Monday, June 30, 2014

Pottery Fun

 My neighbor (and good friend) Reve has been telling me about the Polish Pottery Outlet for a while now.  I had no idea how close it is to our house (dangerous) and how GORGEOUS so much, all in one place, could be!  

 We both love dishes and have too many.  Many women in my family love dishes, too.  I have three beautiful cousins that I know collect Polish Pottery and I wish they lived closer so I could shop with them.  I really don't know much about it or appreciate it quite enough yet.  Truthfully, seeing all this loveliness in one spot was like a drink from a fire hose!  I am so glad it's close so I can think about it and go back when I have some extra pocket money.
 I bought the cross because of Rumer Godden.  I have finished my second Rumer Godden novel (also about nuns) and I'm so taken with her style.  The story and the characters are lasting, they make a big impression.  I mean for the cross I bought to be a marker of this time in my life when I have been reading her work.
 My art buddy Lisa sent me a parcel.  Her blog is Pen, Ink, and Maybe Some Paint (see blog roll).  I love her work.  She made me a foldable art journal with lovely Lisa drawings and then sent me two empty ones.  FUN!  

 Here's my next Rumer read!  Yay!

 Here are two wonderful pieces of GRANDchild art.  I know!  BEAUTIFUL!
Miss Bug made the one above.  I think the "I love you, Mom" is so precious.  She knows her mama (our Kelli) is very very good.  Aw.
We have a big week with our grands.  We'll see them all.  James and his mama are coming for lunch tomorrow.  CB and Finn are coming on Thursday for Granny Camp!  We are anticipating the fun.  They'll be here on the 4th of July.  Double fun!
I've been washing all the dishes I have on shelves around the house.  I've been writing more letters.  I've been using essential oils to scent our rooms and massage our aches and pains.  The sun is shining very bright today and my hollyhocks are about to bloom.  Every good thing DOES come down from God indeed.

Friday, June 27, 2014

A Letter, Curtains, and Cutie Pies

 Hi Friends!  I HAVE been writing letters.  Not one a day, but one ALMOST every day!  I copied a drawing from Babette Cole's Princess Smarty Pants.  This letter is to sweet Cadence our oldest granddaughter.  She writes back!

 I tied my fake flowers to the entry posts.  When the peonies were blooming and I had left over flowers from school, I didn't want to add fake with fresh.  Silly.

 My project today was this.  Curtains for the garage.  They don't look quite as "WOW!" as I thought they were going to (in my dreams) but I am VERY glad to have completed all that straight sewing.  

 I know it hasn't been that long since I planted these, but it seems like they are taking forever to "take".
 Yes, I know.  It would have been good to thin the carrots.  
 Radishes sure are encouraging!

 Here's our piper, Brad.  He's our oldest and he's always been musical.  I'm so proud of him. Doesn't he look Scottish?
 While we were waiting for him to pipe by in the parade we noticed this funny "lap dog"!
 Fun!  Scary, though.

 We had so much fun with Brad and April and the kids.  Notice Atticus and Aria's faces.  Ha!

Then these three came to our house for a sleepover.  They slept (brace yourself) TWELVE hours at Granny's.  Wow!

 The next day, Sam and Lizzy came.  Sam wanted to make cookies as soon as Lizzy went down for her nap.  Lizzy aka Plum Cake.
 Grampy took Sam for a walk to the grocery store and Plum stayed with me.  Doesn't she look cozy?

