Friday, August 28, 2020

Sea Views

I'm back from Washington!  The flights and shuttles were easy.  I knit in the airport and on the plane.  

I met my brother's family goats.  

I walked a fun trail with my sister in law.  This area is called Bayview. 
We went to Guemes Island. 

Every day we had iPad lessons.  My mom is such a good learner.  It didn't take long for her to understand and enjoy her new iPad.

 I need a little time to regroup because it's almost my birthday month and I plan on happy birthday-ing myself quite a bit.  My new bike came and it's beautiful!  I can ride faster and follow different paths.  I sing while I ride (when there aren't a bunch of people around).  It's gleeful, I tell you!

I shall make a list of September doings.  What are you going to do?  Could you buy yourself a few school supplies?  Maybe you need a new backpack?  How about a new cardigan?  The garden is begging me to pull things up and make more room.  I have a lot of new Norwex cloths for fall cleaning.  We have children's musicals every weekend.  Wow.  I'm realizing September is going to be very full.  I think my birthday partying might be hard to squeeze in.  Maybe I should bake and eat my cake now.

Are you sad to say good bye to August?  

Thank you for popping in.  I'll be back soon with news of The Jolly Postman and his trip around the USA and then across the pond.  

God be with you!

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Yellow Love

I'm not sure what this plant is but yellow has been my favorite color lately.  I have a new yellow cardigan, a yellow phone, a yellow comforter, a yellow computer case, and even a pair of yellow pants.  Do you like yellow?

We brought BT over to our house when James and Noah went on vacation with their mom and dad.  He was very nervous being in an unfamiliar place,  so I sat on the sofa with him a lot.  He's such a nice warm boy.  He did like walking our neighborhood and did not pull on his leash. I really like him

Look at this toothless boy! 
I realized that my turquoise sun hat makes me look funny.  I think my baseball cap makes me look borderline bald😂, but it feels nice and snug.  I have never looked very good in hats but I did notice that maybe similar to weighted blankets, a hat can make one feel safe.  Remember how it says in Ephesians 6:17 "... take the helmet of salvation"?  Above all, the helmet of salvation makes me feel safe forever!
The volunteer marigolds are so vibrant.  The seeds rest in the dirt all winter and then pop up again around the garden.  I appreciate them.  Our flowerbeds are sort of wild and crazy this year.
 In a little over a week I am going to fly up to Washington State to see my dear mama and my brothers (and their lovely wives).  Flying is very different now.  I can't wait to spend time with my mother in her new house and garden.  What a sweet treat it will be!

August is hot here.  Sometimes it's too hot to eat our dinner outside.  My sinuses tend to ache this time of year.  It's okay.  The visual gift of sun-fed flowers and vegetables is breathtaking.

I hope you are well.  Thank you for popping in to say hello! 

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Pictures of Now

Do you like this lemon yellow sunflower?  It's growing in the crazy cosmos bed and I must pull some things to make more room.  I hate pulling up flowers.

Here's a cozy spot for you to sit. 

The sky has been very blue.

I washed my bunny slippers.

Tim likes having us home a bit more.  He has two possible laps for his multiple naps.

Sondra and I went exploring and ate our lunch by the river.

We came upon adorable nuns! 
I've been loving this day-by-day book.  It's so good to pray scripture.  I like saying God's WORD when I pray.
I'm cross stitching a little, so I was sort of sorting threads😂 and I'm not sure I'm an organized cross stitcher. 
August is full-on flower time and the blooms in our garden are so happy looking.  Today I took a little nap in the sunshine (it was a little cloudy, so bearable heat-wise).  I know I want to savor summer.  I'm really hoping for a little wood stove to go in the fireplace spot so I can make my hobbit hole a bit warmer.  Bill doesn't like to mess with wood, so it might not happen.  It's fun to think about though! Cold weather is a long way away.
God bless you.  Thank you for coming by to say hello!