Thursday, January 14, 2021

Bird Woman

Our Miss Bug is the bird woman in Mary Poppins.  "Early each day on the steps of St. Paul . . . " Remember that part in Mary Poppins?
I did some dog sitting for Jenny's family so they could go to Florida.  They loved being in a warmer state for a few days! 

When I knit this teddy, I intended to make him some wool overalls, but I changed my mind and clothed HER with a hat I had and a sweater.  I did sew her a little skirt.  Isn't she lovely?
I call these my English Robin Socks! Can you see why?
I made a curtain for the dining room.  The stickers cover up the holes from the old hardware.  I do love wall stickers.
Jenny gave me a Washington State present.  Isn't it cute!  I tried to place the heart where my hometown is on the map.  Betty, do you see the gnome you sent me?
Here is lovable Timothy.  He is the most spoiled sort of kitty cat.  We love him so much and he lets us scoop him up whenever we want to, smother him with kisses, and wake him up from numerous naps!
I've been knitting beside my space heater as I watch the YouTube fireplace.  It IS January.  Our Brad turned forty years old yesterday!  Oh my!  We have been parents for 40 years?  What a full and wonderful 40 years it has been.  
I hope you are well.  I hope you have small pleasures and simple daily delights to enjoy each day.  I pray your relationships are rich and lasting.
Thank you for stopping in!



Julia said...

Miss Bug, makes a lovely bird lady and I love your little bear girl with her sweet little outfit. Nice English socks.
Timothy looks very regal and is so beautiful. I'm sure he loves to be scooped up and to cuddle on your laps. The little blessings that make your days more pleasant.

Stay safe and well.
Hugs, Julia

Betty said...

Congratulations on 40 years of parenting! Yes, I do remember the gnome, I have one too :) I am guessing you aren't having lockdowns like us, it must be great to get to Florida for a while. That fire looks amazing, a dog who has all the home comforts, home alone! I like your robin socks Karen, I see the connection :) Betty x

Kim said...

Don't the years fly by when you are having fun. Happy Birthday to your Brad. Your Miss Bug looks the part in her fabulous costume. How fun Mary Poppins is. The movie is an old favourite if mine. The fire looks ever-so-cosy. Oh yes, always making the most of those beautiful, everyday pleasures, way down here.

Between Me and You said...

It's incredible to think I have a nearly-40-yr-old too!Happy Birthday Brad. I love Bird Lady and her skirt! Your Robin Redbreast Socks are amazing. Good job. I just can't get to grips with circular needles. Lucky you being able to fly to Florida. We can't go anywhere here. I miss my grands so much. It's all a bit grim really. Have a great weekend, my

happyone said...

Teddy is adorable - great job and Timothy is so cute and has such a kind looking face.

Lowcarb team member said...

Miss. Bug looks great. I love the teddy, and Timothy is so cute.

Yes the years fly by don't they, we have to enjoy each and every moment, and create special memories.

All the best Jan

elizabeth said...

lovely and cheery!!! :) God bless you dear one!

Granny Marigold said...

Miss Bug looks adorable. Timothy too. He seems to be a very lovable cat who doesn't mind being woken up from a nap to be loved on.
Happy birthday to Brad and congrats to you for surviving 40 years of parenting. ( just kidding). Take care and stay well.

Jeanie said...

Between Timothy and your knitting, I am full of delight! Happy weekend,

Julie said...

Miss Bug is amazing dear Pom Pom. Mary Poppins is one of my all time absolute favorites. Your teddy bear is gorgeous. Hello & gentle hugs to Timothy xxx

Henny Penny said...

Miss Bug is growing up, isn't she. She is so pretty. Timothy is cuddly looking and adorable. Your knitted bear makes a lovely girl. Seems like everything you post is so sweet and lovable. A late happy birthday to your Brad. The years go be too fast.

gretchenjoanna said...

If I could knit like you I'd be hard pressed whether to make dolls or socks. Your bear is charming! And I like what you did with that window. Our walls are always textured and stickers don't work. I only realized that after browsing hundreds of them online, some years ago.

Lisa Richards said...

The bird woman's song is my favorite part of Mary Poppins!
I love that you covered the holes in the wall with pretty stickers!
My step-son turned 50 yesterday!! He's the youngest of my step-children. Whew! They sure have been a blessing to me, along with the ones I gave birth to. :)
God bless you and yours!

M.K. said...

I love Timothy's little mouse. Your home looks so sweet and cozy and happy. The new curtain is delightful! So much light coming in there. Those socks are very cute and bright!

magsmcc said...

Oh, what a wonderful prayer at the end. Those relationships and those small, little joys are so important just now. May you enjoy them in abundance x

Farm Girl said...

One of my favorite parts in Mary Poppins was that scene with the bird lady. That is just the sweetest picture. Everything is just right for January.
I love all of your pictures

ellen b. said...

Your Brad and our Dan both turned forty this month. Our Dan was on the 16th! Time keeps moving along! Love your little bird lady. We were on a family trip to Arizona so I'm real late in coming around blogs. Being in the same house as our little grands for a week did not afford me any leisure computer time. They want right up on my lap and want to punch all the buttons on the computer and work the mouse clicking on everything...oye! Hope this week is going well for you.

Bonnie K said...

It all looks and sounds so cozy!