Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Year of the . . .

 I considered The Year of the Bird, The Year of the Owl, and The Year of the Ironing Board (just kidding about that one!) but I have concluded that this (brace yourself to be a tiny bit disappointed) is the Year of the 4 by 6 inch Notecard.  Here's why:  the 4 by 6 inch notecard can later fit into a photo book, can hold all the day's ideas and records, and can be saved for future viewing.  Every day, I will complete my usual journal work in a notebook and then all the extra plans and dreams, lists and documentations will go on that day's cards.   Every card will hold the date and at the end of the day, the cards will be paper clipped together and stashed in the envelope of the month.  What's on the cards?  Book notes.  Lists of projects and writing ideas.  Picture prints and annotations.  Records of foods eaten and appreciated.  Exercise endeavors.  Bible verses.  Observations.  ANYTHING that begs to be written down and saved.  I'll keep you posted.
 Look at this lovely book!  It is a feast for the eyes!  

 This is my favorite chapter. Mole's house:  Mole End.
 I LOVE Mr. Badger and I want to kiss that striped face.  

 Bill bought me Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights.  It's a beautiful book full of good food and simple recipes.  Isn't this a pretty "wallpaper-y" page?

 This is my third Sara Midda book.  I think her use of washed color is beautiful.  The little details and the words that match each picture are more than delightful.

 Here's another good food book.  Simple foods prepared with wisdom and philosophical passion.  

 Most of the kids at school like to mess around with art supplies.  Many of the students who don't enjoy "the basics of reading and writing" DO enjoy using different materials to express their thinking, so I'm working on tweaking things.
 Doesn't this look fun?  I love the green bird.
 Another book about schools and kids and parents and communities.  SO interesting!
 The book below is about organizing the workshop model for both reading and writing.  I've met this writer.  She's spunky!

 Now, before we view book stacks from the Pom Pom office, let's look at some beautiful food.  Have you really examined a sweet potato lately?  They are GORGEOUS and so warm and tasty.  Have you smelled a cut lemon this holiday season?  I think Heaven is going to smell like lemons.  Avocados are the BEST little hunk of good fat.  My great granny put them on her morning toast.  

 The bread machine and I have become friends.  Her name is Shirley.  She produced a nice crusty loaf of French bread.
 The polka dot bows from the Christmas tree are making me happy.  Ribbons.  Good material things, right?
 I DO like Julia Cameron.  Some of her thinking doesn't sit with me, but a lot of her thoughts on creativity DO.  I read about this book long ago in Writer's Digest.  I bought it. I like it.  I'm reading it again and I'm taking notes using the 4 by 6 inch cards of the day.  
 I had to show you the three little lambs that Jeff brought back from Costa Rica a year ago. I adore lambs and sheep and I can't wait for lambing season which is coming up soon over at Gumbo Lily's. 
 Since I'm home for my winter break, I have spent more time in my office/ironing room/book storage room.  I have been feeling pleased with the stacks.  I thought you might like to snoop around.

 I see that A Separate Peace is in two places. I taught it to 10th graders when I did my student teaching ten years ago.  I had so much fun with it and I ALWAYS enjoy books set at school.

 Look at our cute kids when they were little Halloweeners!  A bunny, a pirate, a princess and a tough guy.  I think they belong right by the Peter Rabbit stacks.
Last, a little Secret Garden and Raggedy Ann.  
I have a few more really fun posts up my sleeve.  Now it's time to take a walk with my walking buddy, the treadmill.  After that I am heading over to Kelli's to sit with the girls while she goes to the dentist.  Birdie and Bug are coming home with me for a sleep over.  We'll eat at the bakery for dinner and then go to the library and run around in the children's corner.  Then, home for snacks, books, and bed.
I love being home.  When I'm at school all day, I don't get the same good feeling when I return to the house.  It's always been hard for me to transition from one place to another.  Bill says I think about things longer than the average person.  When he says "think about things" he means thinking about things before actually doing them.  I'm not sure why that is but it's true.  I am going to use the 4 by 6 inch cards to help me transition from school to home every day.  I'll tell you more about that later.
Thank you for coming by today and looking at this HUGE picture roll and all my ramblings!
Today is a gift, don't you think?


