Friday, June 13, 2014

Fun Outside and Inside

Kelli called it, "old fashion fun" and it WAS fun!  I filled tubs with soapy suds and Sam and Lizzy went to work washing doll dishes, plastic eggs, and plastic food.  Sam said, "I feel like a grown up."  I remember when Kelli was a little girl she said to me, "You get to do all the fun stuff!"  I was cooking in our little u-shaped kitchen at that moment.  

We called these the fairy beds.  They work for comfy popsicle eating.

 Isn't James irresistible?  I cannot stare at his face enough.  His mommy and daddy are SO crazy about him.  We all are!
 Doesn't he have a great hair style?
 I do love Fridays when they follow busy days of fun.  I like getting up before sunrise, drinking my coffee with Bill and then perching in my cluttered office for as long as I want to.  Bliss.

 This is a pretty church not too far from my home town.  Don't you love it that this little place of worship does not sport a parking lot?  Do you have a little church building nearby where you can pop in and sit quietly?  I aim to find one.

There is a lot of fun to be had simply gazing at interiors.  I've seen a Pinterest board that focuses entirely on artwork interiors.  It's lovely.  I like to tidy the Wendy house, separating and sorting, repositioning toadstool seats and stool/table.  I like to move stuff around in our house, too.  I often find myself baffled by all the "stuff" and I must clear away some things so there is room to rearrange.  My own mama still likes to move furniture.  She's always done a lot of furniture moving, all her life.  How often do you move things around?

New topic:  Do you write letters?
I like to.  I wonder if purposing to write one letter a day is realistic. What do you think?

Thank you for the warm-breeze welcome, Friday.  Thank YOU for stopping by to say hello.  


TexWisGirl said...

the girls doing 'fun stuff' are too cute. :) i used to write to my mother. she's been gone for years, now.

ann said...

You are just surrounded with cuteness. I am cleaning the fridge and the pantry this morning. Interestingly, I am enjoying myself. I used to move furniture, but. Of so much now. Have a dear day.

Farm Girl said...

Hello my happy friend.
Your babies are just scrumptious. I would stare at them all because I just enjoy watching them play and James is just so cute.
I love his hair too.
I am so glad you are having such nice days.
I love that church too, how nice to pop in and visit and be quiet. I have always been a furniture mover. Always.
My first memory as a little girl was always rearranging my room and my dolls.
I like to write letters but I am afraid I would get too side tracked to set a goal like that.
I hope you enjoy this day. It is pure bliss today. The ocean breeze showed up today.
Now for hooking for a bit. :)

Elizabethd said...

Sweet baby!
What a dear little church, a bit similar to our old church by the water here.

Elizabethd said...

Sweet baby!
What a dear little church, a bit similar to our old church by the water here.

Attic Clutter said...

Oh yes he is a cutie and the girls having so much fun..loving the summer looks like
those banner rolls omg look
soooooo good (:)

Betty said...

I like writing letters, one a day sounds like a huge challenge though! I would like to join a writing circle and write to people around the world, it would be fun. I love little James, he has neat hair, such a dear little baby. Churches here are often open during the day to pop inside, we have three small and very old ones with beautiful stained glass in the area (one I blogged about recently) although there are many more. Next week I am going to the church service inside the windmill - remember I went once before? if feels special and makes church fun. Hope you find a place that's special for you. Betty x

Jill at emeraldcottage said...

Such cute Little People :)Love the fairy beds :)
Thanks for visiting my blog, its been lovely having a nosy at yours, lots of fun photos :)

Granny Marigold said...

I've been reading your blog for some time and have finally "joined". I love reading your posts, I find them interesting and often inspiring. Love those adorable grandkids too!!

GretchenJoanna said...

James is gorgeous!
Writing one letter per day is not realistic for ME, I know that. I tried to write one per week, to one grandchild after another, and I couldn't even keep up that rate.

Amy at love made my home said...

Sadly I cannot remember the last time that I wrote a letter other than a business letter. We seem to just telephone or e-mail these days, even with people that I know overseas I e-mail. However, I do sent lots of birthday and Christmas cards and I know that some people have stopped those, but I will continue with them for as long as I can, but that will depend on the postage costs which are so high now! I hope that your letter writing project is fun and successful for you, I am sure that the recipients will love receiving letters from you! xx

Thistle Cove Farm said...

AAAdorable! now, isn't this far superior to leaving home every day for hours on end? although, those school children are the losers; may God send them another Godly woman to help form their tender hearts.

Nancy McCarroll said...

Girls doing all that fun stuff; how cute and how quickly THAT notion will disappear.

So glad you are home and blissfully enjoying your time. More good times ahead, for sure.

magsmcc said...

Letter writing, oh I shall be reaching for Toon Tellegen as the kettle boils! What about a letter a week? Is that more realistic. Let's have a letter a week summer event and send secret letters all over the globe...

Our churches are rarely open for a quiet moment. A quiet place. A thin place. That would be a useful spot xx

Fat Dormouse said...

Last Lent I tried to write a postcard a day to people - letters seemed too difficult. I'm afraid I didn't manage it though. Why not start with a goal of say three a week and see how that goes. I hardly ever write letters but I love receiving them...

Lisa Richards said...

Your washing game is a good idea! I just rearranged my living room a few days ago. I plan to do more rearranging all over the house.
I'm glad that you're allowing yourself the luxury of sitting in your office, pondering what you feel like doing at the moment. Enjoy!
I would have a hard time writing one letter a day, but you have a special talent in that area, so I wouldn't doubt that you could pull it off. As long as it's fun! I have a little something for you sitting on my coffee table. I hope to get it mailed to you as soon as I have a few more things to go with it. :)

libbyquilter said...

James is adorable and how wonderful to see his "smallness" when held in daddy's hands~! and oh my, that is some hair do~!!

i've always loved to move things around. i don't do as much of it as i used to simply because it takes a lot of energy but everything feels fresher when i take the time to redecorate/reorganize with holidays and seasons.

i used to love to write letters and i think commenting on blogs has taken much of that space in my life . . . a letter a day seems very ambitious to me but i have thought of trying to write at least one a week. i did say "thought". i often don't follow through.


Attic Clutter said...

OH I love churches..I take pics of them when I can
dads gone yes sad..
Have a good one (:)

the wayside wanderer said...

What fun! You are such a good grandma. I love that baby boy's happy hair. Enjoy those peaceful mornings. You deserve them. :)

Gumbo Lily said...

I had babies that had fun hair like sweet baby James does. I used to write letters on Sunday afternoons. I still write letters, but fewer and fewer it seems.

M.K. said...

If you enjoy letter-writing, I think one per day would be a happy thing, esp. if not too long, like a card. I don't really enjoy it, so it's a bit of a chore for me, I'm sorry to admit! Two churches here in our little town leave their sanctuary doors open all day long (and evening) for anyone to come in for prayer and meditation. Very sweet tradition. In larger cities, I think they really can't safely do that.

Your grands are so darling, and little James -- ah!, aren't new babies such a blessing in a home? What joy! To see a new little human, a new member of the "pack" :) BTW, you really must remove those cinnamon buns from the top of your blog. They are SUCH a temptation!