Saturday, March 17, 2018


I finished the purple cotton tank top last week!  Woo hoo!  Sorry for the awkward photo with Tim sneaking in.  
He's everywhere!

 Miss Bug says that these cuties are my "great" grandchildren.  Lol!  
 I bought some mini-dafs at Home Depot.  They were on clearance and they are weary now but the day I took this picture they were glorious! 
 My mom and I were talking about talking and she said that she thinks of things she wants to talk about with her friends (interesting topics) but they don't seem to end up talking about any of the things she had been thinking about.  Sometimes I think I let other people do all the talking because I'm nervous or maybe feeling shy, but I think if we are asked the right questions, we are more likely to share.  Anywho, when my friend pulled out this set of cards that she discovered when she was working with special needs kids (a colleague would always use them to draw the kids out of their shells) I had to take photos of them. As simple as they seem, I think asking questions like this could really deepen our relationships and cause our peeps to feel believed in.  What do you think?

 That day I had worn one of my Raggedy Ann homemade outfits and I came home very cold, so I changed into this wool sweater.  I used to think wool was so scratchy and irritating, but lately wool makes me feel snug.  
 I'm trying to win some fancy needles from Knitter's Pride, so I entered this photo of Tim helping with my Norwegian mittens. I hope we win.  
 James got some Mario slippers.
 Jeff and Christie gave us some new knives!  We needed them.  I don't know why I have always used my old "make do" knives.  These knives are sharp. 
 Yesterday Kelli and Bryan got trapped in Colorado Springs due to a rear-ender (Oh no!  Their new Honda!) so I went to pick up the girls from their Friday school.  They were happy to see me and we zipped through a drive thru so they could have milkshakes.  Millie said she had already eaten QUITE a bit of chocolate during the school day!  LOL!

This morning as Noah was napping in my arms, Tim hung around trying to send messages like, "That's MY lap!" and "I like it when the little humans leave!"  He likes them at a safe distance, but he IS the prince of the house after all.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Brad is bagpiping all day.  We are eating Chinese food for dinner.  I really should have thought ahead and made stew.  I am staying away from Irish soda bread.  I love it way too much.
At Weight Watchers I lose about a pound a week.  It's slow going for this granny, but that's okay.  I am not starving by any means.
Thank you for popping in. God be with you, friend.  

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Lots of Stuff

 "All in their places with bright shining faces!" AW!  These girlies graduated from their music program!  They are very musically smart now.  Smile. 

Mitten work continuing!  The other side sports a big flub, but I'm learning! 
 Last week was COLD.  The wind blew like crazy.  I wore my cheap coat I bought. I like it but it's a little snug around the Winnie the Pooh area. 
 The Rockies are dazzling.  They don't look that far away, do they?
 It's easier to walk now that I am a tad lighter.  Thud. Thud. Thud.  The sun is shining but it's still a bit brrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
 I've been knitting and knitting.  I finished this vest/tank top and it fits okay.  I have it blocking on the foam puzzle pieces right now.
 One of my very sweet friends sent me the little tag/card below.  She's so thoughtful and fun. I'm thankful for her!  We're going to write together and read together (and knit - she's learning!)
 It makes me feel so good that Millie Rose wears her cardi that I finished for her.  (You know, the one that was started decades ago - for her MAMA?)
 LOOK!  It's that time of year when if you run outside with your camera at just the right time, you can get a shot of AMAZING sky!
 Here's a photo of a WISH for spring!  Wool cardi and wool posy.  Heather from Blackberry Rambles made this .  She's the best flower fairy I know. 
 Hi Cutie!  Shhhhhhh.  Tim's sleeping.  AGAIN.
 Here I am holding Noah while he naps.  WHAT a treat.  I look serious, looking at my phone.  
 A friend and I went walking on our old trail, but we got a little lost because I led the way across what I thought was the right bridge.  Oh well.  We found our way back to our cars.  The road had been closed and in the meantime some new homes were built and these cute girls appeared!
 Tim doesn't always sleep.  Sometimes he practices yoga moves. 
 Noah is on the move.  He loves to play on the treadmill (safety latch latched, don't worry).
 And THIS little energizer bunny occasionally slows down to watch Mickey Mouse. 
 Another Noah nap.  Aw.  He is a cherub. 

 Sorry if you are afraid of THE CLAW.
 Here's  a Weight Watcher din din.  My neighbor suggested the raw-then-roasted pecans for the sweet potato.  Yummy.  Turns out I really can't eat nuts even if they are raw and then roasted by me (it's supposed to help make them easier to digest).  They make me feel yucky.  Good thing I'm not a squirrel. 
 I finished my friend Elaine's hat!  It's so soft and stretchy.  The yarn is Knerdstring, dyed here in Colorado.  Elaine is through chemo and starting on radiation.  I hope she wears her hat to bed.  It's full of prayers.  

This sweater is called the February Lady Sweater.  I gravitate to green.  Happy St. Paddy's Day soon! 

Thank you for checking in.  I don't go to Blog Land every day so I miss some of your posts if you're a blogger.  I appreciate you coming by to say hello.  It's so nice of you.
Spring is coming.  The chickadees are hopping about, flying from twiggy tree to twiggy tree.  Soon I can plant the sweet peas. 
What have you been up to?

Thursday, March 1, 2018

In Like a Lamb

The first time I published this post no words appeared, so when the first 11 commenters viewed, they were probably a bit confused!  So sorry!  I'll try to remember my captions for the pictures!  First of all, Timothy (sleeping above) is very happy that Bill is home from Taiwan.  He missed him SO MUCH!

Last week the cousins below accompanied Kelli and I to our weekly coffee talk/chat time on Monday evening.  It was snowing like crazy and the girls enjoyed hot chocolate and treats. 
Even though March arrived like a lamb today, I am still using my LOVE MONTH mugs. 
Look at Mr. Big Shot below!  How did he grow into a big boy SO FAST?
My friend Betty sent me a lovely gnome!  I adore him!  He hangs in the kitchen. 
I have two more patterns to add to my handmade wardrobe!  Woo hoo!
I bought a little purse to put my Bible verses in.  It's perfect!  It was $7.  Bargain. 

My friend Elaine is finished with chemo and her hair is going to grow back fast so I must finish her hat and mail it away!  
I made Noah a pillow for his pacifier.  He loses it during the night and sometimes wakes up his tired parents.  He likes it! 
Mr. Fatty Face says hello!  
I'm trying my hand at Norwegian mittens.  It's fun.  In many ways I'm very remedial when it comes to knitting.  I really want to be good at it, but one can't just learn everything in the blink of an eye (or over the course of about 34 years!  LOL!)

These cuties spent the night on Sunday.  They are so fun to take to dinner.  They are so polite and they eat all of their food!

Here's me showing off my winter pedicure! 
Here we have two skilled mitten designers. 

This is what Timothy likes to do every morning.  He wants this lap relaxing to go on forever! 

Here is Plum Cake's latest selfie!  Those eyes!  She's funny!

I read Billy Graham's book about growing older (Nearing Home) and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I found it helpful, too.  Now I am reading Team of Rivals (about Lincoln) for book club. It's very loooooong and very detailed.  I hope I finish it.  I'm also reading Trusting God by Jerry Bridges (EXCELLENT!)
I met a new knitting friend at Starbucks today and we had so much fun getting to know each other and talking about wool and patterns, designers and blogs/vlogs.  It was delightful.
Tomorrow I go to the retreat house to pray with my prayer ladies.  Yay!
I'm so glad Bill's home.  His time in Taiwan was wonderful, but I am delighted to have him back in our homey home.
God be with you, kind reader!