Thursday, July 3, 2014

Cherries and Cherubs

 Rainer cherries possess perfect hues, don't they?  Rosy red.  Favorite.

 Our Christie is a tiny-bodied chocolate eater.  Turns out that the grands can consume quite a bit of chocolate, too.

 Christie brought little James over for lunch and we all orbited around him.  He's getting so smart-looking, isn't he?

 Grampy likes to hold little James.  
 While Christie ate her lunch (babies ALWAYS cry when the meal bell rings, don't they?)  I carried James downstairs, wrapped him in my great granny's quilt and rocked.  He snuggled in after blowing off a bit of steam and stayed soft and snoozy for a long time.  Granny bliss!
 Yesterday these grands enjoyed a bit of baking (and liberal sprinkling!)

 While Plum Cake napped, I made aprons.  Sam insisted that they needed aprons while cookie baking.

We couldn't make MORE cookies, so we made dirt soup instead.  When Sam went out to gather rocks, leaves, grass, and flowers for the soup, she pulled up a whole petunia plant!  Ha!

Granny Camp begins today with CB and Finn.  I'm driving up the highway this morning to meet them.  I can't wait!  I love their sweet faces!
 Bill had an earlier commitment, but the other night I went to Jeff and Christie's for a scrumptious dinner.  The food was divine, but THIS was the best part.  See how snuggly he is?
We went for a LOOOOOOONG walk and I had Birks on my tender feet.  BIG BLISTER!  It's healing, but now Granny is hobbling around.  Drat.
This summer has been mild and friendly.  No sweating so far.  I'm so thankful for our home base.  It's my favorite.
Thank you for popping by and saying hello (big hug of appreciation!)


Nancy McCarroll said...

You do look like you are in Granny heaven. Anxious to know what you have planned for Granny Camp.

Those aprons are as precious as the girls.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Another beautiful grandbaby to add to your fold! Glad you're having beautiful weather. Very hot and humid here, but a cold front is moving in to give us a lovely weekend. Thank goodness!


TexWisGirl said...

adorable grands. love the cookie baking and decorating. and your smile says it all. :)

libbyquilter said...

he is a very handsome little guy~!
you do look positively glowing with happiness and that makes me smile.
LOVE those cute aprons. cookies are so much better with 'extra' sprinkles~!

have a wonderful holiday.

btw: red petunias are the secret ingredient to dirt soup dontcha know.


Gumbo Lily said...

I absolutely LOVE the photo of Sweet Baby James and his Granny. Awwwww. Your little girls in their bandana aprons are precious, even with their pulled-up petunia. Stuff happens, doesn't it?

Have fun with Granny Camp! It's always fun to see what your tribe is doing.

Attic Clutter said...

and those darling little kids(:)
enjoy my friend ~

Farm Girl said...

I love, love you holding that sleeping baby, I love the wonderful look on your face. So happy.
I love your cookie making and I love those aprons.
I know you are going to be having so much good fun.
I can't wait to see more photos.
I love all of your inspiring pictures.

Amy at love made my home said...

I hope that your foot is better soon! Nasty blister! Looks as though you have been having non stop fun at your house with all of your little visitors and all that has been going on! Lots of fun for you!! xx

Beth said...

Your grandchildren are adorable!

Granny Marigold said...

All those sprinkles made me smile! What fun those little ones are having. Baby James is so sweet. I miss the days of snuggly babies. Our local hospital used to have a program where you signed up to come rock sick little ones. They had a special room with nice rocking chairs. Those days are long past now but it helped a lot of grannies ( and maybe even some grandads) get their 'fix' of rocking little ones.

Leslie aka the wayside wanderer said...

Your love tank must be overflowing with all those beautiful grandchildren to love on and play with. Hope your blister heals quickly!

Tassell, Tea pot, and life down under said...

Happy gramps, happy grands. Baby James is surely getting bigger and smarter. Looks like he loves being snuggled up to Grampys. And your two little assistant cooks are finding their way to culinary expertise?
Enjoy the upcoming weekends with the kiddos.

Hugs from OZ

Lisa Richards said...

Little James does have a very intelligent expression! He's blessed to have a granny who loves to rock him.
You are having an action packed summer! Glad you're enjoying your family and your home. :)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Rocking Grannies are the best! Lovely photos of the beautiful babies. I'm eating black cherries still...those Rainer cherries are still seldom seen around here.

Catherine said...

What a little honey James is. I love that picture...your loving granny arms, a large soft granny quilt & purposeful, mesmerising granny rocking. Lovely, happy days. Yum, I almost forgot about cherries & apricots. isn't it so good that they all come around again. Glad that you're not sweltering. Better take Sunshine next time & save on the blistering ; ) ouch they are sharp, painful aren't they. Much love to you & wishing you all the best fun for Granny Camp, GK x0x0x