Finally, sweet James!  Isn't he sweet?  I love his gentle face!
I've been reading a lot.  I'm still relishing the story presented in In This House of Brede.  I loved it so much that I'm leaving it out for a while.  I miss the characters.
I'm knitting a yellow shawl that is very puffy and cozy.  It is for my mama, to keep her warm around the shoulders this fall and winter.
Every little simple joy like making tasty meals, writing letters, using essential oils, watering flowers, baking cookies, and ironing feels right and good.  I am very thankful for peace.
God be with you.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lavender and Nuns

 We've been away with our bagpiper and his dear family and I'll tell you about that soon.  It's nice to be home again.  Yes, home is best.  
I was told that lavender doesn't come back here in the high country, but mine did!  By the chimney, the delicate blooms pictured above have shown themselves.  
 After too many meals of grilled and fried this and that, I had to go to the grocery and buy some real food.  Apricots and pears are so perfume-like this time of year.  
 I am absolutely smitten with this book by my new favorite writer, Rumer Godden.  I had never heard of her until I read The Doll's House.  I do love her name (like you, Sandra) and her writing is exquisite.  She writes in a direct manner, informative and with sharp intellect and the story, the plot, is full of high thinking. There is no show off-y humor or off-putting wordplay.  She had a lovely and clear gift and I can see why one reviewer on Amazon said that she had read this book three times.  

I am fascinated by nuns.  Of course I loved the nun parts in The Sound of Music and I was a grade school child when we watched The Flying Nun on television.  My love for nuns resurfaced when I viewed the three seasons of Call the Midwife.  In This House of Brede is a deeper look at the religious life.  
I bought this to listen to while I walk (and while I type):
Rex Pacificus:
The Epiphany of Christ the King
Benedictine Nuns of Notre-Dame d'Argentan

It's so peaceful.  I have no idea what they are singing and I love it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Walking, Garden Fun, and a Great Book!

 I really missed "the neighborhood" when I was away all day teaching.  Yesterday I went for a morning walk and it was quiet and peaceful (because everyone is at work, right?)

 I found this little bird feeder in someone's pretty yard.
 All of the fresh new leaves still look juicy and lush.
 Can you name this rose?
 This backyard looks like a park!
 The treetops and the clouds in the sky make the outdoors so welcoming.  Peaceful.
 Bill got to hold sweet baby James on Father's Day.
 We celebrated with a two hour fun fest!  Chicken wings, potato salad, fruit and chips! 

 All of the females wanted to hold James, too!

 I've had a collection of stuffed singing birds for almost ten years, but now the girls are all having fun with them.  
 Aw, Miss Bug!  YOU are a wonder!
 We LOVE Christie!  She's full of calm and cheer.
 Go, Plum Cake, go!

 I love Birdie's dress!  She likes being close to her mama.
 She got to hold baby James, too!
 I finally cozied up the plastic deck chairs.

 I'm just about finished with the planting.
 Pool things and balls in the spider pit.
 Here's my kitchen herb garden.  Smells sweet!

 Toadstool spotting!
 I broke a leg on this 5 dollar garage sale cricket chair.  I sawed the legs off so we can have a garden perch.  Bill says the grands will fight over it.  Oh well.

 Hello, Robby!

 Something tells me this is the summer of the hollyhock!
 See how my Peter Rabbit garden grows?
 Come on over!  You can sit in my garden perch!
 Sorry about the security system sign, but aren't the roses lovely?
 Do you like the bird church? We missed you last Sunday.
 The peonies are still brightening up the front garden!

I just finished The Doll's House by Rumer Godden.  WHAT a wonderful children's story.  Have you read it?

I've always loved dolls.  My favorites are rag dolls like Ann.  This story is about a farthing doll.  The story centers around the little "family" of dolls and their desire for a house.  It's so cheerful and sophisticated, too!  

Thank you for your encouragement regarding letter writing.  I sent two yesterday.  I know it is VERY important to keep an updated address system.  That way it's easy to decide who to write to.  
Summer is so beautiful right now.  We've had warm breezes and moderate temperatures.  Otherwise, I would not have been able to endure an entire afternoon of gardening.  I'm planting red today.  I plan on drinking another BIG glass of lemonade when I finish.
The birds are frequenting the feeders and yesterday a flicker spent a good deal of time eating seeds.  His gorgeous plumage cheered me.

It's time to tidy my desk and turn the iron on.  Thank you so much for stopping in.