Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Fun Things

 I realized it is time to get a new Happy Planner!  Already!  See Tim's ear?  He is always close by.  

Look at this beeeyooootiful wool I ordered from Little Knits.  I love Fleece Artist.  They are based in Nova Scotia.  Oh, I really LIKE THAT!

 I've been sprucing up our house a tiny bit. I painted four shelves and hung some old prints I had framed.  Grandma Moses.  LOVE.
 My blog friend Kim from New Zealand is an amazing quilter (and artist) and she blogged about using scrapbook paper on walls.  So instead of wrestling with picking off the old borders, I glued on lots of papers from a stack I had.  I like it.
 I tried to make plum jam.  I put in too much pectin and the jam turned out like crazy glue.  Last time I tried it was soupy.  My blog friend Annie gave me excellent instructions, I just didn't do the proportions properly.  At least now I have a feel for it and I think I could do it right next time.  Live and learn, Granny.

Soon my mom and sisters come for a sweet almost week long visit.  I can't wait!  It will be so fun to be together, visiting and tootling around Colorado, too.
God be with you.  Thank you for popping in today!   

Monday, August 5, 2019

Wool Things

 Hello to you, sweet reader.  I have been tending to wool and knitting.  I need to begin green and gold sock #2.  
Don't you like the wool below?  It's called Watermelon Smoothie.  I shall knit a cozy cardi.
 Won't this wool make a lovely hat?

 The loopy sheep is coming along.  It hurts my hands a bit to make the loops so I take sheep knitting in small doses.
 Noah had a sprinkled doughnut.  Pretty!
 Next summer, no bark.  I think it keeps the flowers from thriving.  I know it keeps weeds to a minimum, but my seeds didn't come up as well.  Maybe all the Peter Rabbits ate them.
 I made a bear.  I love his face.  I'm working on his overalls.

I made a little Susan Branch print curtain for the back door.  The door is so old and I find it nostalgic. 
School starts soon for the kids in our neighborhood.  I am so thankful that I'm not teaching anymore.  It was hard going back in August.  Now I can enjoy this sunny month.
I hope you are fine, fine, fine.  I hope you are feeling encouraged and loved.  I thank you for popping in and saying hello.  xo