Tuesday, June 27, 2017

VERY Cute!

 Here's Noah, just hanging around drinking some water.  

When we go down to our basement to play (the boys) Tim likes to join us.  He lurks and slinks around the borders, going in and out of hiding places.  
 He's almost one year old.  So handsome. 
 Sam and Plum had a fun weekend. They went paddle boarding and kayaking with their parents AND they welcomed a new member into their family. They came to our house on Saturday and ate strawberries, walked to the grocery store, and watched Kids YouTube videos (Baby Alive - girls love watching someone else play with dolls).
 Here's their new addition.  Her name is Amelia.  She was found on a busy highway and a nice lady fostered her for a while.  Jenny is such a cat lover - she passed the "are you worthy of this precious kitten?"  test and brought her home to a delighted pair of girlie girls.  

Here's Sam showing off her hula skills.

And if that's not enough cuteness, Kelli took the girls to their babysitter's house to see some golden doodle puppies.  They are all sold (thankfully) so no more pets will be added to the already full house o'animals.

I am waiting around for my little kitchen island/cart to arrive.  The handy man is going to assemble it here so it'll be in its new spot soon.  Moving the other island into the living room was not a "yee haw" picnic-ish sort of endeavor.  We had to shift a table, then take the top off the big island, then move it.  Argh.

I find moving things around very satisfying (if I can do it myself and not inconvenience someone else) and when I actually do it, I wonder why I waited so long.  
God be with YOU, good visitors.  I'm very appreciative of your kind attention.  

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Same Old Pom Pom Stuff

 Timothy is an early bird like us.  He likes to watch for moths in the morning.  

I took this photo of me fake sleeping, but Tim is sleeping for real.  I sent it to our Jenny and she said, "He thinks he's a human."  He does. 

 The trees are so green and full.  This is such a pretty time of year. 
 When I was out filling the wading pool and planting some nasturtium seeds someone was watching me. 
 The fire-colored marigolds volunteered their beauty again this year.  Yay!
 Gulp!  I have enough zucchini plants to feed our whole neighborhood block.  Ooops. 
 Today Sam, Lizzy, and I went to Sam's Club and we came upon some tea party fare.  Pretty!  We ran out of time and didn't have a tea party after all. We'll do it Saturday. 
 This is the earliest we've EVER had sweet peas.  I'm thrilled with them!  They smell so delicious. 

 Hollyhocks coming soon. 
 I think this kind of rose is called florabunda.  I am thankful the beetles are not dining in our flowerbeds. 

I put a chair in the dirt garden.

Wonder of wonders - MIRACLE!  I am actually finished with my alpaca vest and I am using my new blocking pads that I received for Christmas!  

When I made the sleeves and sewed them in for this striped sweater that I've been working on for one hundred years, I realized it is all wrong.  The sleeves are dropped but skinny.  I looked like a stuffed sausage when I put it on.  Bad planning.  So, I shall make the body into a pillow!  Poof!  Remind me not to make anymore pullovers/jerseys because they do not turn out well when one has a Winnie the Pooh body to work with.  Cardigans.  Just cardigans. 

 This nature journal guide is full of info.  I didn't realize there was so much to learn.  
 I would like to become more aware, more appreciative of God's creativity, so I'm going to give it a try (journaling with art in response to natural beauty). 
 I like to order used cookbooks.  Cheap!  This is a beautiful addition to my cookbook library.  I don't know if any of the recipes really fit my particular cooking style, but looking at beautiful photos of food is almost as good as eating lovely food.  Do you agree?
 I have a small yarn stash compared to other enthusiastic knitters, but I LOVE looking at wool, dreaming of all kinds of knitted possibilities.  

 My friend Nana Go Go sent me a Facebook link informing me that there is a a new Pooh movie all about Christopher Robin.  Oh my goodness.  I can't wait.  Let's have a little honey to celebrate! 

I'll put the kettle on and wait for you to get here.  I'll be knitting.  

Friday, June 16, 2017

Summer Fun and Flowers

 Hello!  I don't know if you read my last post but I wrote it just after hearing of MORE violence.  I am so sick of reading about crazy thinking and crazy acts.  Aren't you?  
 The news is more of the same, more of the same.  However, the peonies have been kind and respectful.  πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

The sweet peas are blooming.  I finally planted them soon enough.  I am so happy that we don't have that many weeds.  

Here's Tim but do you see the treadmill (with the kitchen rugs hanging on it)?  We have a friend who wants it so it is going away this weekend.  YAY!  I'm going to move a table and chairs there and then we'll move the huge island from the kitchen to the living room (it's going to be my art table) and THEN we're expecting a smaller little Crate and Barrel island next week.  I finally agree that our kitchen is too crowded so I'll take photos when everything is in its proper place. 

 I've mixed my anniversary roses with peonies. 
 We have "pinks" in the garden.  Have you ever smelled one? They smell fantastic.

 You are welcome to come over for a swim. 

 Sam wanted Bill to teach her to play her Little Mermaid guitar in the morning and then she wanted me to teach her to knit in the afternoon.  The needles are BIG in this little kit but knitting is hard for little hands.  Finally I placed my hands over her hands and we went through the motions.  
 Poolside 😎😎😎
 Mr. Handsome.  He gets so many kisses from Bill and I.  How would you like getting kisses simply because you are cute, cuddly, smell delicious and well, because you exist?  

We're going to watch Birdie, Bug, and Millie Rose in their vacation Bible school program later this afternoon.  Cute.
Take care, sweet visitor.  Thank you for coming by.  

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


 Ordinary folks, full of faith, must keep seeking Jesus, laying down the fake shields, spears, flags, and badges of the world.  Instead we reflect the fruit of the Spirit.  We can't operate from self reliance.  We are fueled by grace.  No guilt nor pride, but a plumb line of HOPE.

We follow the GREAT "I AM" not the world's "I should".  Come Lord Jesus.  

Friday, June 9, 2017

Wedding Bells

 It's our 39th wedding anniversary.  Heart. The peonies always appear for our celebration. 

 As do the strawberries!  
 The very nicest and warm sun has also come to the party.  

 I told Bill not to buy flowers because we are still buying for the flower beds.  He did not obey.  YAY!
 Here we are in the church basement all those years ago.  Oh, I am in awe of how kind God is.  He gave me a husband who has been passionate about Jesus from the day we met onward.  He is hardworking, sensitive and kind, strong in body and very much in spirit, a loving father, a happy grandfather, and my best friend, best human, true love.  I am so grateful. 
 Kelli wore my wedding gown in a play long ago.  I decided to wash it in the washing machine (it took all these years to get decisive enough to do so).  It's out on the clothes line, blowing in the June wind.  I shall buy cake later today.  Wedding cake is my favorite!

 Last night's dinner.  Isn't it pretty?  It didn't taste that good. 
 A while ago I found this little Golden Book at the grocery.  WHAT a treasure!  

 And here is OUR golden book.  Smile. 
 I think of my California blog friends when I gaze at our California poppies.  I love them so much. 
 I finally planted sweet peas at the right time. 
 This peony reminds me of a ballerina.  Do you love ballet?  I love ballet pink.  
 This lovely girl is the bride of the garden.

 We were in the mountains for a Nexus International yearly staff meeting. We were gone three nights (one full day) so Jenny came over to comfort Timothy.  He yowled with lonesomeness.  He is such a good companion kitty.  When we go out, he waits.  We love him so.

June is a warm month in so many ways, summer's beginning.
God be with you, sweet reader.