Friday, May 31, 2019


 The problem with waiting too long to post is it becomes impossible to put all the photos on the page.  Oh well, at least these glorious columbines (Colorado's state flower) are post worthy!
 Sometimes I walk on what I call "the ridge" which is actually just an open space with a high walking path.  I found these lilacs lolly gagging over a fence.
 Noah likes to play with all the old toys in the scruffy basement.  He has a good imagination!
 James wanted to try on my glasses.  Adorable.
 Birdie, Miss Bug, and Millie gave us a piano recital. 
 Sam and Lizzy agreed to go to the garden center with me.

 We watched Pooh  movies and Plum wanted to crochet.  She concluded: It's hard. 
 I made new garden flags.  I wish my seeds would grow faster. 
 I wasn't sure what this flower was.  I planted a bunch of wildflowers last year and when this came up, I couldn't identify it.  Kim from My Field of Dreams could!  It's Sweet William! 
 More pink knitting!
 A cup of peach tea and Swedish ginger  cookies before bed.  I took a nap today and it was a doozy.  I had two dreams.  In one I was driving and falling asleep, so much so that I couldn't open my eyes.  In the other one I was having book club and when I went to get my book I decided to take a nap on the bed.  I think I was VERY tired, don't you?  I went to aqua exercise twice this week.  While I was there I felt like a dolphin, happy and bouncy.  Later in the afternoon, I felt like I'd run a marathon.  Hopefully, the fitness level will improve.  LOL!

It is  only June (tomorrow) but for some reason I have unrealistic expectations for the flowerbeds.  I seem to think the seedlings should be shooting up.
Maybe I'll post a little more often in June.  Flower season inspires.
Thank you for popping by!

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy Mother's Day!

 Happy Mother's Day to all women with mothering hearts!

 Lady Bug, Lady Bug, fly away HOME . . .

May is the perfect month for mothers, isn't it?  Our trees are blossoming and everything is so green and lush.
Moms receive flowers to plant.
Oh, I love being a mother.  I'm so grateful.

Sunday, May 5, 2019


 The blossoms are here!  We don't have any blossoming trees (sad) but the neighbors do!  Yay!

 A bunch of lilacs were hanging over the fence out on my walking path, so I helped myself.
 The show was SO good!  The grands all played their parts with enthusiasm and grace.  Kelli loves all the little actors and actresses with a HUGE big love.  God blessed all three performances.

Millie said, "Mom!  You told me that when the show was over you would make an appointment for me to get my hair cut!"  Kelli whipped out the scissors and gave Millie Rose this cute look.  Aw.  I love that face!
 A cousin swim at the rec center.
 Reading this for book club made for a nice long conversation.  Anne Elliot is a keeper.
The pansies below are now in the garden.

I planted lots of seeds yesterday.  Next weekend I'll plant more flowers.  Our growing season here in Colorado is short but almost always prosperous.
God be with you, kind visitor.  I hope your May has been sweet so far.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Happy Week

 I went to The Cheese Emporium again.  It's quite a journey so I only go there when we are up that way anyway.  I spoke to the owner who goes by the name of Pinkie. This is really her life's work, this little building full of Paris.  I thought you might like to browse.

 The real reason we were there is because of this one.  Yay for a sweet visit with our Brad.
 Birdie was in a play!  She's the skeleton.  Now that I've been costuming Peter Pan (not the whole thing - just a small contribution) I notice all the clever ways to create an effect.  This is brilliant, don't you think so?
 Oh, the sunny days.  Lunch outside.  Best.
 While I was in "Paris" I picked up six Van Gogh placemats. 
 Sweet little Noah still likes the Wendy house.
 James helps Grampy with chores. 
 Hard work deserves popsicles.

 I'm trying to finish up the other sock.
 Bill took my bike off the garage ceiling hooks so I had a bike ride on Easter Sunday.
 My grandmothers did a lot of baking, but this Granny doesn't do as much because in our family there doesn't seem to be a huge appreciation for cookies. 
 Even most of my wonky hot cross buns are now in the freezer.
 I would like to introduce you to Nana, the Darling's dog.
 Gluten free oats for breakfast.  Just right.

This is show week, so Bill and I are hustling to be where we can help and praying for Kelli as she pulls it all together.  What an accomplishment.  She has kept all the details in her amazing brain and it has all come together beautifully.  The sets are clever, the costumes are darling, and the children are absolutely precious.  I can't wait to see the show on Friday!
I'm headed down to the basement to sew a few seams.  I'm making some elastic waist jeans for me.  They are so comfy and they stay UP. This granny isn't posh and fancy.  This granny is comfortable.  Yay!
Our gardens are all ready for seeds and annuals.  Bill loaded so much new dirt into all the flowerbeds.  He's very nice.
Take care, sweet reader.  I hope I have the commenting fixed.  
Thank you for popping in!