Monday, December 17, 2018

Barn Door

 Today Jenny's family came over so Scott could install our barn door.  Jenny brought this little project.  I forget what the plastic beads are called, but you arrange them on a frame and then iron them, so they melt.  I made a toadstool.
 After the bead work got old, Liz and I were looking on Pinterest and she said she wanted to make some slime.  We didn't have the ingredients so we walked to the grocery store for contact solution (a funny slime ingredient), school glue, cornstarch (she also wanted to make oobleck) and candy and chips (of course).
Aren't Sam's nails fancy?  The slime turned out great, but I'll pass on the oobleck.
 I love how the sliding barn door turned out.  Now we can shut off the family room if someone is sleeping down there.  

Tomorrow it's back to the chapel (last time) and then I have a little more shopping to do.  
Somehow I feel like we should be listening to Christmas tunes constantly because Christmas is so close!  
God bless you, sweet friends.
Thank you for stopping in.  I wish I could serve you a cup of Russian tea!
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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Quiet Sunday

 Today I had a quiet day.  I knit.  I listened to Brad's sermon.  I went to the grocery store. I baked a little.  My sponge plans were foiled again because the jam had a broken top so I have to take it back.  I bought cupcakes instead and baked cookies.  Bill did a lot of the prep for our meeting tonight, so we are ready. 

 Yesterday I made Russian Tea!
 Here's the recipe in my high school handwriting (I see I capitalized lemon and did not capitalize Tang) LOL.  I put three teaspoons in a cup and add hot water. 
 The oranges are good again!

 These are the easiest and VERY most scrumptious cookie.  You place "break and bake" Toll House cookie dough in mini muffin tins, bake for 13 minutes at 350 degrees and when you take them out of the oven you put a Reese's mini peanut butter cup in each one.  Then, you carefully take them out and let them cool on a rack.  They are SO good!

I hope your third Sunday in Advent (JOY!) is wonderful!
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Saturday, December 15, 2018

The Grinch

 I'm still in awe of the little chapel.  It's so tiny.  It would be perfect for a small wedding.  I think it would have to be a quick wedding because there aren't any restrooms. 

 It's just such a lovely spot for focusing on the Advent season.  Every detail is elegant and there are no unnecessary items or junky decorating.  

We'll meet one more time before Christmas.  

Jenny's girls like The Grinch so I ordered her some Grinch jammies.  Funny, huh?

I'm making desserts for our small group tomorrow.  I think I'll make a colorful fruit tray, too.  Oh, and I'll take all the nuts I bought for bookclub.
I might make a pumpkin pie and a sponge (I'm so eager to try Lynn's instructions).  Do you put jam in between the layers?
We have three granddaughters coming for three days (their parents are going downtown to relax and celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary)  
We'll go up to Brad and April's and sing with them on Thursday and we MIGHT go caroling with my friend if it's not too cold (Wednesday night). 
So, Christmas is coming very soon!  I'd like a little snow.
Take care, good reader.  

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Friday, December 14, 2018


 I ordered a star like the one I have seen on UK/Scandinavian vlogs.  I love it!  
 Here are a few bites of festive chocolate for you.  YUMMY, right?

My friend Jody (Gumbo Lily) reminded me about Ann Voskamp's Advent book titled The Greatest Gift.  I have it, so I revisited it this morning.  It's really special.  Thanks, Jody.
As I prepare to go enjoy Advent with my friend at the chapel, I think I'll plan on  reading an excerpt to her.  
I have been trying a little too hard to make Advent unique and special and that has resulted in feeling a little fake and forced about it all.  I needed to be brought back to Jesus.  Ann Voskamp is so good at facilitating that.

December is close to halfway over.  My Santa "work shop" aka my office is full of presents to wrap.  I'm behind.
The rest of my day is busy so I'm posting earlier.  Thank you for your kind attention.

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Thursday, December 13, 2018


 So this morning I was tired from all the bookclub party prep yesterday.  I took a nap and because we had a delivery scheduled I had to change my chapel plans.  Turns out the delivery is delayed further so I could have met Sondra at the chapel, but we'll meet tomorrow instead.  
It's St. Lucia day and my sister's birthday!  I was trying to be a good Norwegian and do some sort of rendition of buns.  I was talking to our Kelli on my phone while I put the ingredients in the bread machine.  I forgot to put in the little kneader (it goes in the bottom of the bread pan) so not much happened inside Mr. Magic Bread Machine.  I had to take it out and actually knead it and then I made nice little cinnamon rolls.  Happy birthday to my sweet sissy (who lives far away from me up in Washington State) and happy us because the rolls look delicious.  I think I'll freeze them so we don't eat them all.

 I have no business casting on another knitting project, but I guess I just do whatever I want.  Ha!  
 Brace yourself, but as hard as this is to believe I have to tell you . . . my bookclub ladies have not read Anne of Green Gables.  Gasp.  It's our next month's read and I'm so excited!  I got to pick because the meeting was at our house.
 And this came today!  MK's mouse tales!  I love it!  The illustrations are wonderful!

Thank you for popping in, Christmas friend!  
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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Party Time

I ran around too much yesterday so I had to use a box to make the lemon cake.  I shall try Lynn's method soon, when I have more eggs.  
The Christmas bookclub meeting was very nice.  I had miraculous extra energy this morning so I did get everything done.  Thanks for your prayers, Kim! 

 I'll pay for all the whipping cream I consumed, but the trifle was SCRUMPTIOUS!
 We all remembered occasions that used to call for punch.  The punch tasted so good, too. 
 Everybody tried a mince pie and we had discussions about mince filling.  

I wish you all could have joined us.  
Tomorrow is another morning at the chapel.
I'm tired and need to defrag now.  
Yay for Advent.
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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

More Festive Stuff

 Little by little more Christmas decorations are coming out of tattered cardboard boxes.  
 Good smelling greens have entered the house!

 I got a new-to-me knitting book. I love reading about knitting.  I really do.
 When I DO bake, I shall fill some trays with cookie goodness. 
 Christmas mugs are now washed and ready for cocoa. 
 I dug through some basement baskets and found old Christmas stories.  
 Gretchen (Gladsome Lights) told me about The Wee Christmas Cabin of Carn-na-ween.  It's lovely. 

 Kim (My Field of Dreams) gave me this a few Christmases ago.  I ADORE it.  I'll love it forever. 
 I found this.  I wish I could read it to you.  Barbara Robinson is a fine writer.  The characters are fantastic.  

Bill and I registered at the rec center this morning.  My ID card is hilarious (the photo) because I smiled so big and my glasses make me look like a bug. 
There were many kind looking folks mulling about.  You can walk, use machines, swim, take classes.  It's a community-ish kind of place which we love because we are small-town kids at heart. It's close, too.  Our kids used it when they were growing up so it's familiar to me.
Somehow being there made me feel connected.  I love that.
I'm off to meet Jenny and the girls for lunch and then I shall make sponge.  My friend Lynn from England gave me great instructions for making sponge and I hope I can do her proud and succeed (brace yourself for a flop, Lynn!)
Bookclub is tomorrow.  My punch bowl came and the trifle bowl, too.  I shall take photos so you can partake.  Cranberry juice, Squirt (soda), and rainbow sherbet are the punchy ingredients.  The trifle will be sponge, LOTS of whipped cream, lemon custard, and raspberries.  YUMMY!
Thank you for your kind visit.  I hope you are enjoying all the "every day-ers"!
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