Friday, May 29, 2020

Poppies, Tea, and Yellow Wool

 It's poppy time!  These are not MY poppies.  I found them growing in a neighbor's front garden while out doing my walkies.  I really want some of these.
One of the things I love about them is their hairy buds. 
 Our Brad gives me delicious teas and I remembered to brew some today.  This tea is called Lychee.  Yummy!
 I had to move the pansies in the pots because they were getting too much sprinkler water. 
 Brad and April gave me a geranium for Mother's Day (and a solar toadstool light and a cute basket).
 This is my newest wool acquisition.  It's from the Brown Sheep Company in Nebraska.  The color is Lemon Pound Cake.  Scrumptious.  Remember that Vincent Van Gogh said, "Yellow is capable of charming God."  Maybe that's why I love his work.  He liked yellow, too. 

Today I met my friend Sondra at a park.  We had so much fun eating our lunch and visiting.  She painted and I knit (for a while, and then I wanted to watch her paint).  It was fun, fun, fun, except for the bugs.  There were aphids and ugly small black bugs.  I do not like bugs.  Well, I like ladybugs and katydids, but that's all.
The flowers are calling to me.  They are a wee bit thirsty.  Shrimp and vegetables for dinner and then a walk (if it doesn't rain).  
Thank you for answering my comfy clothes question.  I have another question.
Sondra told me about her favorite pajamas.  They are cotton and they sport flamingos.  Could you describe your favorite nightwear?  I wear men's boxer shorts and t-shirts, because I like to be cool and our comforter is too warm. 
I'm curious because maybe there are things I don't know and you do. 😂 
I am reading a REALLY good book titled The Benedict Option.  You might want to look into it.
 Thank you for stopping in!  
You're friendly.  


GretchenJoanna said...

I will feel like a super successful gardener if I can ever grow that kind of poppy. I have tried and failed a couple of times. If I could get my greenhouse in better order maybe I could start some from seed in the fall or winter... Must try harder.

And I want to read The Benedict Option. That is one book I don't own that I've been thinking about for so long. I have read so much Rod Dreher elsewhere, I guess I feel that know what he's about. I'd also like to read his upcoming book on the coming -- or is it here? -- soft totalitarianism that he thinks is the reason we need to be the kind of people he writes about in TBO.

The next time I see you in Colorado -- maybe in 2020? -- we can talk books again!! <3

ellen b. said...

I like cotton loose fitting gowns for sleeping in. Love seeing the poppy's even if they aren't yours. :) How nice to meet a friend at a park and enjoy each other's company. Hope the end of May is good in your corner of the world.

Granny Marigold said...

How lovely that you could meet up with your friend in the park and enjoy a visit while you knitted and she painted. Too bad about annoying bugs.
The yellow wool is a very cheery yellow. What will you make with it?

Betty said...

Hi there - I love the way you always invite us on your posts to chat! my nightwear is silk camisole and knickers with lots of lace, purple and black - I love silk. Things like this last years if you wash gently. I just fixed up a bag to keep my nightwear in. Those poppies are spectacular, we get small ones growing wild in the fields but rarely see anything like this unless we go to a National Trust garden - hope to be doing that soon if lockdown eases enough.

Kim said...

Poppies always have sunshiny faces. I love the mauvey pink one. How lovely you were able to meet up with your friend in the park and have a catch up and enjoy precious moments. My favourite jarmies are ones that were gifted to me for Mother's Day.....gorgeous ones with hydrangeas blooming all over. Why, I don't think I will ever take them off. =)

happyone said...

Always nice to make a new friend!
Poppies sure are pretty.
Lemon Pound cake, what a great name for that yarn!
I wear a BIG tee shirt to bed.

Elizabethd said...

Waht beautiful poppies.
I always wear a petty nightie to go to bed, Winter it has long sleeves, Summer sleeveless.

Debi said...

How nice that you could meet your friend for lunch in the park. Our parks are all closed, but I think they may open next week as we enter Phase 2 or reopening. I have a friend I haven't seen since the lockdown and it would be nice to meet in the park. My favorite nightwear is a super soft tee shirt material nightgown that I bought in Virginia when I was shopping with my daughter. It's super super soft and light. Like you I like to be cool when I sleep. I love your yellow yarn... what are you going to make with it? Stay safe and well.

Kezzie said...

Your poppies and geraniums are gorgeous!!! I love them! They look so delicate yet so strong!!!
The yellow wool is gorgeous!!!

I like wearing big loose pajamas- my favourite set are mismatched- a thin pair of cotton pajamas with Beachhuts on them and a stripy top!

Jayne said...

I love that quote from Van Gogh too as yellow is my favourite colour. You have to feel cheerful, looking at yellow! I love the poppies although my favourite flowers are daffodils and sunflowers - cause yellow! :)

amelia said...

I must be weird judging by all previous comments! I have never worn anything in bed and I'm 72! I find anything too restricting and bed clothes make turning over impossible! How is it done? said...

Oh that yellow! It is fabulous. I just love geraniums. I put pink geraniums in all my pots on my patio. Makes me feel like I'm living in the south of France... LOL let's see what do I wear to bed. Well I have to say I have always, at least when I got married, slept in the nude. I just hate the feeling of being constricted buy cloth. Plus I cannot stand to be warm. Even in the winter. I find your questions so much fun. Keep them coming! I hope you and your family are doing well. Take care. Kit

Jeanie said...

I love poppies to pieces so these make me happy. So does that gorgeous golden yarn!

M.K. said...

I love the questions you're asking us! Well, I have two favorite night gowns. They were gifted me by my mother in law, very good brand, thin cotton. Very large, flowy, almost Victorian. I love them. One of them began to tear b/c it was thin, and I tried to stitch it back up. It lasted another 6 months. Now I have only one. They are rather pricey, the kind from Vermont Co. Store. I no longer like pajamas, and I like more coverage than a night shirt gives. Not sure what I will do next. I want to make my own gowns, but am nervous about buying fabric online for them.