Farm Girl said...

Oh what a wonderful post!!! I see the Way of Agape. Are you a Nancy Missler fan? I have been doing Faith in the Night Seasons this year. I did it a long time ago and I thought I knew about Night Seasons but now as I am working my way through it I understand it so much better.
I love all of your Elisabeth Goudge too. I love her writing so much. I should put her on my list of to read this year. I just finished Elisabeth Gaskill's North and South.
I love your copy of The Wind in The Willows. That is a feast for the eyes. I spent all day on my book shelves yesterday. They got dusted and straightened and now look like very orderly soldiers. Have fun today with your babies.
I had mine on Sunday well part of them I have the other group on Wednesday. All day and the baby too.
Have a wonderful day at home. I was drawing out a rug pattern and my back was complaining so I took a break to visit with you.
Enjoy your your time off from school. I think too much too. :)

Pom Pom said...

Hi Kim! How funny that we were both messing around with books! I must read North and South. Sounds VERY interesting! Yes, at first I didn't know what to think about EG but other bloggers convinced me to try again and now . . . well, you can see.
Off to Kelli's! I'm glad you took a little break from your go, go, go day! (BIG HUG!)

Betty Hugill said...

What an interesting collection of books you have. Your cards are a nice idea - I write lists and notes constantly on scrap paper and then throw them away and write more! I know how you feel about transition. If I am at work I want to be there lots - but as soon as I have a day off I want to be at home - lots! I love puttering and re-arranging and feel a bit of a spring clean coming on! Betty

Brad M said...

So nice. The year of the index card is in no way a disappointing. I love the organizational and idea freeing power of the index card. Not to mention its convenience for carrying and transporting ideas. I am so thankful that we can buy those little 3 x 5 in miracles for so very little here in the states!

xoxo - brad

wayside wanderer said...

Today *is* a gift and so are you! I enjoyed seeing all your books...I could look at book shelves forever and ever, and I get happy when I see friends, and I get grabby when I see new-to-me books. And I LOVE an index card. They are the perfect size, perfect weight (and weight is very important) and I especially like the ones with no lines because I like to write on them sideways. I found some sticky index cards at Big Lots once and I bought all they had. I may have a problem...but certainly now with The Year of ....

magsmcc said...

Oh wow, you really have ben thinking about things! I am so excited about this post! thank you HUGELY for the shelf snoop- can we have more snoops, please? I saw Winter Solstice by R. Pilcher? I read it for the second Christmas in a row this year. I love the house- it's my favourite character in the whole book! And I saw My Mother gave Me the Moom- tell me about that? I must look for it. I loved Deborah's post earlier about reading another thirty books this year- I wondered f she'd let me join her, and maybe have a little thirty books club. Wouldn't that be fun? Betty was wondering what we'll do after the Willows' homecoming. We'll have to do something! We should all blog about the homecoming when you know you're hosting it and have lots of links to chez toi on the day! I have some cards like that. Mine are called correspondance cards and I think I might correspond with them this year!

Angela said...

I love the idea of 'cooking with economy and grace' - must check that out!

M.K. said...

What a lovely, bookish post! I enjoy looking at your delicious piles of books. Too many good ones to choose from!! You are such a good teacher, Pom, always chasing a new and better way to enliven your children's minds and hearts, and help them LOVE reading and stories. I like the picture of the sweet potatoes and lemons. I never quite took food to school for the students to feel and smell, but what a nice prompt that would make for a writing session!
Those large tones of American literature are full of such riches of stories. You never know what obscure piece of wonder you'll find. Miss Read is my favorite of yours though. I need to get back to Fairacre soon.

ann said...

I started using note cards to put notes on for class. Thoughts that I didn't want to forget. Handy. Your library does reflect a child at heart--the best way to live. I know what you mean by trying to make that transition from school to work. Sometimes it is hard to leave work behind. Enjoy winter break.

Lisa Richards said...

