Saturday, August 1, 2020

Pictures of Now

Do you like this lemon yellow sunflower?  It's growing in the crazy cosmos bed and I must pull some things to make more room.  I hate pulling up flowers.

Here's a cozy spot for you to sit. 

The sky has been very blue.

I washed my bunny slippers.

Tim likes having us home a bit more.  He has two possible laps for his multiple naps.

Sondra and I went exploring and ate our lunch by the river.

We came upon adorable nuns! 
I've been loving this day-by-day book.  It's so good to pray scripture.  I like saying God's WORD when I pray.
I'm cross stitching a little, so I was sort of sorting threads😂 and I'm not sure I'm an organized cross stitcher. 
August is full-on flower time and the blooms in our garden are so happy looking.  Today I took a little nap in the sunshine (it was a little cloudy, so bearable heat-wise).  I know I want to savor summer.  I'm really hoping for a little wood stove to go in the fireplace spot so I can make my hobbit hole a bit warmer.  Bill doesn't like to mess with wood, so it might not happen.  It's fun to think about though! Cold weather is a long way away.
God bless you.  Thank you for coming by to say hello! 


Kim said...

How lilliputian the cosmos looks standing in front of that big, sunshiney sun flower. Your reading spot looks cosy. read Anne of Green Gables. I must pull out my Anne if Green Gables collection again and re-read for the millionth time. =) I am just in the mood to re-acquaint myself with Anne and Diana. It must be fun to go on walks with your friend and enjoy lunch by the river. Enjoy your summer days, dear Pom Pom.

Farm Girl said...

What pretty pictures! What fun things you have been doing. Your sunflower is lovely. Its so nice to visit you and see all of the pictures. Very cute nuns.

Lynn said...

Lovely pictures, beautiful flowers. I love reading about your days.x

happyone said...

A happy post with beautiful pictures.
Always a pleasure to stop by and see what you're up to.

magsmcc said...

Oh, a hobbit hole with larders full of hung hams and jars of jam. I suppose that's what we've all been living for a while now!

Susie said...

Pretty place to have lunch and adventures. I would love to nap like a cat, sleep all day. LOL. Your bunny slippers are happy to be clean . Blessings, xoxo, Susie

ellen b. said...

It's always fun to read about how you enjoy life in your home and outside of it. Looks like a worthwhile book...
Happy August!

M.K. said...

I think that sunflower is just lovely - so different! The lemon color is bright and pretty.
I am ready for autumn, as always :) Your woodstove idea sounds heavenly! If Bill doesn't like fiddling with wood (understandable), could you put a little gas stove in there instead? I've always wanted one of those. Or they make electric ones you can plug in, and they look like a fire and put out heat. I've been tempted with those -- not as authentic or satisfying as real wood, of course.
Take care, and enjoy the end of your warm summer! We are waiting for a kind-of hurricane.

Jeanie said...

I love the lemon sunflower! I'd leave it there or else cut it and bring inside.

Hi, Tim! meow!

Granny Marigold said...

Hi PomPom, My hand is less swollen and I can type again.
I love that blue sky and the summery clouds in your photos! I'm trying to savour summer too but when the thermometer hits 30 I melt. Summer is lovely but Fall is even better.

Lowcarb team member said...

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful selection of photographs.
Love your bunny slippers!

All the best Jan

Lisa Richards said...

A cheery sunflower, a happy little trail, cute nuns, a mushroom lunch pail (?), thoughts of wood stoves (in the future), scriptures to pray. What a lot of good things! God bless you and yours! :)

R's Rue said...

Beautiful flower.

Jean | said...

Beautiful photography, Pom Pom. And such a cheerful, refreshing post. I've never seen a sunflower that shade of yellow. Beautiful! I want to paint it.