Monday, June 24, 2019

Lots of Stuff!

 Hello friends!  I took the time to make my photos work (and it does take more time than clicking around on handheld devices - LOL) Some of the funny bugs ate part of our strawberry crop but SOME escaped the nibbles.  Aren't they pretty?

I sewed something besides costumes.  Our daughters laughed at this outfit.  Kelli said it's clown-like (it sort of IS) and Jenny said it looks like a chicken feeding type of dress.  Ha!  I love the linen fabric.  I know.  I really SHOULD buy a cheap full-length mirror.  
 Sam is lounging about on her unicorn body pillow.  LOL!  She loves to watch all the Winnie the Pooh movies.  I think she likes the innocence and the friendships evidenced in the Pooh stories.  Me, too!
 Here are the tunics.  Nineteen all lined up!

 Sam and Lizzy like the show Nailed It!  It's about baking mishaps.  They pulled out all the stops when we made our own cake.  Sam said, "It turned out a bit different than I thought it was going to."  Ha ha ha!  Just like a lot of my baking.
 The show really was amazing.  The kids only had a week to prepare.  
 I'm trying to plant BIG things that the bunnies won't eat.  They are nibbling everything down to the quick.  I have decided that a watched pot never boils so I am choosing to ignore the bunny damage.
 I'm close to the finish line with my big colorful sweater!
 I saw this gorgeous thistle when I was out walking on the ridge. 
 Sondra and I are meeting at the chapel again.  The students are home for the summer so it's quiet on campus.

 Some of the cousins are having a ball in Kelli's pool.  Me, too! 
 Cousins also have fun on the Slip and Slide!
 More big sweater detail!

 Tim managed this cozy position all by himself. 

 Pop!  And into a collage they go! 
 My sewing "helper". 

Brad's family came on Saturday night.  Look at those faces.  Our first born and their first born.  Aw! 
If you are a more frequent blogger than I am I am sorry that I miss some of your posts.  I shall try to rectify that!
June has been so nice, mild and even a little chilly! We know the hot weather is coming soon.  
Thank you for calling in.  I really like it when you do so.  

Monday, June 17, 2019


Hello to you 💓 I'm having major frustration  with my old laptop so after trying different ways to move photos off of my phone and also trying different browsers, I'm giving up for today.  Timothy will have to do for now.
I've been VERY busy sewing and gardening and I wanted to show you the 19 tunics I made for Kelli's theater production of Aladdin.  I wanted to show you the Sweet William that is GORGEOUS in the garden.
June holds two more weeks.  Yay!  It seems June stretches out each year and then July zips by.  
I think the answer to blogging for me is to go the old way and take pictures with an actual camera and load them onto the bigger computer upstairs.  I'll work on that.
Meanwhile, I am going to pop around for visits to good faithful bloggers and say bye bye for now. Thank you for calling in.  (BIG HUGE HUG!)