I also have a hard time transitioning from home to work and home to school. It's like leaving my favorite place and going someplace I have to go, but don't really feel like I belong. I'm just a natural-born homebody. I feel like a misplaced homemaker when I go "out into the world". I'm interested to see how you use the cards to help you with the transition!
I always enjoy snooping through your bookshelves. So many tantalizing titles! I love the homey illustrations in your new WITW! I'll have to write down the name of the illustrator.
My hubby has started bringing home avocados. They are usually green, so we have to wait patiently while they ripen, but they're worth it! I never had much luck with my bread machine. My loaves always flopped. I'm glad you like yours.
Looking forward to the fun posts you have "up your sleeves"!
My two little grandgirls just left. We get so much joy and laughter from their baby ways! Blessings on you!

Gumbo Lily said...

I think that the Year of the 4x6" Notecard is brilliant! A friend of mine, who was also a homeschool mom like me, taught me much about the notecard. For timid writers, a notecard is easier to fill than a whole sheet of paper. I always use notecards to make my grocery lists and To Do lists. I like the bright neon colored ones especially when I use them for grocery lists since they are easier to find in my purse.

You're right, lambing time is coming right up. Mid February. I'm looking forward to it. I'm trying to do a few homemakery things so that when those weeks come, I'll not feel so undone.

I love sweet potatoes and avocados and lemons too. I think it would be terrific on morning toast. I have one so I may try that!

I'm looking forward to your blog posts about the notecards. Enjoy your home-y days.

XXOO ~Jody

Catherine said...

I'm glad that you've had some time to potter & be homely. Books are such wonderful friends aren't they. I have found such lovely children's books lately..they almost always have such nice pictures. I like the illustrations as much as the stories very's a very good combination.
Toadstools to 4 x 6 cards is a very interesting jump : ) Useful things those cards. Toad found one lurking in a draw here & thought it most handy indeed.
I adore avocados I eat one almost every day. My grandmother used to buy them back when no one else really knew what they were. I buy them as often as possible. A friend has grown a tree just down the was planted close to the house to protect it from frost. It is a little too robust & has reached way beyond the roof now but I notice that it has hundreds & hundreds of new avos on it. We call sweet potatoes kumara here. When I was a tiny tot a Maori man came to do some carpentry at our house & he always called me little sweet potato.
I can see that you are busting to have the Willows home. They have an official appointment here with us on the 15th of January & have mentioned that they may like to return after that. Won't be too long now.
Lots of love Katie x0x0x

Fat Dormouse said...

Not being organised in any way, shape or form I look forward to learning how to use index cards!! You have shown us a splendid selection of made me wonder if you know Elizabeth George Speare? I think you would like her books, especially "The Bronze Bow" and The Witch of Blackbird Pond. They are for young teenagers who are thoughtful,and enjoy history
Enjoy your days at home before school starts again.

Floss said...

Enjoyable ramblings (of course)! I particularly like your comment at the end that you are going to use these cards as a way to make the transition from school to home - for me, identifying the dificult times and then finding a practical way to improve them has been an absolute key to feeling more contented and, basically, nicer!

Pom Pom said...

That's exactly how I feel, Betty. At school there is so much to do, always. If I stay longer and do a lot I often think the next day will be easier, but usually it isn't. There's just more to do!
I like thinking about spring cleaning. I'll write my ideas on my cards.

Pom Pom said...

Yes, Brad! I like the 4 by 6 size for more room. I'm going to try to find a snazzy little carrying case! I love you, dearest.

Pom Pom said...

I can look at shelves forever, too! Leslie, I always love looking at your books and hearing about them. I saw quite a few of your recommendations on my shelves.
There is a company that makes handy little leather envelopes for notecards. I am going to check it out and expand my 4 by 6 inch notecard horizons! I need to go to Big Lots more! They have so many bargains!

Pom Pom said...

That's a good idea, the thirty books. My students are doing it!
I'll write the titles on my cards. Smile!
My Mother Gave Me the Moon is a little gift book from Kelli with lovely little drawings and sayings, very sweet!
Good idea to link the homecoming! We'll have a fancy tea and share all of the wisdom from the book! Mr. Badger is happy to host, I think!
I love Winter Solstice and the houses in RP's books are ALWAYS my favorite characters! Kindred spirit, my Mags . . .

