Saturday, July 20, 2019

Thank you, God, for Summer's Glory

 It's that time of the summer when the flowers feel good, what with all the sun and a downpour or two in the late afternoon.  
 I always like showing you an actual finish!  Socks!  Millie Rose will wear them at night.  Her mama puts essential oils on the girls' feet to ward off sickness.  It seems to work! 

I'm knitting a sheep.  It was fun to learn the loop stitch.
 Today I took my book outside to finish it while listening to the rain storm.  The flowers all look so fresh after a good douse of water from God.
 James and Noah got a puppy!  He's an angel pie.  I went to the vet with them so Noah wouldn't have to sit in the consulting room too long. 
 When Sam and Plum were here last weekend, we ate lots of berries.  Plum likes cucumbers, too. 
 Oh God in Heaven and all around us, thank you for the heat of summer, the bright light and the garden.  Thank you for the comfort you generously give and the way you bind our hearts together.  Amen.

Thank you for popping in to see what's going on in my little corner.  You are kind and I like you.
God be with you.


Jeanie said...

What beautiful colors here -- all those glorious flowers and that very sweet dog. It looks like summer is being good to you.

Granny Marigold said...

Oh the sweet puppy. The boys are going to have such fun with it. ( I had typed 'him' but I don't think you mentioned if it's a girl or boy pup.)
It's very hot here but we had an impromptu BBQ with 2 of our sons this evening along with various other family members. It was fun. Such a summery thing to do.

Angela said...

Glorious colours - God has blessed us richly indeed. Have a wonderful Sunday x

Henny Penny said...

Your flowers are so bright and cheerful. That puppy looks sweet and cuddly. Love your words and the pictures.

Lisa Richards said...

The flowers are gorgeous and the socks are so cute!
I spent a couple of hours reading outdoors yesterday. Kept moving my chair to follow the shade. Everything is so green! I was thankful, too. :)

happyone said...

Oh my those are some snazzy socks and slippers!!
The puppy is adorable.
The summer blooms sure are pretty.

Wood Fairy said...

how lovely this post is Pompom, I have missed you in blogland. The puppy is delightful and will be such a lot of fun for the kids. I have had a walk in the woods with youngest son today, we saw a deer and paused for a moment to admire, also something that may have been a stoat, we aren't sure as it didn't wait long, it was a lovely moment and reminded me that God is most definitely all around us.

Come Away With Me said...

Amen to that! Ah, the colors you surround yourself with . . . so very satisfying to the eye and the heart both. Thank God for them and thank God for you too, dear Pom Pom. How blessed it is to enjoy a rain storm in the middle of the summer. Not something we often enjoy here but I can certainly imagine how lovely it would be. I hope you are staying cool enough in this major heat wave taking over much of our nation. I'm thankful for somewhat cooler temps here today. May the rest of your Sunday be filled with blessings, and have a wonderful week. That sheep you are knitting is intriguing; can't wait to see more!

Julia said...

God is good indeed and we thank Him for the Summer heat and the bounty of the earth and all the beauty that comes with Summer.

Yay for finishing your hand-knitted socks. They are beautiful and so are your flowers.
Oh, that puppy just melts my heart. He is so adorable.
Thanks for your visit and comment. Enjoy the rest of your Summer days.
Hugs, Julia

Kit said...

Your post is so colorful and you know me, I love color! :) Kit

Debi said...

Sounds like you are having a delightful summer! I can't wait to see your sheep, that look stitch looks like fun!

elizabeth said...

oh I want to see that sheep! so fun, puppy, grands and knitting! and summer fruit! a big HUG!

Kezzie said...

What a joyous post!!! The puppy is so cute!!!
Your socks look brilliant on her- and what fun Crocs she has!!

ellen b. said...

Amen to your content prayer to our God. :)

M.K. said...

What a sweet little puppy! Your socks are pretty too. I wonder which essential oils she puts on their feet? I might try that.
We have had so little rain. This is a dry, parched, windy summer. We are hoping for a storm. Our heat has been extreme. I'm ready for fall. I long for thunderstorms and gray skies this time of year.
Your flowers are so pretty!!

Gumbo Lily said...

I love all the flowers! Rains from God are the best for growing things. I like to bring flowers in from the garden. I like your bouquet. and the fruits! Socks are cute! Happy Summer, Karen!

Kim said...

Wish oh wish it was Summer here. =) Your summery gorgeousness warms my soul.