Friday, June 27, 2014

A Letter, Curtains, and Cutie Pies

 Hi Friends!  I HAVE been writing letters.  Not one a day, but one ALMOST every day!  I copied a drawing from Babette Cole's Princess Smarty Pants.  This letter is to sweet Cadence our oldest granddaughter.  She writes back!

 I tied my fake flowers to the entry posts.  When the peonies were blooming and I had left over flowers from school, I didn't want to add fake with fresh.  Silly.

 My project today was this.  Curtains for the garage.  They don't look quite as "WOW!" as I thought they were going to (in my dreams) but I am VERY glad to have completed all that straight sewing.  

 I know it hasn't been that long since I planted these, but it seems like they are taking forever to "take".
 Yes, I know.  It would have been good to thin the carrots.  
 Radishes sure are encouraging!

 Here's our piper, Brad.  He's our oldest and he's always been musical.  I'm so proud of him. Doesn't he look Scottish?
 While we were waiting for him to pipe by in the parade we noticed this funny "lap dog"!
 Fun!  Scary, though.

 We had so much fun with Brad and April and the kids.  Notice Atticus and Aria's faces.  Ha!

Then these three came to our house for a sleepover.  They slept (brace yourself) TWELVE hours at Granny's.  Wow!

 The next day, Sam and Lizzy came.  Sam wanted to make cookies as soon as Lizzy went down for her nap.  Lizzy aka Plum Cake.
 Grampy took Sam for a walk to the grocery store and Plum stayed with me.  Doesn't she look cozy?

Finally, sweet James!  Isn't he sweet?  I love his gentle face!
I've been reading a lot.  I'm still relishing the story presented in In This House of Brede.  I loved it so much that I'm leaving it out for a while.  I miss the characters.
I'm knitting a yellow shawl that is very puffy and cozy.  It is for my mama, to keep her warm around the shoulders this fall and winter.
Every little simple joy like making tasty meals, writing letters, using essential oils, watering flowers, baking cookies, and ironing feels right and good.  I am very thankful for peace.
God be with you.


TexWisGirl said...

the curtains look good! how nice to have a bagpiper in the family! i'm impressed!

Sara said...

Hi Pom Pom, it is wonderful to walk with you through your post and your day, and enjoy your enjoyment!

Kezzie said...

How lovely and grateful you are! I feel impatient about rocket seeds I planted last week-why can't I SeE anything yet??? Silly me for planting earlier!!! I love bagpipes, how fab to have him in the family! X

Happy@Home said...

Good to see you enjoying your days and doing the things you like to do.
Those letters sure do look like fun to write and even more fun to receive. Lucky grands!
How neat to have a bagpiper in the family.
Peace is indeed something to be thankful for.

Beth said...

I think that your garage curtains look very nice!

You have some beautiful grandchildren!

Lisa Richards said...

So glad to see you having so much fun with your family. And never to have that "I have to go to work" feeling, lol! I adore bagpipes...and kilts! You are blessed.
The letters look like so much fun. I should write letters like that to my stepdad to brighten his day as he cares for Mom.
I was just thinking about how slowly my garden plants seem to be growing. Yesterday I gave them a feeding with Miracle Grow, and...I wonder if it's just my imagination, or if they actually seem to have grown a lot over night!!
Thanks, once again, for sharing your contentment and your positive outlook on life. It really ministers to so many people. Blessings, dear friend.

Nana Go-Go said...

Not enough letter writing going on in the world, if you ask me. Everything's now,now,now. Love your love letter to your girl with the lovely name. They all have lovely names and are all as equally adorable. You're a Special Grandma, that's for sure. Bagpiper Brad rocks that kilt!!Well done

a tale from toadstoolhouse said...

Such happy times Dear Pom pom, We have so much to be grateful for.Our lovely families bring such joy. How amazing the 12 hour sleep,yay! The pater rabbit garden s looking bloomin lovely :) and I love your curtains and bunting. How wonderful your oldest granddaughter writes back,that is something wonderful and those letters treasured forever. wishing you a wonderful weekend and week ahead. I dont think I ever told you but I blog hopped from here last year to Susan Branch blog, I love it so much ,so just wanted to say thankyou :) lots of love juliexxx

Betty said...

