Wednesday, March 24, 2021

A Few Things

 Hi!  I was cleaning the house, getting ready for our small group and I decided to make a curtain to cover up the clutter.  So, behind the checked skirt is "stuff" that I didn't have the verve to organize!
I had a flat tire at the grocery store so I had to wait for Bill to pick me up.  The geese in the parking lot are not shy.

I hope you can be still for a while today. 
I also hope you sense the Light.

I am going to cook some bacon in the oven this morning and then I think I'll bake a gluten-free, sugar-free apple pie.  We'll see how that works.

I have a good idea for the Jolly Postman's journey.  It's probably been fairly obvious that I have been lacking some focus since I've been talking about Jolly's blog hop and country hop for over a year😂
Jolly Postman is going to travel to different blog hostess's homes/towns because he is looking for a wife.  Each blogger that welcomes him will set him up on "dates" and as he travels the world, he'll take all the potential brides with him in his book of envelopes.  By the time he gets to Mags in Ireland, he will have A LOT of choices with him. When he returns to me, I'll organize the potential wives and send him to one lucky hostess and she will choose the wife for Jolly.
I'm going to write my Jolly/wife story and make a few wife candidates before I send him (and the girls) to Lisa.  I think it sounds fun and funny.  Do you?  It's very silly.
I'm sure you've heard of the great tragedy that occurred in Boulder, Colorado.  We grieve and we pray for the broken hearts of the families who lost a loved one. Thank you for praying, too.
It's snowing here. Time for bacon and pie.
Thank you for popping in, friend!


Thursday, March 4, 2021

Thank YOU!

I finished a sweater a while ago and blocked it.  It is so warm!  Do you like the wacky colors?
My generous mama treated Jenny and I to a weekend away.  Kelli was in Hawaii and Bill didn't want to go to a hotel (you know, he has traveled the world and he loves being HOME) so Jenny said, "Take me!" We had so much fun and the hotel staff were beyond kind.  The first night our heat didn't work so they sent us to a room by the sparkly lake!  Wow!

I could get used to the cushy life, but I am ever so grateful to be well and live in our cozy mouse nest all of the time!
When we got home Jeff and Jenny's families both joined us for dinner.  FUN!
Oh my goodness!  Thank you for all of your kind and compassionate comments on my last post.  You are a great group of friends.  I am healing up so well.  Some days I can feel a gentle reminder coming from my lungs.  I can breathe just fine but if I overdo, I feel a little tenderness, a small pinch.  It's the scars healing.  I receive this as a reminder that a nap is in order!  I have been taking blissful naps and sleeping very soundly.  As most of you know (insomnia) THAT is a lovely thing!
I've decided that Granny wears aprons.  I have two aprons now and one more coming.  Aprons are underrated!  It's so nice to have a nice long layer and pockets when one is bumping about the house, don't you think so?
I've been having so much fun knitting.
I finished this scarf/shawl/neck wrap!  It's cozy and warm.  You do grow accustomed to having something warm around your neck. 
About Jolly the Postman.  He has not abandoned his plan to visit lovely bloggers.  I have written my part of his story twice and now I must do it again.  I rather like the idea of him waiting until things around the world return to somewhat normal status.  It seems we are nearing the end (but that's hard to predict, I know).  Jolly is eager.  He longs to meet people and see things.  His passport is ready. The envelopes for the bloggers' stories are ready.  Soon, he will fly to Lisa's in Minnesota, then Heather in Indiana, then MK in North Carolina.  From there he'll fly across the pond to Angela and then carry on to Ireland to see Mags.  His last stop will be with Annie in Scotland.  Unless Kim from Australia still wants him.  If so, that will be his last visit before he comes back to me. Please let me know, Kim.  No worries if you'd rather just watch him zig zag about!  After I sort out his travel log, he'll go to one of the bloggers (a winner!) permanently.  That's the plan. Did I forget anyone?  
Thank you so much for popping in to check on me.  Jean from Delightful Repast reminded me to let you know that I am healing up and feeling spry when she said she popped over to check.  Thanks, sweet Jean! 
So, God bless you! God bless you!  God bless you!
I'm so thankful for each one of YOU!