Sunday, October 27, 2019

Thoughts of a House Mouse

 I thought you might like a bowl of cherries.  Cherries make me feel bloated but I do think they are absolutely gorgeous.  God's fruits.
 Don't you love this illustration?  Ernest H. Shepard was a beautiful illustrator.  This one reminds me of that lovely tidy mood that hits me about five times a year.  LOL.  Pooh's legs being used to dry the tea towels.  Rabbit so busy with his wash tub.  Well, it is the cozy season and time to order our homes in preparation of the holiday season. 

We had book club this week.  I picked the book and they didn't really like it.  Oh well.  It was one of those afternoons when I run out of steam after throwing myself into cleaning and shining all morning.  It's okay.  I am 61 years old and I don't have the stores of energy I once had.  All that to say . . . there were flowers around and having ladies over to have snacks is always very nice. 

 English muffin bread and raisin bread.  I think it's time for some Russian tea and a piece of toast. I'm trying to eat things that are easy to digest because it's time for my routine procedure (you know the one that requires cleansing) and it's scheduled for Tuesday.  Oh well.
 When I had Lynn and her husband here and then our Australian friend, I used little pitchers for their milk when they were having tea.  I just dump my chosen creamer into my mug (straight from the refrigerator), but it was kind of fun to be fancy.
 Why don't YOU stop in for tea?
 I didn't have as much sewing to do for Kelli's upcoming productions because she has many very generous helpers now.  I still put it off and put it off and finally prayed that God would give me huge verve to sew.  He did!  Both Sam and Lizzy play the same role (in two different casts).  So I made just one costume for them.  Aren't they cute?  I had to make the mayor of Whoville's costume, too.  And Mrs. Mayor.  All done now!  YAY!

I may have shown you this before but Timothy has a thing for the shower drain and I think it's so funny how he paws at it, loosens it, and then takes it away (in his mouth!)
It's snowing today and he's cold.  I hope we can still drive to our small group tonight. The roads might be bad.  I love our small group peeps. They are young and full of love. Listening to them speak fills me with hope.  

God be with you, kind reader.  I'm not sure who is coming for Halloween, but I'll take photos of the little darlings that DO come.
Have you eaten any Halloween candy yet?
Do you like donuts and apple juice?
What do you have for dinner on Halloween night?
Thank you so much for popping in.   

Friday, October 18, 2019

A Buzzy Bee and Lynn from the UK!

 Before the first snow arrived, the bumblebees were feasting.  Is that pollen on her wings?

I read about this book on a blog but I forget which blog, of course.  It's a fascinating work that addresses all of the ways in which women have fed their families in past centuries.  Not only have they fed their families, they have also informed food prep in realms outside of the family home.  It's a very interesting read!
 James and Noah's puppy is growing!  Sam and Lizzy have a new puppy, too.  He is an Australian Shepherd and gorgeous!  I'll try to get a photo soon.  Brad and April also found a pug!  He was living with a family that was struggling to give him the attention he needed (they have a newborn) so now Brad's pug-loving family is no longer pugless.
 My blog friend of years and years, Lynn, came to visit me!  It was miraculous to meet face-to-face!  She and her husband were absolutely lovely house guests.  We talked and talked and talked.  WONDERFUL!
 Lazybones is thriving.  He's taken to crawling under the covers at night.  His ears get cold.
Autumn mornings are the very nicest, aren't they?  The snow sort of thrashed the leaves but they'll bounce back.  The sky is so blue! 
 I'm meant to be sewing a few costumes.  Kelli has found some wonderful helpers so all the costume making is not falling on me in any way.  This morning I decided to look at the jacket pattern I had.  Argh.  It's WAY too complicated.  I am not a tailor.  I ordered an easier one from Etsy. 

Thank you so very much for stopping in. I really must take my laptop to the Apple Store for a tune up.  I blog better (visit other blogs) when I can sit in a cushy spot.  Creature of comfort am I!
Take care!