Pom Pom said...

I think you'd like it, Angela! She's an excellent writer, too.
Eating clean, using real food, and exercising moderation with portions seems to be the good and right way to approach food.

Nancy McCarroll said...

Shirley and I could become best friends very quickly.

Brilliant to use index cards. You are disciplined enough to do this; most people could not. Your little brain is just awhirr with lots of good ideas.

The little badger face...cute you said that you could just kiss it. That is so!

Never thought about the transitioning process before. You do have a thoughtful mind. Maybe listen to classical music on the way home, and when you get to your drive, you will be in the mood for your lovely place of living.

Best to you and yours in the new year!

Pom Pom said...

Thank you, MK! We're going to write more before our state test (blech!) and instead of reading logs, we'll do writing logs. I'm brewing that up now.
I love summers because I can spend days reading. I occasionally weed out my books, but then I think of books I've had and given away and realize that I am not a very good decision maker when it comes to what to give away and what to keep! Oh well!
Have you watched Doc Martin on Netflix? You'd love it (just a quick aside!)

Pom Pom said...

My challenge will be to keep the cards and organize them, Ann! I want to use them to reflect.
My library is sort of random but I do hang on to childish things, for sure!
I hope you have a lovely next couple of weeks. I wish I had more than two weeks. Greedy.
Are you planning the garden?

Pom Pom said...

I am a natural homebody, too. It's hard sometimes, isn't it?
Yay for granddaughters, right? I have two here right now.
I'm still exploring the index card plan! Sending love to you, Lisa!

Pom Pom said...

I'm thinking and planning concerning my notecard year! I ordered some little "keepers" with dividers, so I have a feeling it may get a bit expansive before I am finished. Thank you for your affirmation and encouragement, good Jody!
Yay for lambing. It's a big part of my year (well, has been for three years - since I met you!) and it comforts me, knowing that summer comes quick after lambing! You probably don't feel that way and maybe I shouldn't since we often get a big dump of snow around spring break!
Avocados are good fat, but they are so high in calories. I may have to moderate my avocado eating just a bit!
Yahoo for January! New beginnings.

Pom Pom said...

Hi GK! I guess the Willows will arrive during the love month! Yay!
Yes, from the toadstool to the card, this is my usual random hopping. It's amazing how many ideas are popping into my head around this notecard record keeping!
I had sweet potatoes in Australia and they were delicious! Maybe it was pumpkin, come to think of it. Whatever, it was MUCH tastier than our USA sort of orange veggie.
I am growing to love baked sweet potato.
Enjoy the flowers and sunshine and thank you for hosting the gang! Sorry for their misbehavior! They must REALLY like you! I know I do! (BIG HUG!)

Pom Pom said...

Hi Mouse! I DO love The Witch of Blackbird Pond! I read it as an adult and was completely captivated by it. I'll look for The Bronze Bow!
I hope your new year is going along well. I look forward to walking through 2013 with you and your lovely meal plans and your thoughts from the teapot, too!

Pom Pom said...

Yes, that's JUST what I'm thinking, Floss! I have many little details at school to improve upon! One thing I know I need to work on is pacing myself. I don't like coming home tired. More on the cards in posts to come!

Pom Pom said...

Hi Nancy! Lisa said that her bread machine does not produce beautiful loaves and my first go at it was French bread and the crust is supposed to be hard. I must buy some good whole wheat flour for my next try. Shirley is SIMPLE, though. I love that!
You say the nicest things. Thank you for the classical music suggestion. That is an excellent idea!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Oh, I LOVE Sara Midda but hadn't thought of her in years; thanks for the reminder! Your cards sound like a good working plan, might borrow that idea and the Cameron book I've been reading for a long while. I'm finding it difficult to sit and read so am going at it peace meal...or is that piece meal? I keep thinking I should buy a bread ten little fingers are getting a workout what with all they have to do.

Happy@Home said...

