Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mellowed By Yellow

 Look how the flowers aligned for us!  The sunflowers (all random and coming up where they want to!) are a glorious shade of yellow.  
 My neighbor's garden produced these!  Yummy!  They were scrumptious.  
At the grocery store, they have corn shucking contests for the employees.  If you win, you get fifty dollars.  I have always hated shucking corn, so I am thankful!

It's raining and cool here today. Bliss!  I am cleaning bathrooms and sweeping the floor.  I'll mop, too.  
My knitting is also yellow.  I'm mellow because of all the yellow.  Peace.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Wonders of the Woods

 We had fun in the woods of Washington.  Our friends have lived near the woods most of their lives and if there are people who exhibit all the best effects of living in beauty, these four friends do.  
 One of the friends teaches woodworking at a small high school.  WHAT a teacher, right?  He makes what I call "three bears furniture" for his family and his cabin in the woods.
 Their tiny cabin, nestled in the woods is one room with a loft (no kitchen, all the meals are made camp style).

 All the wood working is completed with loving hard-working hands.  I know, that door knob is astonishing.

 Their family of sons, led by a creative father, makes tables from trees.  I want one.

 There is no plumbing, no water.  They go to "live in the woods" and all the lovely handmade furniture is a product of slow and loving work with the star of the forest, the tree.

 The two couples we spent three days with are kind, friendly, deep, and true.  I'm still basking in the afterglow.

We came back to Colorado late Sunday night and VERY early Monday morning I went to Kelli's to stay with the girls for four days.  We stayed indoors all week and lived in the flow of the home day.  When the girls went to bed, Granny went to bed.  We told stories at night and I was extremely flattered when they said, "More stories!  More stories!"  It was four days of indulgence, too.  Honestly, we had a lot of screen time and we consumed a good amount of junk food.  Kelli said is was okay because Granny days CAN be indulgent.  Yay!
 So, I was away from our garden for a week and a lot of lovely things grew!

I'm tired, but not exhausted.  Jenny's girls are coming over later this morning so I must get my bearings.  I do so love the name Granny.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Gardens and Cake

How many times have you worn your swimsuit this summer?  I hope you've had ample opportunities to laze by a pool or run through the sprinkler. Yeah, my swimsuit's not my favorite outfit either.  Smile.

 On Monday I met Ann from The Garden Spot!  We went to the Denver Botanic Gardens.  You can see better photos of our blog field trip on Ann's blog.

 I felt comfortable with Ann right away.  She's friendly and happy.  We toured around the gardens and gabbed.

 We loved the Chihuly exhibit. You can read more about him here.

 The day at the gardens was a day well spent. Yay!
Speaking of days well spent, we've had these two cubs here at our house.

The best way to keep Granny and the girls happy all day is to plan old fashioned fun.  Cake.

We baked a birthday cake for Sam's favorite stuffed animal, Lambie.  

Bill and I are off for a short trip.  We'll be back soon.  I have lots of Granny biz to do for a while, so there are no creative endeavors in progress at the moment.

I'm doing a lot of reading.  The Big House by George Hole Colt is fascinating.  I really like reading about family vacation homes, summers by the sea, that sort of thing.

I must go pack my knapsack. I wish you smooth sailing today, kind reader.