Friday, May 29, 2020

Poppies, Tea, and Yellow Wool

 It's poppy time!  These are not MY poppies.  I found them growing in a neighbor's front garden while out doing my walkies.  I really want some of these.
One of the things I love about them is their hairy buds. 
 Our Brad gives me delicious teas and I remembered to brew some today.  This tea is called Lychee.  Yummy!
 I had to move the pansies in the pots because they were getting too much sprinkler water. 
 Brad and April gave me a geranium for Mother's Day (and a solar toadstool light and a cute basket).
 This is my newest wool acquisition.  It's from the Brown Sheep Company in Nebraska.  The color is Lemon Pound Cake.  Scrumptious.  Remember that Vincent Van Gogh said, "Yellow is capable of charming God."  Maybe that's why I love his work.  He liked yellow, too. 

Today I met my friend Sondra at a park.  We had so much fun eating our lunch and visiting.  She painted and I knit (for a while, and then I wanted to watch her paint).  It was fun, fun, fun, except for the bugs.  There were aphids and ugly small black bugs.  I do not like bugs.  Well, I like ladybugs and katydids, but that's all.
The flowers are calling to me.  They are a wee bit thirsty.  Shrimp and vegetables for dinner and then a walk (if it doesn't rain).  
Thank you for answering my comfy clothes question.  I have another question.
Sondra told me about her favorite pajamas.  They are cotton and they sport flamingos.  Could you describe your favorite nightwear?  I wear men's boxer shorts and t-shirts, because I like to be cool and our comforter is too warm. 
I'm curious because maybe there are things I don't know and you do. πŸ˜‚ 
I am reading a REALLY good book titled The Benedict Option.  You might want to look into it.
 Thank you for stopping in!  
You're friendly.  

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

May Doings

 Have you ever seen a lilac like this?  It hangs over our fence and my neighbor said we could have a bit of it!  Wow!

I took this bird feeder down because the squirrel was using it.  This squirrel is so determined.  He took a mad leap after he finished feasting. He survived the fall onto the driveway.
 The trees are gorgeous right now and the temperatures are so friendly.

 I have everything planted so early this year.  Usually I wait for the peonies to bloom before digging, but our weather is perfect for planting!

 I'm keeping track of what I have planted because when everything gets BIG, I tend to forget about the seeds. 
 I harvested the rhubarb.  I made rhubarb strawberry butter.  This is how much ⬇️

I've been taking wee naps in the sunshine.  I think the vitamin D makes me feel spry.

I hope you are doing okay.  It seems that all of the guidelines in response to "the virus" keep changing.  It's a little difficult to decipher the best way to proceed.
I am not afraid because I know that God is faithful to His promises.
He's wise.

I do believe that His Spirit is constantly moving in and around us and I wish to recognize the unseen.  I want eyes for those particular happenings.

Right now, I am very hungry for the pot roast, potatoes, and carrots that are in the oven.  It's a funny sunny day meal, but delicious!

I can't seem to get the blankets on our bed just right. We are either too hot or too cold.  I'll keep experimenting.  

I have been really appreciating my clothes lately.  I have lots of comfy outfits that are perfectly suited for staying at home.
I like baggy linen pants, soft t-shirts, boxy sweatshirts, and squishy soled shoes.
I have also been wearing dresses.  I have several summer frocks and I bought some stretchy shorts to wear under them and that was a very good idea - so comfortable! 
I have been wearing my hair in a ponytail, but one of my hairdressers called today, so I made an appointment.  Yay!
What is your favorite "stay at home" outfit?

Thank you for popping in.  God be with you.
Oh!  Thank you for answering my "sleepy" question!  I love to hear about your ways. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

When You Are Sleepy

Tim the barn cat (a high school friend told me that she calls grey tabby cats barn cats) has been napping a lot.  He seeks a lap all day long.  He follows Bill around and tries to herd him to a chair.  
Mother's Day flowers below ⬇️ 

 A BIG cake thank you to all of you who responded to my eating question.  I found your answers very interesting! 
Here's another question for you:
Have you noticed that when you can't decide what you should do next it's because you are tired?  Do you ever take little naps during the day or pause in your work to rest awhile?  Do you have the freedom to have a little sleep during the day?  Do you ever say to yourself, "Why would I be tired?  It's too early in the day!"  I used to say, "NEVER wake a sleeping baby."  Now I think it would be nice if everyone said, "Never wake a sleeping granny!"  LOL!

I finished a Miss Read book yesterday.  It was the first Thrush Green novel.  VERY good! I found the second one on my library app so now I can read it for free, too.  I think I read the first one on Kindle Unlimited.  

I will plant zinnias some time this week.  
I've been baking cookies.  
I'm reading the book of John because we'll study it all year when Community Bible Study starts up again. 
Thank you for popping in to say hello! 

Monday, May 4, 2020

It's MAY!

Happy May!  Look.  Hagglepuss needs a haircut, just like everyone else.  I haven't texted my hairdresser, but I'm pretty sure she's not working yet.

I so love the spring sky.  My favorite walk is away from the streets, in the open space.  

 Doesn't this look pretty?  It was super tasty but it contained too many peppers.  I think Queenie Nana Diana told me that the green ones aren't as bad as the orange and yellow ones as far as inflammation is concerned (or maybe it was the other way around), but both Bill and I were sore the next day.

 The birds are tweet tweet tweeting around the bird bath!  I must go out and fill it soon, because it seems they drink it up very quickly!
 Once the peonies start growing, they shoot right up!  We must stake them and use twine to hold them together.
 Do squirrels eat tulip bulbs?  I only have four tulip blooms.
 I love the linen pull-on pants I found at Sam's Club for 10-12 dollars.  I lean toward very cheap clothing. πŸ˜‚

 Look at the bag Cadence knit!  Isn't it darling?  She is so crafty for a thirteen year old (our first grand).  She sews, knits, crochets, and journals.  (and she's reading Moby Dick with her dad!  Wow!)
 Here are my hands doing a little online church knitting.
 Here are April's hands doing the same!  She has much fancier fingernails than scruffy Pom Pom.
 By the way THANK YOU for all of your cake comments!  Confusion was definitely cleared.  I thought there were some blurry lines but it turns out that cake is frosted and fruit breads are not and are also baked and served differently, so cake means the same thing in other places as it does in the USA.  
James's birthday is in two days and my friend Kim had a birthday two days ago.  I definitely think I need a bit of cake.  If I indeed bake a cake I shall share it with you!
It might be a little one like the sponge below.
 Carry on, cheerful ones!  You are strong and all of you are good thinkers, individual and brilliant!  Yay! 
Oh, here are some random questions sprung from my funny curiosity:
How many hours does it take YOU to get hungry?  Do you eat every three hours?  Do you snack at all?  How long do you let yourself endure hunger before you have something to eat?  Just wondering! 
Thank you for stopping in, royal nice person!