

I couldn't live in the woods- bit creepy! Nice you have stroller friends.
The pics are really cute!x

Farm Girl said...

Have a lovely restful day. I think your flowers look so pretty.
I am glad you had such an nice day.I hope you have a very nice evening too.

Bonnie said...

I love zinnias. They are such happy flowers.
And I love to move things around. It makes me happy to rearrange. Things look new that way.
Have a good weekend.

Gumbo Lily said...

'Tis cold here too. Lots of frozen plants here, but I'll look forward to a few warm days coming up.

I think doo-dads should be moved and changed too. I like different views now and then.

Hoping your zinnias are still looking beautiful! And I hope YOU are happy too.

Lisa Richards said...

It looks like the weather zapped my garden before I could uproot it myself. There was a coating of ice on my car this morning.
I don't mind the cold weather. I prefer it to extreme heat, but I don't like driving in blizzards. That usually only happens a couple of times per winter. ;)
I love the idea of being snug in our cozy homes. I'll have to buy a copy of Brambly Hedge and maybe the other book about living in the woods. I love to read about it even if I might not do it myself!
A coworker was trying to figure out why I don't want to have a house dog or cat today. I think it's the hair. I'm not fantastic about dusting as it is. I don't need pet hair added to the mix. Plus, I'd like to be able to take a trip without worrying what to do about a pet. (Your dusting comment brought that to mind!)
It's a happy weekend off for me. Wow, the weeks go by quickly! I have a breakfast "date" with a friend tomorrow. She used to work with me. Have a great weekend! :)

Betty said...

Oh yes, living alone in the woods would be very me, in a treehouse and with room for friends to visit of course! I love your pictures of cosy tree interiors. Moving things round is good I think, I am a little interested in feng shui - it has to 'flow' so your bill is clearly feeling that need. Pretty things look so much more so when moved as you 'see' them again. I dont have ornaments in the house, only a few in my dresser due to ocd but I do like to bring out one thing now and then and give it a showing off for a week or so. I took all the pictures down when I decorated - except for one that a friend recently gave me --- it feels so calm not having clutter, colour is our clutter, we love colour everywhere. I love the picures you show of your home, your books and your cosy kitchen. Betty x

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Oh yes! Time for cozy Brambly Hedge thinking. Oh yes!!!

Autumn and cooler weather, are purrrrfect for imaging that we dwell in the precious world of
Brambly Hedge. And other such worlds. :-) I so love the intricate illustrations, which are part of these books. Delightful...

They help set a warm and inviting mood, for this coming (and already here) type of weather.

Gentle hugs,

ann said...

Well, I turned on the furnace, too, a couple of day ago and this morning I have the gas fireplace burning to warm things up. Looks like fall is here. I'd say that you have a lot of garden work to do. Good luck. Love the zinias.

Attic Clutter said...

Hi POM..
oh cute green tea pot.. with the darling cups..
oh me neither-- living in the woods..would be rough..
.. well if you had a car and access to some little town ,a cell,a computer, and tv (:)
might be ok..LOL

Cheyenne said...

Great photos! :)

Yes, I love things warm and cozy in this miserable weather. Even just a lamp turned on in the evening seem to make the room warmer.

My friend, send your HUGE day lilies up here! :) I'd love that. I feel sad that all the summer flowers are past. It seemed so very quick this year.

Always love your blog...

debbie bailey said...

That sounds like an interesting book and one that I'd enjoy. I've always been a woods person since I grew up in the mountains, but lately I've been a beach person. I've decided that I don't have to be either/or but can be both! Why limit myself!?!

Leslie said...

Are you familiar with the books Milly-Molly-Mandy? I was just thinking all your little grandgirls would love those stories. There are two, I think. My girls loved them and they have some really cute black and white full page drawings that I would print off and let them color. Random rabbit trail....sorry. :)

Kit said...

Very happy after a busy weekend. :) I too like to move my treasures around. In fact I try to give my treasures equal time. They all have a particular month...LOL A few of my flowers got bit by Jack Frost, but I still have a bunch more. :) Enjoy your week! Kit

Jacque. said...

LOVE your vibrant photos! I'll be back to check out more of your posts.

M.K. said...

Oh, dear, Pom :) You made me laugh outright at your description of you and Bill and the household, and blankets on the sofa and people walking around furniture! Isn't homelife a little dance, between two people. We grow more adept at the dance as we age, and I think it's humorous.

36º!! I find that rather alarming! But I am a Southern girl. I'm glad it was just a temporarily blast of cold. Snow! Oh my! You seem like a sunshine person, and I don't want those winter drears to come to you too soon. You know, on this trip, I brought along 3 books: Ivanhoe, G. Taber's "My Own Cape Cod" and Brambly Hedge. Brambly Hedge is the one I read in the car, as I needed something sweet and kind to help me melt into this vacation. It's a lovely book, and I recognized the artwork immediately here.

Enjoy those grandbabies :)