Thursday, January 14, 2021

Bird Woman

Our Miss Bug is the bird woman in Mary Poppins.  "Early each day on the steps of St. Paul . . . " Remember that part in Mary Poppins?
I did some dog sitting for Jenny's family so they could go to Florida.  They loved being in a warmer state for a few days! 

When I knit this teddy, I intended to make him some wool overalls, but I changed my mind and clothed HER with a hat I had and a sweater.  I did sew her a little skirt.  Isn't she lovely?
I call these my English Robin Socks! Can you see why?
I made a curtain for the dining room.  The stickers cover up the holes from the old hardware.  I do love wall stickers.
Jenny gave me a Washington State present.  Isn't it cute!  I tried to place the heart where my hometown is on the map.  Betty, do you see the gnome you sent me?
Here is lovable Timothy.  He is the most spoiled sort of kitty cat.  We love him so much and he lets us scoop him up whenever we want to, smother him with kisses, and wake him up from numerous naps!
I've been knitting beside my space heater as I watch the YouTube fireplace.  It IS January.  Our Brad turned forty years old yesterday!  Oh my!  We have been parents for 40 years?  What a full and wonderful 40 years it has been.  
I hope you are well.  I hope you have small pleasures and simple daily delights to enjoy each day.  I pray your relationships are rich and lasting.
Thank you for stopping in!