Saturday, July 20, 2019

Thank you, God, for Summer's Glory

 It's that time of the summer when the flowers feel good, what with all the sun and a downpour or two in the late afternoon.  
 I always like showing you an actual finish!  Socks!  Millie Rose will wear them at night.  Her mama puts essential oils on the girls' feet to ward off sickness.  It seems to work! 

I'm knitting a sheep.  It was fun to learn the loop stitch.
 Today I took my book outside to finish it while listening to the rain storm.  The flowers all look so fresh after a good douse of water from God.
 James and Noah got a puppy!  He's an angel pie.  I went to the vet with them so Noah wouldn't have to sit in the consulting room too long. 
 When Sam and Plum were here last weekend, we ate lots of berries.  Plum likes cucumbers, too. 
 Oh God in Heaven and all around us, thank you for the heat of summer, the bright light and the garden.  Thank you for the comfort you generously give and the way you bind our hearts together.  Amen.

Thank you for popping in to see what's going on in my little corner.  You are kind and I like you.
God be with you.

Friday, July 5, 2019

July Things

Hi there!  Yay for July!  The garden grows and grows because of course it likes hot daytime temperatures and torrential downpours in the afternoon.  I have been wearing my boots because I get so dirty when I drag the hose around and tip toe through the flower beds.

LOOK!  Below I was still working away on my giant "Joseph coat" of a sweater.  I apologize that the photo further down shows so much of the grubby downstairs bathroom, too.  

 One day last week when the weather was fine (not scary with thunder clouds looming) I took a walk by this pond.  Hello, pretty goose!
 Hello to the mama duck and her two tiny babies!
 I was on a pepper kick before I remembered that peppers are a nightshade plant and can cause inflammation.  Bill's neck was stiff and I was stiff all over.  I overdid the pepper eating. I put them in a tomato/spaghetti sauce.  It was delicious but over the top.  Sigh. 
 Here is the blocked Penguono!  I made the sleeves kind of king-ish because I was trying to add some softness to the crazy color combos. 

 I made a new journal for recording my weight and my reflections on what I eat and how it affects me (silly, I know) but I like to have a just right journal with room for artsy overflows. 
 Oh, Mr. Adorable.  Isn't he beautiful?  
 The Prince and the Pea (cats find cozy spots, don't they?)
 I made an apple pie for Independence Day.  It's so pretty LOOKING but very "just okay" tasting.  I put too much water in the pie crust and I forgot to put flour in with the sugar and cinnamon.  I used the food processor to slice the apples and that was weird.  Oh well.  I guess I may have lost my pie baking skills.  
 Here, have some wool beauty.  I just get crazier and crazier about wool.  My fifth grade teacher taught us all to knit and my mother in law retaught me 35 years ago.  I'm so grateful.  I have loved knitting for a long long time.

I've been sewing a purple dress and purple pants. Yes, another weird granny outfit.  It's cute though.  It's an old handmade pattern given to me at Young Life camp by a creative young person.  I've saved it all these years (over  30) and now I am using it again. I love it when THAT happens.
Thank you for stopping in, good visitor.  
I hope you are feeling calm and happy today, but if you are not, I pray peace would come soon.