Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tree Cozy

 When I learned to make the ripples from Lucy's (Attic 24) tutorial, I was quite pleased.  As I rippled along, I realized that a blanket this would not be.  A rug?  No.  A tree cozy?  Yes.  What do you think?

 The photos are a bit dull today because it was a blustery COLD and rainy day.  It was a good day to sit on a stool (so Plum Cake could not reach) and play with Granny's phone.
 We steamed some more asparagus.
 The Dutch oven made a delicious pot roast.

The weekend is over and it's almost bedtime.  Tomorrow at school we'll talk about stories.
The entire staff has to pack everything up for building refurbishment so it won't be too weird to be giving books away and hauling the contents of my classroom to various locales. 
Five weeks to go!
I wish you a merry week, full of nice people and points of good rest. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Post Easter and Some News

 Bill "hid" the confetti eggs for the girls.  This particular part of Easter lunch was over in a flash!  All the grown ups had a good bit of confetti in their hair.

 Plum Cake spent a good bit of time in the Wendy house.

 Strawberries look good in blue, don't they?

 The Easter gowns were glorious.  Birdie didn't like the "itch" so she remedied it with a t-shirt.  Funny!

 Tea is now being served at Plum Cake's Cafe.
 Jenny took a spin around the driveway.

 Granny must figure out a better way to prepare food, because by the time the meal was over, I was out of steam.  Wimp!  Oh well!  It was a good day and Birdie gave me her empty tomb craft.  Sweet.
After a lot of consideration, Bill and I have decided that I am finished with classroom teaching.  It has been a full and rewarding ten years, but Pom Pom is returning home.  I'll help Bill with a bit of his work and I'll help with the grands, too!  I feel extremely peaceful and I am enjoying each last day with my current students.  

I hope you have a happy, blue-sky day!
Thank you for popping by!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Marching Song

 Happy Easter to all of you!  

 Marching Song by Robert Louis Stevenson

Bring the comb and play upon it!
     Marching, here we come!
Willie cocks his highland bonnet,
     Johnnie beats the drum.

Mary Jane commands the party,
     Peter leads the rear;
Feet in time, alert and hearty,
     Each a Grenadier!

All in the most martial manner
     Marching double-quick;
While the napkin like a banner
     Waves upon the stick!

Here's enough of fame and pillage,
     Great commander Jane!
Now that we've been round the village,
     Let's go home again.
When a granny prepares Easter lunch, she must aim to do as much of the meal as possible, ahead of time.  She can't hide eggs or take a march to the park if she's elbow-deep in sudsy water, trying to get the meal on the table.  
So, this granny has cupcakes to bake, cinnamon roll dough to prepare, strawberries to slice and sugar-up liberally (smile) and a quick trip out to get a few charming little tokens that say, "HE is risen!"  
Don't we get so wrapped up in philosophical ponderings and reflecting/projecting that we must do as Jesus said and become like children?
Simple faith.  Uncomplicated living.  Powerful adoration. We are SO saved by the Savior.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Palm Sunday Pause

 Palm Sunday.  One more week.  It's snowing like crazy here.  Weird.  I'm praying for a SNOW DAY.  It's highly unlikely, but would be VERY fun!
I've told you before that my mother kept Easter very special.  She sewed pretty Easter dresses or took the time to shop carefully for them.  Yellow dresses, white patent leather shoes, little white gloves and anklets.  
I'm embarrassed to say that I wondered what an Easter Egg Hunt would be like.  I loved hearing the kids at school talk about the big hunt at the park.  Golden eggs.  We never went.
I'm thankful now that my mama kept Easter so holy.  We went to Lenten services and one year the congregation members who had acting talent put on an ongoing play about Easter week.  I loved that.  The Luther League made a nice breakfast at church on Easter morning.  That was a fun change of pace.
Sometimes (not every year) my mom dug out various baskets from around the house and filled them with green Easter grass and jelly bean eggs, but not every year. 
Easter dinner (served at lunch time) was always delectable.  Company came.
All those good and true Easters are all stored up inside of me and I'm grateful.
I hope this holy week is very meaningful for you, my friend.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Pause of Thankful

 Two weeks until Easter.  What will you do on Easter Sunday?  Do you have regular traditions?  As I ponder Easter, I am reminded how saved I am.  I am saved from myself, all my feeble human thinking and my flaky plans.  I am saved from the sadness and despair  that society offers.  Granted, Jesus did not promise lack of sadness, but He does promise life to the full.  I am very aware of the covering of grace that protected me from many of the effects of my thoughtless moves and hasty assumptions throughout my life.  Oh, thank you, Jesus.  Thank you for inviting me to cast my cares upon you.  That's big. Thank you for inviting me to know you and worship you.  I DO want to be still and know that you are God.

 Creation sings of your GLORY!  Amen.

 The pastels of spring are comforting.
 Spring-y foods like spinach are so pleasing.  

 And more randomness - I like paper straws for drinking green tea.  Smile.  I must remind you that I like blogging for the images, not so much the writing.  If I focused on the writing, it would take me much longer to post!
 My friend Dormouse sent me a kitten card (this is the kind of kitty I am hoping for) and a Peter pin, which I put right on my red vest.
 And speaking of red, a Little Red Riding Hood had Fairy Tale Day at school on Friday.  Aw!

And last, a little reminder again that we are here to love our God and love people.  People are plentiful and it is a privilege to love them.
God be with you this day.  

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Wonderland

 It's a spring wonderland, or something, around here.  Snow dresses up the sticky trees, so I guess I can tolerate it just for today.

 Here is the snow coming down at our house. I had to drive over to Kelli's so she could go to the dentist.  Bryan had to make a track for me so I could steer correctly while going up their snowy road.
 I came bearing cookie dough.
 I baked cookies in Kelli's fancy oven.
 I fed the pets.
 Poor Booms.  He's old and I think he felt a little bewildered by the spring snow.
 Lucy and Herbie were delighted!

 I had to towel off Booms because he was semi-stunned by the snow on his coat.
 Isn't this a sweet little coat rack?
 Bry's office!  Snazzy!
 Kelli's office.  I love her chair.
 Someone must have given the girls this puppet theater.  I think Granny should create a few shows.  Plots, you know. 
 The three girls share space.  It reminds me of the nursery in Mary Poppins or Peter Pan.
 Uh oh!  A mouse is about to fall out a window!
Then I was back out on the road, running my errands:  buying a glass water bottle at Cost Plus, finding an oil diffuser at Vitamin Cottage, and on to the camera store to buy a new cord and memory card (I've been switching one card between cameras).  
What do you accomplish when you set out on errands?  I did not run many errands when the kids were growing up.  What kinds of errands do you run?