That was fun to stroll through your bookshelves. I see we share a love for Rosamunde Pilcher and Raggedy Ann. I bought an old Raggedy Ann book at the thrift shop today.
The year of the 4 by 6 card sounds preferable to the year of the ironing board ;-). It actually sounds like a great idea and an organized one too.

Pom Pom said...

You should get a bread machine, Sandra. Maybe someone has one that they are not using and would be willing to let you try it!
Cameron books are interesting resources. I'm so glad you like Sara Midda!

Pom Pom said...

Hi Kim! It's not so much an organizing tool as a documenting tool. I don't think I'm going to get any more organized than I am just now and I don't mean that I'm super organized. I've just adjusted to my own style and I have stopped putting pressure on myself to do things the way other people do them. I'm so glad you found a nice Ann book. Ann is such a good girl, don't you think?

GretchenJoanna said...

Whew! That was a feast of ideas and positivity and bookshelves - I noticed you have at least 3 Laurel's Kitchens and I think I do, too. I remember discussing her first cookbook with a friend 30 years ago and telling him how blessed I was by the spirit and artistry of her books. I still use some favorite recipes...

How I wish I could be so organized as to limit myself to a 4x6 card and a journal entry every day. Somehow I end up with scribblings and notes and scraps all over the place and I'm always trying to make time just to gather them together and put them to some use.

Pom Pom said...

Hi Gretchen!
Oh, that's amazing that you have so many writing pieces produced in a nice varied manner! I think gathering them up and reflecting sounds inspiring!
Laurel's kitchen is a wonderful book, I agree. I especially like reading about the lunch Laurel packed for her skinny husband. That's my favorite part!

Kit said...

So many wonderful books. I have that same Treasurey of Beatrix Potter book. Got it when my babies were small. :) Kit

Pom Pom said...

Our kids are probably about the same age, Kit!
Now my grands are enjoying Peter!

debbie bailey said...

You're a gift, Karen! Lovely post, too. I didn't realize that you and I share many favorite authors. I saw one by Elizabeth Goudge that I've never seen. I had a thought that maybe this year I would try to collect her entire collection. I don't know how many she wrote, but if it isn't hundreds, I'll do it!

I do wish you could be a permanent homebody, but your school children need you I do hope your new card system will enable you to transition more easily. Much love to you!

Pom Pom said...

Thanks, Debbie!
If you want an Elizabeth Goudge expert you should go to Sara's blog (Come Away With Me) because she has SO many EG books and she's read them all. There are not hundreds so I bet you could collect a nice tall stack in no time. There is a link to Sara's blog on my blog roll.

debbie bailey said...

Thanks, Karen. I'll check out Sara's blog.

Carolyn Phillips said...

Oh I adore looking at people's bookshelves and I spotted some old favourites on your shelves - in fact there were old favourites, books I've heard of, books I've read and books I've never come across. I'd look to stand in your home and take the books off the shelf for a proper look. I didn't spot any Winnie-The-Pooh though, is he just from an English childhood?

Pom Pom said...

Hi Carolyn! Oh, yes! We do read Winnie the Pooh! My mother read the books to us when we were young and she had the best Pooh voice. She was fascinated with A. A. Milne. This was before Disney's version of Pooh, of course!

Janette's Sage/Simply Your Decor said...

What a wonderful idea with the note cards...I had just told my son to come with note cards to write out his memory verse. Your idea sounds great. Oh your new books look wonderful...I need to write them down and see if I can go check some out. Your bookshelves hold many familiar books in my own house.

Sounds like you are on a good start to the new year

Pom Pom said...

Hi Janette! I"m still pondering the extensive use of the note cards. I like writing on them and I like clipping them together at the end of the day.
I wish we lived closer so we could swap books!

Lisa Richards said...

Are you experiencing a change on blogspot? It looks like we have to put our photos on Picasa or something before we can put them on our blog. I don't like it when things get more complicated...change is not fun! ;)

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Thanks for a peek at your bookshelves. They look very similar to mine. We must have the same taste in books!

Pom Pom said...

Hello B-B! Thank you for stopping by! We do? We have the same taste in books? Yay! That's a happy thing!

Lisa Richards said...

But I did figure out how to do it. Whew!