Monday, December 3, 2018

Light and a HARP!

Our little granddaughter Aria is learning to play the harp.  Isn't it lovely?  When I cleaned houses for some extra cash to supplement our income, I cleaned a house with a harp.  I didn't touch it but I dusted it lightly.  What do you think about harps?  Angel tunes. 

 We drove downtown last night for two other granddaughters' Christmas concert.  

 The concert soothed as well as entertained.  Children's voices filling the concert hall decorated with a magnificent Christmas tree and other lights, well . . . I felt it, this holy season with its words of hope.  
 I have a very full day today with a few grandkid appointments followed by dinner and another concert (a Christian folk singer) with a friend this evening.  It's not my typical day, but it is a December day and packed with people I love so much.

I probably won't have time to enjoy fika today. Do you practice fika?  It's a lovely concept.

When I host bookclub next week I may serve mince pies. I was discussing mince pies with Bill and he said, "Those sound awful."  It may turn out to be a bad idea.  I made fruit cake a few years ago and it was a big weird mess.

I feel kind of draggy because we were up past my bedtime last night, but I keep telling myself, "This is a December event day.  Embrace it and savor it.  Hop to."  Do you pray and ask God to prepare your heart, cover your encounters with His great grace?  Lately, I want everything to be purposeful.

 Books everywhere at our house beckon and draw; I guess I want to live in a library.  Anyway, my mama's childhood Mother Goose book, tattered and torn, begged to be carefully opened this morning.  The rhymes are simple, the words look pretty on the pages.  My grandmother made a few notes beside her children's favorites.  She was a devoted mother, too.  
I like the one below.

 I first heard this song in kindergarten.  I thought, "Geese?  Why is it important that they are getting fat?" and (further on) "What's a hay penny?"  I like the Robin Redbreast verse above, too. 
 But THIS, this is the sweetest bunch of words today.  The people who walked in darkness.  That's us.  The children held candles (battery powered) last night and sang so sweetly. I'd like to focus on light today, with James and Noah, with Millie for our birthday lunch date (hers) and with Sondra over dinner and at the concert.  Tomorrow Sondra and I are meeting at the small chapel on a college campus nearby to pray together and prepare for Christmas. I'll take photos. 

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elizabeth said...

very nice! It is a busy season! God bless!!!

GretchenJoanna said...

I have wanted for years to make mince pies, not that I like them much, but in honor of my grandma, who did love them, and bake them. She even made mincemeat cookies for my grandpa and we always saw a jar full of them on the shelf when we visited. We weren't crazy about them, either. But now I'm an adult, and lots of "gourmet" cooks make mince pies that look tempting!! Grandma made hers with a jar of mincemeat that was mostly raisins and spice. I doubt that it had any suet or other animal product in it.

Elizabethd said...

I have just made two dozen mince pies and put them in the freezer. They are an essential part of our Christmas food!

Granny Marigold said...

How lovely that Aria is learning to play the harp. I've always thought it would be a difficult instrument to play.

I always stop for a tea break mid-morning and again mid-afternoon but I didn't know I was practicing fika.

I like the poems you included. There's a Neat Little Clock is a new one to me.

happyone said...

Oh I love harps. They make beautiful music.
I love books too.

Jeanie said...

Good for her! I hope she sticks at the harp longer than I did -- although I can still pick some things out -- I just have no idea how to tune it anymore!

Lots of lovelies here today. The hygge cookbook looks yum!

Farm Girl said...

What a nice time you had and I love the pictures. I bet it did sound pretty. Have a lovely day with your friend. I am always wondered about mince pies. I have never had the courage to try. Though, I admit to liking fruitcake.
Have a lovely evening.

Janet said...

I can see that this is going to lead to my frequently staying up to late. ;-)


Henny Penny said...

You know, I've never seen a harp except in pictures. Harps remind me of angels. They are beautiful. Never heard of fika either. It was interesting to read about. Your posts are always sweet and pretty.

M.K. said...

Meeting in the chapel with a friend to pray sounds WONDERFUL, and soothing/healing to the soul in the middle of such a busy time. My month isn't nearly so busy as others'. But still ... it feels busy to me :) May you find stamina!