Thursday, December 27, 2018

A House Full of Love

    (a Christmas gift - so perfect for this tea drinking granny)
 Hello beautiful visitors!  I'm sorry I flaked out and didn't do a Christmas Day post, but I really was buzzed by all the cooking, baking, singing, opening of gifts.  Our oven caught on fire (the element) because my tasty but ugly sponge overflowed.  Our stove is very old and it was the element's time to go.  Anyway, the rib roast was done and I cooked the potatoes and beans in the microwave, so we still had a yummy feast on Christmas Day.  Now I am waiting for the new stove to arrive.  It's plain and black because I can't replace all the appliances at once, so I must continue with our black appliance pattern.  I really wanted a red stove but they are SUPER expensive, so a black plain one it is.  I'm grateful.
When we turned the attic fan on to suck out the oven smoke, the pilot light on the hot water heater went out so when there was no hot water, I thought, "YIKES!  We can't have overnight guests without hot water and an oven."  Bill relit the light and hot water is restored.  We are so spoiled by conveniences.
 These wonderbugs and their parents were here last night.  It was wonderful to have the house full of THEM!  LOVE!  We had air beds in the basement to round out the sleeping spots to four.  They didn't go right to sleep, but we got to visit with Brad and April long into the evening which was perfectly divine.
 This morning it was 23 degrees.  Brrrrrrrr.  Atticus packed his own bag (shorts - no pants) so he was a bit chilly!

 After they left, Bill ran an errand and I had a nice cuppa.  I am so grateful for grown up kids (their spouses, too) and grands.

Thank you so much for reading all the posts in December.  You are extremely nice.
I do love this time of year because it feels bright and hopeful.  I plan on viewing photos of my flower gardens from years gone by.  I love planning planting and anticipating the coming spring even though winter just began.  That's okay.  I shall buy hyacinths. 

Monday, December 24, 2018

Christmas Eve

 I found an old sweater I knit about thirty years ago. It's a little tight in the waist.  LOL.

 My sponge was a mess.  Lynn thinks maybe our flour is different, but it very well could be operator error.  It tastes wonderful so I cut it up for . . . trifle again!  
 We had a nice dinner. 

It as fun to sing and read Luke 2.  It was fun to watch the kids dance around.  
I shall ponder the birth of Christ even more tomorrow.
God bless you, friends. 
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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Resting and Preparing

I'm really tired and ready for some restorative sleep.  We had so much fun with our grands and we've been so blessed to see all eleven of them in the last few days.  
I think I'd like to spend tomorrow doing a tiny bit of sweeping, dusting, mopping, gift wrapping and a little baking.
We're preparing.  I'll spend some time preparing my heart to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  
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Friday, December 21, 2018

Tea Party Doritos

 We had a lot of fun seeing our Ft. Collins family last night!  The kids roared around the church, ate cookies, drank hot chocolate, and sang.  The Fort Collins grands performed (3 piano, 1 drum).  Clara likes Cadence's guinea pig.

 Today we enjoyed a tea party lunch!  Guess what the favorite food was?  Doritos.  

Is it bedtime yet?  I can go to bed before them. They are self-governing. They have been very good, very sweet.  Tomorrow their parents come home and then . . . Christmas will be even closer.
I've loved reading everyone's December posts.  It's been meaningful.  Thank you!

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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Growing Granddaughters

We're watching Babes in Toyland and I'm already ready for bed.  I'm trying to stay up past my bedtime.
Here's a photo from a few years ago. 

 Look how they've grown!  Ack! 

Time to make popcorn.  We're going to the candy cane factory tomorrow and then up to Ft. Collins for Christmas singing.

It's almost time for . . . 

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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Wool and Stitches

 Hello December friends!  I feature a little knitting today. The sweater above is perking right along.  Do you like the stripes?
The socks below are nice and scrappy and almost finished.
 I really do like having lots of projects on the go and this vest is cute!  Do you like the pattern?

 Vests are WARM and that's why I think I keep making them.  I wore this one today (and my new flannel lined jeans) and I was warm as toast.  I'm always a bit cold in December.
 One of our daughter in laws and I are having a little knit along together.  We're making a pullover sweater (a jumper). Hers will be this khaki color and mine will be cream.

 I can't wait to make a big shawl out of this lovely wool from Halifax, Nova Scotia.  I found it in Victoria, BC.  It smells so sheep-y.  Perfect. 
 Kim told me that one Christmas a Raggedy Ann was on her short Christmas list.  I bought these two Anns for myself a few years ago and I still like to cradle them.  Do you need a dolly for Christmas?
 I DO love our Who tree and I am sad that soon we will be putting the ornaments away again.  I'm so glad Christmas is still a week away.

My friend and I went to the chapel for the last time today.  It was nice.  We sang again and read the Christmas story in Luke 2.  
We knelt and prayed.
She's moving to Dallas in January, but she'll be back often (I hope!)
Tomorrow the three girlie girls come.  Please pray that they don't get sick (big sister was hit with the barfs a few days ago and we're believing that the other two won't get it).
I hope you are continuing to prepare your heart for Christmas.
Thank you for visiting so often.  It's very nice of you. 
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Monday, December 17, 2018

Barn Door

 Today Jenny's family came over so Scott could install our barn door.  Jenny brought this little project.  I forget what the plastic beads are called, but you arrange them on a frame and then iron them, so they melt.  I made a toadstool.
 After the bead work got old, Liz and I were looking on Pinterest and she said she wanted to make some slime.  We didn't have the ingredients so we walked to the grocery store for contact solution (a funny slime ingredient), school glue, cornstarch (she also wanted to make oobleck) and candy and chips (of course).
Aren't Sam's nails fancy?  The slime turned out great, but I'll pass on the oobleck.
 I love how the sliding barn door turned out.  Now we can shut off the family room if someone is sleeping down there.  

Tomorrow it's back to the chapel (last time) and then I have a little more shopping to do.  
Somehow I feel like we should be listening to Christmas tunes constantly because Christmas is so close!  
God bless you, sweet friends.
Thank you for stopping in.  I wish I could serve you a cup of Russian tea!
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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Quiet Sunday

 Today I had a quiet day.  I knit.  I listened to Brad's sermon.  I went to the grocery store. I baked a little.  My sponge plans were foiled again because the jam had a broken top so I have to take it back.  I bought cupcakes instead and baked cookies.  Bill did a lot of the prep for our meeting tonight, so we are ready. 

 Yesterday I made Russian Tea!
 Here's the recipe in my high school handwriting (I see I capitalized lemon and did not capitalize Tang) LOL.  I put three teaspoons in a cup and add hot water. 
 The oranges are good again!

 These are the easiest and VERY most scrumptious cookie.  You place "break and bake" Toll House cookie dough in mini muffin tins, bake for 13 minutes at 350 degrees and when you take them out of the oven you put a Reese's mini peanut butter cup in each one.  Then, you carefully take them out and let them cool on a rack.  They are SO good!

I hope your third Sunday in Advent (JOY!) is wonderful!
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