Monday, January 28, 2013

Babies and Tulips

 Atticus is one!  His mama put on a lovely lunch party.  Would you like some peas?  Carrots?  It's fun to eat cake out of a baby food jar!

Little number nine, Lizzy, is filling out so nicely!  She's a strong little bug!  Do you like her hat?  My friend Dawn made her the cute and snuggly froggy quilt.

The weekend went by way too fast.  Is it really Monday already?  I'm happy that heart day is just around the corner and I already have spring fever.  I think I'll dose myself with flowers from the supermarket, fabrics from the  crafty store, garden planning, bird watching, and brightly colored clothes.

Our son Jeff has a new puppy!  Puppy photos coming soon!  

Take care of yourself, friends.  You are bathed in grace.  Whew.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Washington Weekend

 Yay for Washington!  We loved laying eyes on my dad and my mom!  We saw my sister, two brothers, and their dear spouses for a little bit.  They spent the weekend snow shoeing in the mountains.  Beautiful!
 Do you like my mom's owl sweater?  She was talking here, not praising although she DOES have a very praise-y spirit about her!
 Bill talks with his hands, too!  Smile.

 The valley is always stunning, even with fog.
 My niece and I did zip out to the shore on Sunday.  I love the blue so blue.

 When we flew home, the view out the airplane window was glorious.  God made.  

My mom had these out on her porch.  Even though it is supposed to reach 68 degrees in Denver today, we can't have flowers on porches yet.  It IS winter.

How is YOUR January going?  Does it feel sort of quiet and steady?  

On the cards:  just a little thinking, some verse, ordinary day stuff.  Thank God for ordinary days.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

January Joy

 Baby, it's REALLY cold outside in Colorado.  We had a fire in the fireplace yesterday as we watched the Bronco football game (sad loss) and it was extra-deliciously cozy!  
 Since I do pretty much all of my shopping at the grocery store, I'm glad I occasionally find cute stuff like this!  Owls are happy, don't you think?
 Shirley-Girl the bread maker is producing beautiful bread!  
 The vitamin C is so beautiful.  Look at the Cuties shine!
 Remember the sleep over I told you we were having?  We went to the bakery for dinner and then to the library.  After that it was time to watch a fairy movie and then bed.  In the morning, we nested on the sofa.
 Today we saw our Ft. Collins grands.  Can you believe Atticus is almost one year old?  Look at his shiny eyes!
 His daddy turned thirty-two.  We have been parents for thirty-two years!  Did I tell you that Brad is learning to play the bagpipes?  He's a good Scotsman.  
 Brad and April sent me this pop-up book for Christmas.  It is so pretty.

 Now, about the cards . . . 
 There are no rules when it comes to the 4 by 6 inch notecards.  I just write on them as inspiration and consideration comes to me.
 The temporary "holding pen" is the monthly brown envelope.
 At the end of the month I shall sort the cards and put them into the boxes.  This way, I can reflect on how many cards are in each and consider where I am "at" and then progress from there.  So you see, I am simply writing and drawing more, thinking and praying more, and using a smaller surface to scribble in my normal fashion.

THIS is a good book.  I know that I am fairly corrupted when it comes to ignoring internal cues and defaulting to external cues. In an even bigger way, I want to tend my interior life and guard my heart from taxing exterior forces. I think this book hits the nail on the head (sorry for the cliche).  Enough said. I don't usually review books, I just show their pictures.  Smile.
Well, take care of your good selves, Winter People.  
Keep your toes toasty and your neck warm.   To my dear friends below the equator, wear those flip flops with high joy!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sea Blues

 I have watched every episode of Doc Martin on Netflix.  A friend at school told me about it and once I started watching, I couldn't stop.  There are a few things I like about it.  First, the doctor is interesting and funny.  Next, I like the romantic tension between Martin and Louisa.  Third, I find the people in the village very real.  Last, I LOVE the scenery.  Cornwall.  The sea.  I am itching for some real sea views.  The image on top is my home state salt water.  This is my favorite.  Bill and I are going to Washington next weekend and I hope to drive to the water because it isn't far away from my parents' house. 
 Jeff went to college in Hawaii and both Bill and I visited him there.  We went down to the shore the first morning and Jeff took this picture.
The ocean of Australia is blue like Hawaii.  If I go to Australia again, I would like to spend more time at the beach.
We went to Bar Harbor over a year ago and both Bill and I enjoyed staying close to the big ocean.  I love Colorado and our mountains, but I LONG for the sea.
It's very early in the morning here.  It's time for scrambled eggs and bacon.  It's time to write on 4 by 6 inch cards.  I didn't do it yesterday morning because I was busy watching Downton Abbey season 3 on  It didn't disappoint.  Well, I have new little  snap boxes for my cards and I'm going to show you what they look like soon.
I'm not sure if I made it clear that I am not using the cards to organize myself.  I've tried that before and it became quite silly.  No, this time I am simply using them for my life canvas.