I love that little face of James too - he looks a calm soul. You are going to love this! I have a library book about somay uses of bicarbonate of soda - it deters rabbits!!!! good news for you!!!! it also deters slugs apparently and since sprinkling on my herb tubs they have left promptly - hope it works on rabbits, please try some Pompom. I love your letter writing - it's so good for your grandchildren - I always wrote to my granny bless her and miss that letter writing,it's good to write - I miss her so very much but have wonderful memories of her - you are making such great memories with your grandchildren. Betty x

Betty said...

p.s. garage curtains did achieve the wow factor - bunting really sets them off - hard work but worth it.

Angela said...

More lovely Pompom pictures to brighten my day!

The curtains are cool - but I was looking at those kilts and thinking - SO much fabric- there are yards of tartan in one kilt on its own - let alone a marching band-ful!! I took my friend's lovely Black Watch tartan kilt to pieces once . It had been attacked by moth and was holey. I saved enough fabric to make myslef a plain straight hole-free skirt.

I don't have grandchildren yet - but this time next year I shall be Mother-Of-The-Bride. So hope it won't be too long vbefore I can write letters to my GKs

summer blessings, my friend

elizabeth said...

I like your curtains, they look fresh and pretty.
What fun you are having with your little ones!

Maggie said...

Oh I love reading your posts! Doesn't Brad look handsome in his kilt? Lovely grandchildren and the curtains looks so pretty with the bunting. Maggie xx

Nancy McCarroll said...

Sweet PomPom, your posts always give me a warm glow.

Your garden and your grandchildren look like they are thriving. It is because of all the love you give them, I am sure of it.

Like that lap dog!

Chel @ Sweetbriar Dreams said...

Such a lovely varied post, full of colour. I love your photos of the little ones and their different expressions. You have a wonderful family xx

Farm Girl said...

I love your curtains. That is a lot of sewing. It looks so happy though. I love all of your grands! What a lovely bunch,
I also thing your bagpiper is quite handsome. I have you have so much fun.
Your garden is coming right along.
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

M.K. said...

You sound SO content and happy, Pom. THat makes me happy too. Great family time -- I think the # of bagpipers in the nation is growing. I know a couple myself! Your garden is growing apace, and I think your curtains are delightful! So pretty from the street, and the bunting is very nice!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

it's always nice when folks write back, isn't it? love the pipes, even when they play Amazing Grace, although I've heard it annoys the Scots. that's a shame.
James is a sweet cutie pie; smooooocccchhhhh!

Amy at love made my home said...

I'm glad that you are enjoying your letter writing project, your letters look as though they would be lots of fun to receive!! Glad that you had such a great time with your grandchildren visiting! xx

Tassell, Tea pot, and life down under said...

Looks like you are enjoying retirement PomPom. The amazing thing about retiring is you get to do the things that you never get to do when you were working. Your garden is looking healthy and the grands look happy to spend time with nan.

Hope you have a good weekend.


Stephanie Faris said...

OMG I love those letters. Those are so awesome! My mom just retired. Unfortunately, her grandchildren live in Chicago and she lives in Nashville, but I think she's planning some trips to see them.

Kit said...

Oh what lovely and smile inducing photos! I think your curtains came out great and I love the flags. I should do something like that in my garden shed. :) Kit

puttermuch said...

Happy much to be thankful for :)Those little people are growing so fast!
Such darling curtains. I love red and I love gingham too.
Pom Pom, you have such a lovely family, full of joy, it shows in every single face. Enjoy this beautiful day!!

Gumbo Lily said...

I love seeing what you're up to these days. Busy hands! I think the curtained garage windows look very nice. The gingham looks neat next to your green shutters.

My garden is slow too. Certain flowers are slow, certain veggies don't look good. Thank heavens for radishes and garden lettuce!

I love a handsome man in a kilt! And those kiddos are so adorable. You must be enjoying them very much.

Deborah Montgomery said...

Such a nice post to read on my first visit here! Your letter looks very fun to receive! And I do like your curtains.

Heather LeFebvre said...

Oh boy! I wish we had a bagpiper. It would go so well with our heritage. :) I especially LOVE your letters!!!!!