Wednesday, February 17, 2021


Hello friends!  I want to tell you that I had COVID, was sick in bed for 7-8 days and then was taken to the hospital with COVID pneumonia!  I was in the hospital for six days.
I was so weak, so vulnerable.  I had intestinal distress and I didn't know that I was not getting enough oxygen.  I am not a medicine person. I didn't know how to help myself. I believe that being so physically vulnerable and alone (COVID wards are completely isolated - absolutely NO visitors) that Jesus the Healer came to me and healed me.  I  believe He placed His angels in the corners of that hospital room.  I relearned that without Christ I am nothing.  It is a good lesson to learn.  I feel clean and born again. 
The food at the hospital was a treat!  A gift!   

The view out the window = sky!
The bed was soft and comfy.
The hospital itself is beautiful.
Going home!  Being alive!  (People do die from COVID)

I am so grateful to be home and to feel so good.  I'm thankful for recently developed COVID therapies and how they worked.  I appreciate each meal, each warm piece of clothing.  My family loved me so dearly and cared for me so tenderly.  I feel rich and renewed.

 Yesterday I went to my local yarn store and bought sock wool.  That was fun!  We ate pancakes to commemorate the beginning of Lent. 

Oh, God the only GOD!  I belong to you!