Wednesday, June 16, 2021


Halfway through June?  Wow!  It feels like the middle of summer around here!  The sun is hot and seeds are sprouting like crazy.  I think I planted every inch of dirt with a seed, a plant, or a bulb.  It will be a real jungle by August!  How is YOUR garden growing? My bright pink peonies were A+ this year!

Jenny, Samantha, Liz and I went to Washington to see family!  This is Nelson the goat, my brother's pet.

The girls gave GG a few pointers on her iPad.  They were so good, such polite little guests.
One day we went to a little drive-in and had delicious milkshakes.  It's one of my mom's favorite places.  I see why!  YUM!
Now I am home sweet home.  Yay!  I have lots and lots of things to do, lots of plants to water, some baking and cooking, new sewing projects, ongoing knitting projects and lots of people time.  Blessed!
Jolly is at Heather's.  She is busy teaching nature journaling and may not be able to wife hunt for Jolly just yet, but I'm sure soon she'll have him on task.  

My friend in the garden is looking her best.  I hope she's not hot with that woolly shawl.  


I hope you are doing well!  Thank you so much for popping by!  (BIG HUG!)