I'm reading a fascinating book titled Health At Every Size:  The Surprising Truth About Your Weight by Linda Bacon.  So far, VERY good.

It's nice to check in.  I hope your day is peaceful.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Year of the . . .

 I considered The Year of the Bird, The Year of the Owl, and The Year of the Ironing Board (just kidding about that one!) but I have concluded that this (brace yourself to be a tiny bit disappointed) is the Year of the 4 by 6 inch Notecard.  Here's why:  the 4 by 6 inch notecard can later fit into a photo book, can hold all the day's ideas and records, and can be saved for future viewing.  Every day, I will complete my usual journal work in a notebook and then all the extra plans and dreams, lists and documentations will go on that day's cards.   Every card will hold the date and at the end of the day, the cards will be paper clipped together and stashed in the envelope of the month.  What's on the cards?  Book notes.  Lists of projects and writing ideas.  Picture prints and annotations.  Records of foods eaten and appreciated.  Exercise endeavors.  Bible verses.  Observations.  ANYTHING that begs to be written down and saved.  I'll keep you posted.
 Look at this lovely book!  It is a feast for the eyes!  

 This is my favorite chapter. Mole's house:  Mole End.
 I LOVE Mr. Badger and I want to kiss that striped face.  

 Bill bought me Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights.  It's a beautiful book full of good food and simple recipes.  Isn't this a pretty "wallpaper-y" page?

 This is my third Sara Midda book.  I think her use of washed color is beautiful.  The little details and the words that match each picture are more than delightful.

 Here's another good food book.  Simple foods prepared with wisdom and philosophical passion.  

 Most of the kids at school like to mess around with art supplies.  Many of the students who don't enjoy "the basics of reading and writing" DO enjoy using different materials to express their thinking, so I'm working on tweaking things.
 Doesn't this look fun?  I love the green bird.
 Another book about schools and kids and parents and communities.  SO interesting!
 The book below is about organizing the workshop model for both reading and writing.  I've met this writer.  She's spunky!

 Now, before we view book stacks from the Pom Pom office, let's look at some beautiful food.  Have you really examined a sweet potato lately?  They are GORGEOUS and so warm and tasty.  Have you smelled a cut lemon this holiday season?  I think Heaven is going to smell like lemons.  Avocados are the BEST little hunk of good fat.  My great granny put them on her morning toast.  

 The bread machine and I have become friends.  Her name is Shirley.  She produced a nice crusty loaf of French bread.
 The polka dot bows from the Christmas tree are making me happy.  Ribbons.  Good material things, right?
 I DO like Julia Cameron.  Some of her thinking doesn't sit with me, but a lot of her thoughts on creativity DO.  I read about this book long ago in Writer's Digest.  I bought it. I like it.  I'm reading it again and I'm taking notes using the 4 by 6 inch cards of the day.  
 I had to show you the three little lambs that Jeff brought back from Costa Rica a year ago. I adore lambs and sheep and I can't wait for lambing season which is coming up soon over at Gumbo Lily's. 
 Since I'm home for my winter break, I have spent more time in my office/ironing room/book storage room.  I have been feeling pleased with the stacks.  I thought you might like to snoop around.

 I see that A Separate Peace is in two places. I taught it to 10th graders when I did my student teaching ten years ago.  I had so much fun with it and I ALWAYS enjoy books set at school.

 Look at our cute kids when they were little Halloweeners!  A bunny, a pirate, a princess and a tough guy.  I think they belong right by the Peter Rabbit stacks.
Last, a little Secret Garden and Raggedy Ann.  
I have a few more really fun posts up my sleeve.  Now it's time to take a walk with my walking buddy, the treadmill.  After that I am heading over to Kelli's to sit with the girls while she goes to the dentist.  Birdie and Bug are coming home with me for a sleep over.  We'll eat at the bakery for dinner and then go to the library and run around in the children's corner.  Then, home for snacks, books, and bed.
I love being home.  When I'm at school all day, I don't get the same good feeling when I return to the house.  It's always been hard for me to transition from one place to another.  Bill says I think about things longer than the average person.  When he says "think about things" he means thinking about things before actually doing them.  I'm not sure why that is but it's true.  I am going to use the 4 by 6 inch cards to help me transition from school to home every day.  I'll tell you more about that later.
Thank you for coming by today and looking at this HUGE picture roll and all my ramblings!
Today is a gift, don't you think?