Saturday, July 25, 2020

A Happy Recipient of Summer

 Hello!  I finished a little hat for a baby named Beatrice Hope.  Now to soak and block it and mail it off to the new granny (friend).
On one of my walks I found a lovely little cherry tree.  The fruit is so shiny and red!  Who doesn't love cherries?

We had a tea party a while back.  Tea parties are guaranteed fun. 

 After the tea party, Granny was tired.
 My friend Ronda and I kind of lost our way on our walk last week, but we eventually found it again.  Isn't this a pretty house/out building?
 Along our new walk we came upon this lovely art surprise. 

 Our garden is getting a little wild (a lot wild) and I must take the shovel and clear a bit.  The dominate girl?  Yes, the sunflower.  She's spread herself out everywhere. 

 Here's the first cucumber.  Jeff will make pickles if the plants produce well.  So far, they are just getting started.  I ate this cucumber. It tasted like summer.
Bill and I are going to Sam's Club this morning to buy tri tips for dinner (Jenny's family is coming).  Other than that (and a little bookkeeping for Bill's ministry) I can do what I want to.  
It's nice to be a recipient of summer, a vessel for the filling of God's gracious spirit-filled love, and human with the capacity to feel content and to experience huge surges of affection for those He brings my way.
Nobody can take that away.  Yay! 


Elizabethd said...

Lovely little cucumber. Mine are just starting and they taste wonderful!
What an amazing sunflower! They bring such joy into the garden.

Farm Girl said...

What a lovely summer post! Your flowers are so lovely. I love the pictures of your tea party. You are having a nice summer, Your flowers are always so brights and happy, Have a wonderful day.

ellen b. said...

Amen about your last thoughts. God is good to us. A fun summery post with lots of sweet things to enjoy. Have a good weekend!

Between Me and You said...

I love the new baby hat and what a gorgeous name she has. I'm knitting 'diaper soakers' for our new Prince because his Mummy is using re-usable nappies and liners. I told her that when mine were babies, disposable nappies had just been invented and I couldn't wait to run to the shops and buy some and then come home and get rid of the smelly nappy bin under the kitchen sink forever and ever! It's more important these days to look after the environment so I admire my daughter-in-law in her efforts to be enviro-friendly. Your tea party looks so summery and I love the 'art-birds' on the tree. Have a great weekend, my

Julia said...

Oh, I love that tea party with all the fancy dishes and the flowers and the pretty girls. It looks like loads of fun and it will be sweet memories for them. I can only imagine that the conversations around the table were most amicable.

Where is Timothy kitty? Snoozing I bet...

Those cherries are looking might inviting and so bright red.
Yes God is good and I thank him many times a day. He brings us so many, many gifts every day.

Enjoy your weekend.
Hugs, Julia

Lynn said...

I love your flowers and tea party. x

Susie said...

You made me smile saying the cucumber tasted like summer. Some things just do. Like the first tomato, melons . Oh gee wish I had a tomato after I just wrote that. Loved seeing the flowers. Blessings to you and yours, xoxo, Susie

happyone said...

Like those red cherries!
Always fun to have a tea party.
Love the tree with all the birds. What a great idea!

Granny Marigold said...

Tea parties with the grands sounds like a lot of fun... but tiring too.
Those cherries are the reddest cherries I've ever seen. I think they would taste delicious. I bought dark red ones and they're tasty too.

Julie said...

Hello Pom Pom. I think Beatrice Hope is just the most beautiful girls name ... the hat will be adorable. Love the colours. Your sunflowers look so happy & smiley ... lovely to see on this cold winters day.

Kim said...

Tea parties with the prettiest of china is always the best of fun. Beatrice Hope's hat is so sweet.

Debi said...

I so enjoyed this post! We have just started picking our cucumbers too. They taste so much better than the ones we buy at the grocery!

Lisa Richards said...

You're a serious knitter! You actually make things for people to wear, lol. Wish I did that!
Tea parties are fun. Ours are less formal and the girls use lemonade drink mix instead of tea, so I don't have to worry about hot water. :)
What a great idea someone had of putting birds on the tree!
I like those green stripey pants you're wearing! Are they a 100 Acts of Sewing pattern?
May God bless and keep you all as you enjoy a great summer. There are so many things to be thankful for in the midst of some craziness. God is good and He is here!

Jeanie said...

This is so delightful. Love the tea party and I also love the sunflowers. They're so very happy!

Lowcarb team member said...

This is such a lovely summery post.
Great selection of flowers, and I did enjoy your mosaic pictures of your tea party.

Enjoy these last few July days.

All the best Jan

magsmcc said...

Hi, PP. Out of the things we got around to planting as a Lockdown activity, the broccoli seems to be the most enthusiastic. In fact, I suspect it thinks it is a little forest of magic beanstalks. I'll delighted with broccoli or beans. Something is enjoying the juicy red pepper leaves, so we'll probably not be enjoying those at all, and the poor pumpkins plants are bravely pumping out yellow flowers as they gasp over the rims of their pots. Our fingers are not green! We did plant sunflower seeds. No comment there at all!