Friday, July 16, 2021

Jolly Moves On! Video and EVERYTHING!

 Jolly has arrived at MK's in North Carolina and she made a YouTube video of the opening of the package!  It's so cute!  Do go over to her blog and view!  

MK's Jolly Post


I am so amazed at my sweet blogging friends!  Lisa and Heather have gone above and beyond in their treatment of Jolly!  Aren't bloggers nice?

 Jolly's wives so far are VERY interesting!  He IS going to have a very hard time choosing!

Kate at The Last Homely House East of the Sea on YouTube sells beautiful artistic items in her online shop and I ordered these square cards.  Aren't they beautiful?  I love them!  

Thank you for being interested in Jolly!  God be with you! 

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Jolly Leaves Indiana

Jolly had a wonderful visit to Indiana!  I hope he doesn't confuse Ruth with Ruthie!  Now he has nine would-be wives in his parcel!  

His book is getting prettier and prettier and he has only visited two hostesses after leaving Pom Pom's house!  What a treasure this will be when he finally returns to Denver!

He stayed with Heather for two months.  She's a busy bee, teaching nature journaling online.  I am enjoying her All Creatures Great and Small class, but I am way behind.  The very convenient aspect of Heather's online courses is that you have access to the sessions for two years.  I'll probably need the whole two years to complete my journal. 
Sondra and I went on a picnic to the river.  Isn't it beautiful?

We had a delicious lunch!
One of my walks last week included these bold friends.  They must think every human is kind because they are not shy!
James and Noah went to Disneyland!
Birdie, Miss Bug, and Millie Rose went to camp in California!
Brad's family visited a dairy farm, but I can't seem to get that photo to upload.  It looked like a lot of fun!  Everyone is doing summery things.
Jenny took care of B.T.  Doesn't he look happy as a clam?  He isn't supposed to sleep on beds, but he seems to feel okay about breaking the rules.

Sondra and I prayed and sang Psalms at our favorite chapel!

My granny had another birthday, my mom and sisters and I remembered her on what we call Grandma Evelyn Day.  Here's a diary entry from one of her birthdays.  I'm so glad she had cake!

Jenny, the girls, and one of their friends (and my friend, too!) went to our pool.  There are 3 reserved lap lanes every day so I ordered a swim cap, goggles, and a kick board so I can swim at the pool next time I go. 

Today I have a very busy day.  I hope I have time for a nap.  Our garden is thriving!  Next time we'll tromp through the flowers, okay?

God be with you, sweet reader.  I love it when you pop in!  xoxoxo