Sunday, October 4, 2020

Living in October

I had a big gluten free pancake with Sondra for my birthday!  Do you like the art behind it?  I printed it out for her, my painting pal, because my cousin mentioned it in her book Holy Ground: An Alphabet of Prayer.  


I saw this little project on a vlog.  It's a free pattern by Ann Wood.  She suggests making 100 horses, but I just made one. ❤️  I'm sending it to Lisa as her Jolly Postman gift.  I have to jazz the horse up first and then I'll name him.  I must break out the Modpodge.

My sister sent me some birthday money, so I bought this cute basket.  I love it!

I did not BAKE my birthday cake, I bought it.  It was lovely and yummy.  I had to dispose of some of it because turns out I can't eat a whole cake.
Noah has been gardening.

I was sitting upstairs in my study (a pretty disastrous room really because it's full of stuff) and I found this book.  Laurel's Kitchen Recipes.  Doesn't this salad look yummy? 
We had these precious visitors stay for a few days.  They are such sweetie pies.
I'm subbing some of my coffee drinks for loose leaf tea.  I have so much tea.  Please come over and share a pot with me.

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It really is high knitting season!  FUN!  It's also high READING season and walking in the October beauty season - and using up all my baking ingredients season . . .

Update on Jolly:  Well, it's almost been a year since I decided to send him around.  Hmmmmmm.  One of the problems is the envelope book I started to make.  It now seems clunky so I'm maybe going to paste the envelopes in a ready made book.  I really want to keep things light because of postage. I'd like to launch him soon so he can enjoy Christmas in the various hostesses' towns and cities. 
I'm not sure if I told you, but Jolly is lonely and sort of wants to meet a girlfriend along the way.  The hostesses may have to arrange blind dates.
More about that later.  
He truly loves his fairy tale life, but he's eager to be included in new contemporary stories and festivities.   
I put another blanket on our bed because the night air is cold and delicious.
I still have SOME flowers out in the garden. It's not so hot during the day so it's a good time for sun naps.
I pray YOU are well, enjoying October and feeling hopeful.
God be with you!